Twin Flame Union ~ Sustaining a Twin Flame Connection

Twin flame union, or twin flame relationship, is different than the twin flame reunion.

We realize this may sound counter intuitive, but a twin flame union occurs after a twin flame reunion. A twin flame reunion is the actual meeting of twin flames within the third dimension. The third dimension, or 3D world, is the physical world where we live. Twin flame union, on the other hand, occurs when both twins acknowledge they’re able to come together to fulfill their twin flame destiny and purpose.


The twin flame reunion occurs when both twins have individually gone through periods of spiritual growth. A lot of growth can occur in the 5D world, or fifth dimension. Unless this has happens in the 3D world, there is no reason for twins to come together.

This growth happens during the period of twin flame separation as each twin has an awakening causing their spiritual awareness. Many twins will experience several failed, and usually painful, soulmate relationships during this time. These relationships are to spiritually prepare them for reuniting with their twin flame.

Twin Flame Union
Twin Flame Union


Once twins have reunited they can then begin their twin flame relationship. This union is also a divine union, or sacred union. It is the union of two souls who are destined to come together to achieve a divine purpose.

Destiny, or fate, will need to come into play for a meeting between twin flames. Twin flames always meet under unusual circumstances. In other words, unless the Universe is involved in some way, shape of form, meeting would be impossible.

In order to fulfill a twin flame destiny, both twins must be willing to do the work to keep the twin flame connection intact. Both twins must be willing to be part of the twin flame journey. Destiny alone does not ensure a twin flame union. The spiritual awareness of both twins, however, make them aware they have to complete a divine purpose.


This divine purpose is the true nature of the twin flame relationship. Many people have called us insisting they are with their twin flame because of the great sex and romance. While twin flames do have great sex, romance, communication and everything else, sex is not the identifier for twin flames.

Twin flames incarnate together to deliver a divine purpose to the world. They reunite and come into union to provide something of substance to the planet. Perhaps they are here to save the rain forests or save the oceans. A twin flame purpose could be to create inspirational songs, movies or books. It’s important twin flames recognize their divine purpose as this is the real reason for their relationship.


A twin flame union is something that has been planned forever. Your souls came together before incarnating over many lifetimes. At this stage you’re both able to sustain and maintain the twin flame energy. Your relationship is a sacred connection.

The union of divine feminine and divine masculine energies supports a twin flame union. This is not to imply at all that all twin flame unions are heterosexual. In all relationships, there is a masculine and feminine component. Combining these energies creates the alchemy required to sustain a twin flame relationship.

The final stages of twin flames coming together is twin flame union and twin flame ascension.

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