Twin Flame Awakening

The twin flame awakening occurs when both hearts are open and in alignment.

Twin flames have a deep spiritual awareness when they meet. So before twin flames reunite with one another they undergo their own individual spiritual awakening.

When they come into full union there is a quickening of each other’s spiritual growth. This is so they can complete their life’s mission.


There are several stages in the twin flame awakening process and not all couples will go through each stage or in order.

1. Before coming into union

Many twin flames experience difficult soul mate relationships before reuniting. These relationships are necessary to prepare them for their twin. Soul mate relationships provide the personal and spiritual growth for the perfection of their souls.

It’s during these relationships that they address issues and negative behavior patterns. These can include abandonment issues, fear, insecurity or jealousy. And they must work through these issues before they’re ready for a divine union.

Many of them will go through a dark night of the soul experience. But they must travel through that darkness to reach the light. This is when they’re truly ready to face their twin.

2. Reuniting with the twin flame

Both twins must be spiritually aware to build a strong foundation for the relationship. Although twins do complete each other, neither of them should need their twin to complete them. They are complete as they are.

The twin flame reunion begins when the souls recognize each other. This initiates the twin flame awakening for the couple. Each of them will experience a shift in spiritual energy. The combination of their energies will be off the charts.

They share a comfortable familiarity through communication and spending time together.

3. Remembering past lives

Part of the twin flame journey is to find each other throughout lifetimes. This is to accelerate their spiritual awakening to complete their divine purpose. As they begin to experience the twin flame awakening, memories from past lives may present themselves.

They may become aware of these memories through dreams, visions or during meditation. Some twins may even become of aware of their experiences between lifetimes. Others may have glimpses of their twin flame contract. This could allow them to see all past and future incarnations they share with their twin flame.

Twin Flame Awakening
Twin Flame Awakening

4. Empathy, Telepathy and Intuition

Part of the twin flame awakening process is having sharper intuition with your twin. One twin may predict something for the other before they happen in physical reality. They may also notice coincidences and synchronicity have much deeper meanings.

Twins also share a silent communication called telepathy. It naturally occurs as part of their spiritual awakening due to the eternal love that binds them together. They will hear each other’s thoughts, intuit one another’s needs and desires as well as complete each other’s sentences.

5. Twin flame alchemy

Alchemy is the process of spiritual transformation. Although twins go through personal and spiritual growth before meeting, twin flame alchemy supports their final transformation.

At this stage of their twin flame journey the couple undergo a greater metamorphosis. They have already come through individual growth while they were single, so now they can grow spiritually together. This allows them to embrace the divine masculine and divine feminine within themselves and each other.

6. Twin flame ascension

The final stage of the twin flame awakening process is ascension. Simply stated this is the conscious path to expand their light. As they open their hearts to higher consciousness, ascension will expand their awareness.

During this phase the couple will clear all outstanding karma and remove any outstanding blockages holding them back from living authentically. Also during this stage the couple will work toward fulfilling their divine twin flame purpose or mission.

Twin flame awakening is a process that can take many years to complete. Some of these stages can occur at different times depending on each couple. For others they can all happen at the same time.

More twin flames are coming into union now than ever before. As they awaken to their individual divine nature within themselves they will naturally awaken the divine in each other.



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  1. I found my twin flame .. with the universes help. I had a spiritual awakening 2 weeks prior and I started getting messages about him coming soon during my blissful state. He stared getting feelings and info about me for he had his spiritual awakening years prior. He touched me on my arm and my soul confirmed it was him but I felt it. We nine each other prior just has associates in the same gym! Life has been very magical since .


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