Twin Flame Ascension

Twin flame ascension is the ultimate stage of the sacred union with your twin flame.

There are those who believe twin flame ascension and twin flame union are the same thing. In some ways they are. But they’re also different in some aspects.

The definition of ascension is the conscious path to expand your light. It’s the opening of your heart to higher consciousness. Ascension expands your awareness. But this goes much deeper when it comes to twin flame relationships.


There are many different theories concerning the different stages of a twin flame journey. In our writing, we only express the way we truly see it. So the way we see things, the first meeting for twin flames is called the twin flame reunion.

Before reuniting in spiritual union, both twins individually experience their own unique spiritual awakening. Their personal spiritual growth supports the reuniting of their souls in divine partnership.

As their journey together unfolds, both twins acknowledge they’re able to to fulfill their divine purpose. This stage of the relationship we call the twin flame union. During this stage you’re both able to sustain and maintain the energy of your sacred connection.

Twin Flame Ascension
Twin Flame Ascension

Not all twin flames will incarnate with each other in every single lifetime.

Sometimes one remains on the other side, in the spiritual realm, to help guide the earthbound twin. So the twin who remains in spirit form serves as spiritual guide to the one who comes to Earth.

They do this for each other, alternating in different lifetimes, depending on what’s in their soul contract. Many will also descend together to attempt to complete their twin flame destiny.

Some twin flames incarnate together many times to complete their twin flame blueprint. The completion of their agreement, or soul contract, is the spiritual goal of each twin flame relationship. Once the blueprint is complete, twin flames can ascend.

So twin flame ascension signifies the final worldly incarnation of a twin flame couple.

Ascending and remaining in spirit form is the ultimate goal as they have learned all there is to learn being earthbound. Simply put there’s no reason to be here anymore. Their soul’s journeys to Earth is now complete.


In order for twin flames to ascend they must fulfill their soul mission. And they must also go through a purification of their souls, both individually and together. Twin flames usually experience spiritual awakening and awareness before coming into union. It’s only when they reach the twin flame union stage that they can release all past karma.

This occurs as they mirror each other because twins are an exact vibrational match. Only by seeing the reflection of their soul through the eyes of their twin can they truly release all past karma. They must cleanse all karma from both the current life and all past lives.

Each soul is challenged to release all emotional and spiritual blocks to connect deeply with their higher self, the Divine and their twin. And they must remove any remaining lower level vibrational behaviors that are preventing true enlightenment.

Releasing the karma is both a conscious and subconscious experience.

Sometimes they will talk it out and work it out. But at other times it’s cleared in the higher realms through meditation or tantric sexual experiences. It can even release on the astral plane during dreams. Here the souls converge and have conversations the physical bodies may be unaware of.

A spiritual union with a twin flame is never about the other person or the relationship. It’s always about each soul’s ability to become one with the Universe. Although many twin flames are spiritually aware, union with your divine counterpart will accelerate the ascension process.

The twin flame divine mission allows them to provide a service to others. But the relationship itself supports the final transformation for spiritual awakening and union with the Divine. Ascension won’t happen quickly. It’s a process and important aspect of the twin flame journey.

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  1. I think earthbound members of the multitudes on mission to realize sort order n establish finite values our foundation of where all existence never to go again establishing a firm foundation on which we soar Only Infinite Goodness Careful Creation Forevermore are presently taking part in closing the chapter of the Karma of consciousness. And the entire source intention shall ascend together in utmost oneness codes. Naturally this means we shall raise in consciousness communicating this our intention. Discussing it all n leaving this planet in a healed state, no longer just another disempowered planetary resource overpopulated thrice geosustainability farmed by our perils of self, the myriad of such perspective perverting division making energetics we endure reluctantly upholding our blind denial to, not Living, fearfully obedient to exalting ppl n a bloody cloth of a herd in conquest. We shall cease human hierarchy, laying to wither n rendering obsolete infotainment syndicates, mayor n council, house n senate parliament, instead networking ourStreams into a human blockchain collectively commanding All public concerns from the palms of our hands.

    • Hello Anthony😊 Would it be possible for you to strip down and refine your comment, so that your thoughts are expressed more concisely and clearly? If you’re familiar with astrology, I would suspect that your natal Mercury is combust your sun sign, meaning that it’s very close by degree to your sun. Simply put, this can cause “fried brain” syndrome. There are some intense cosmic energies and solar flares currently affecting us as well, especially those of us who are very sensitively attuned to such things on our spiritual paths. Between the recent eclipses and heavy planetary transits as well, along with world events of the last couple of years, so many even spiritually awakened people are being challenged within themselves and in their outer lives. Inner healing, releasing, and transformation is accelerating at a much faster pace now. The process can cause crises within the mind as the subconscious mind releases outworn patterns and traumas from this life and past lives. Anyway, please do not be offended by my comments. I truly wish to clearly understand what you’ve written. Peace, Love, and Light🙏🏻❤️💖🌹🌟💫

  2. I often feel that prior to our inception as we are, we have agreed to a sacred unknown as part of the Divine Design. Also that all souls or spirit entities are Godseeds as varied as all other creations. Some recall gestation in the womb of God w a Divine counterpart or better said otherpart, another aspect of themselves destined to have a seperate soul value opposite in gender(in many of these cases) both as preordained and as decided between them and to journey and contemplate on their own of all aspects of existence. Some perhaps have their gestation in stars where all in that star depending on the timing of those others in incubation if you will, can be of similar service to growth and eventual Union w truth of Existence in validation of this Grand design of Careful Creation. But perhaps they may be considered version 2.03 and are given a distinct light to follow quite a bit different than a twinsoul. The list goes on n perhaps some never destine to come home, again part of the sacred unknown, but perhaps just unknown for the moment.


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