Twin Flame Blueprint or Twin Flame Contract

A twin flame blueprint is the soul contract you make with your twin flame.

But we must also consider we have soul contracts with soulmates, family members and co-workers. In these contracts you agree to play different roles with each other in different incarnations.

The people who are in our lives are there by divine providence or synchronicity.┬áSoul contracts allow the people we need to enter our lives at the right time for our soul’s progression.

And it’s not by coincidence.

We all make soul agreements with other souls prior to our current incarnation. And we will continue to do so for future lifetimes. We make soul contracts using our own free will. And we can also break them using that same free will.

We must remember these are agreements between souls, and not our personalities. We have soul contracts to provide lessons for each other on our spiritual journey.

These lessons are intended to help us attain spiritual awareness and personal growth. We make these spiritual contracts before incarnating onto the planet with other the other souls in our soul family. They are the agreements we make with the Universe, and our guides, to show which experiences we will have for our spiritual awakening.

This is the true definition of karma; agreeing to certain experiences and events which will mold your soul. Karma doesn’t mean you’ll be an earthworm in the future because you accidentally kicked a dog in this lifetime.

Twin Flame Blueprint or Twin Flame Contract
Twin Flame Blueprint


A twin flame blueprint is really the destiny between a divine union. A twin flame union is set at the beginning of each soul’s soul journey. Your twin flame will never change. It will never be another soul as we all have only one twin flame.

They’re already written into your soul plan. Before coming onto the planet, twin flames work with their guides on the other side to create their twin flame blueprint. This is when they decide the place and time of their meeting, or twin flame reunion.

They also agree to the divine twin flame purpose which will be their soul gift to the world. Now this is an agreement between souls. So they don’t actually sign and seal a document. It’s just something each twin honors during their lifetime.

The souls know where they will meet, and when. They will know their divine purpose for coming into union. Although they probably won’t know these things at the personality or ego level. But they acknowledge to carry it all out to the best of their ability.

The twin flame blueprint is in place to make sure the souls go with the flow. And they shouldn’t allow their ego or personalities to take over. This ensures the divine plan for their sacred union happens the way it’s defined.

As we mention in other articles, a twin flame union is not about the couple, their egos or their personalities. It’s not about their desires or sexual passion. It’s about something much more important, the divine purpose. And sometimes it’s a twin flame couple’s last incarnation on Earth as they work together towards ascension.


So while twin flames can use free will to make their own choices, including ending their twin flame blueprint, our belief is that they don’t. Why would they want to? The twin flame union is serving their best and highest good. And it will allow them to live their best and most authentic life.

This contract is something they agree to with guides and the Universe. So why would they terminate something they agree to with their soul? On the other hand, many soulmates will choose to terminate the soulmate contracts.

We believe most twin flames are spiritually aware and awakened before meeting their divine counterpart. So we also believe that twin flames, for the most part, will honor their twin flame contract unless something totally out of their control occurs in their lives.

The twin flame sacred union is the most spiritually cosmic and emotionally rewarding relationship there is. So if twin flames are truly spiritually conscious when they reunite with their twin, they will honor the blueprint.

Your twin flame is your divine counterpart on your spiritual journey. They will help you remember who you are, a divine child of the Universe. You are the divine feminine and divine masculine join together in sacred union to complete your final ascension through spiritual enlightenment.




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  1. My tf or ts is my little brother who passed away 2018.Three years after he died he started talking to me telepathically. We talk back and forth everyday. He’s always there .It’s like he’s in my body too experiencing everything I do. He’s told me things I couldn’t possibly of known.Is there other people out there that have the same experience.


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