Stages in Twin Flame Relationships

There are several stages in twin flame relationships.

Do all twin flame couples go through these stages in their relationship? Will all twin flame couples go through them in sequential order? Or could some couples simultaneously experience these stages?

In researching this topic we discovered that most twin flame sites list the same stages in twin flame relationships. Well no surprise to us, but our thoughts on this topic are somewhat different. So here’s a list of the most common stages in twin flame relationships and why we might see some things differently. We understand the way we see things may be different from yours and it’s not our intent to upset anyone.


1. Yearning and longing for your twin flame.

We maintain that twin flames don’t long or yearn for one another because they focus on their own lives and spiritual awakening. When you yearn or long for something it implies something is missing from your life. So only by finding a twin flame can you feel whole.

Twin flames, due to their spiritual maturity, already feel whole before meeting their twin flame partner. They don’t need someone to complete. They won’t waste time searching for their twin flame because they’re happy with their life. Healing from past relationship traumas, usually with soulmate relationships, is complete. And they’re living their lives from their most authentic perspective.

They’re open to meeting their twin flame, but don’t make it a priority. They understand that with or without, they’re in the most perfect place for their soul’s evolution. They aren’t focused on meeting The One, because they already are The One themselves.

2. Awakening to your twin flame.

We actually agree with this stage of twin flame relationships.

When twin flames meet for the first time there’s usually soul level recognition. There’s a profound awareness that this person is someone very important to you, your life path and your soul’s journey. As we discuss in other articles here, the twin flame meeting is a serendipitous encounter that the universe orchestrates. That meeting is usually full of synchronicity and coincidences which reveals destiny is at play.

Once this meeting occurs, which we call the twin flame reunion, the couple are aware something unusual and cosmic is happening to them. The intensity of this soul connection will be off the charts as they’re now aware of one another’s existence. This is also the stage where twin flames fall in love with each other.

It’s important to note that most twin flame couples will have an immediate awareness of their connection. On the other hand, there are also some who will awaken to the bond over a period of time, but those are few and far between.

3. Testing the twin flame connection.

Many other websites maintain that after the honeymoon period, conflicts will arise between the couple. They state the challenges and conflicts begin small, but will soon grow into bigger issues. The couple will need to apply boundaries and set some goals to maintain a positive long-term relationship.

We believe twin flame relationships are the highest form of spiritual partnership. So to us it makes sense that those boundaries, etc., will already be in place as the relationship unfolds.

Now we understand this is absolutely the situation in soulmate relationships. Soulmates will test their connection and each other. After the initial period of romantic bliss, most soulmate relationships will hit a wall. Here is where they must work through individual issues to manifest their spiritual and personal growth. But as we have said before, the soulmate relationship is where you learn the lessons, a twin flame union is where you apply them.

So we’re not in support of this stage of twin flame relationship because there’s no need for twin flames to test the connection. Mature relationship dynamics, such as setting boundaries, will naturally be in place. All of this due to the spiritual awareness and maturity of the couple.

Stages in Twin Flame Relationships
Stages in Twin Flame Relationships

4. Crisis, conflict and drama.

We don’t maintain twin flame relationships will experience a lot of crises, conflict and drama. That’s already been worked through in relationships prior to a twin flame union. For the most part, twin flame relationships are drama free because they’re two souls living their lives from a spiritual foundation.

On the other hand, almost every soulmate relationship comes with what we call the soulmate crisis point. This a difficult period most soulmate couples will need to face. This is the make it or break it point in soulmate relationships. A crisis or conflict will present itself, then the couple must make decisions about how they will handle it. One of the soulmates may feel insecure about the relationship during this time. But this experience is necessary for the growth of each soulmate.

This doesn’t imply that there’s no growth in twin flame relationships, because there certainly is. It’s just very different than the drama and trauma we associate with soulmate unions. Twin flame growth occurs in the higher dimensions where negative behaviors and patterns don’t exist.

5. Separation stage of twin flame relationships.

From our perspective, twin flame separation occurs before twin flames are aware of each other’s existence in the physical 3D existence. We see this happening before twin flames meet on the earthly plane, while still in the spiritual realm. Therefore, we believe twin flame separation occurs as the souls separate from each other to begin their earthly incarnations.

Prior to incarnation on the planet, twin flames make agreements with each other as when and how they will first meet. This is the point where we believe separation happens. Twin flames are no longer together in the spiritual realm as they being to prepare for the earthly journey. So it’s more a soul separation than a physical oe.

Almost all twin flame sites discuss the horrible, painful phase of twin flame separation. They discuss how it’s the loneliest, darkest time for spiritual partners. This separation phase must occur to resolve their chaos, conflict, crises and drama. They will also explain how this can be a dark night of the soul for most twin flame couples. And of course this occurs just prior to the next stage.

6. Runner and chaser stages of twin flame relationships.

So if you’re a reader of our articles you know we don’t support the runner and chaser roles of twin flame relationships. Many people believe in this stage of a twin flame relationship because the connection is too overpowering for one of them. Then they pull away, run and hide from the relationship due to the intensity of emotions and feelings.

We say no.

Twin flame partnerships are truly for the most spiritually aware and advanced souls. They have a deep inner knowing that they’re together for a reason, a higher purpose. When a twin flame is given the gift of twin flame union from the universe, they know they must honor it. And for the most part, they do.

Their relationships may not be perfect but because of their maturity, both emotional and spiritual, they will work through issues with their partner without running away. They use communication, commitment and compromise to resolve their conflicts.

Soulmates run. Soulmates chase. Twin flames do not.

7. Surrender

This is another one of the stages of twin flame relationships we support. Most other twin flame sites indicate at this stage neither of the twins need to control the other or the relationship. Of course we don’t actually believe twin flames would try to control their partner or the relationship anyway.

Many other writers about twin flames say they only reach this stage after the runner and chaser stages. They maintain each member of the couple must work through their issues, insecurities and fears to heal their past wounds. So while there may be twin flame healing when the twins come into union, we believe they work through most of their relationship baggage before meeting their twin.

So surrendering to a twin flame indicates that neither can escape their destiny. They realize that there’s a higher purpose to their union. So it’s not so much about them surrendering to one another, but to their twin flame destiny itself. 

8. Reunion, unity and oneness.

Most people maintain the twin flame reunion comes after the difficult crisis period, runner – chaser stage and surrender. And that this is where you recognize the importance of who you are to one another, knowing the hard work and pain are over. There’s a sense of relief that peace, acceptance and understanding are restored to the relationship. This is where you achieve oneness and unity.

We view the reunion stage of twin flame relationships very differently.

The meeting of twin flames on the earthly plane, in 3D reality, is the true twin flame reunion. After the period of soul separation they experience when they first come to Earth, they now can unite. We call this final stage of twin flame relationships, twin flame union.


So now the question becomes how do we, Sarah and Sophia, view the stages of twin flame relationships. Check back in a few weeks for a follow up article where we will provide our list.

As always we welcome your comments and experiences to share with other readers of our site.




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