Signs of Twin Flame Awakening

Signs of twin flame awakening will occur soon after meeting your twin flame. You will awaken both to your twin flame as well as to your own deeper spiritual awareness.

The objective of twin flame relationships is to expedite twin flames spiritual awakening so both can pursue their life’s purpose. It’s important to consider not everyone will experience all these signs of twin flame awakening. Likewise they may happen in a different order or you may experience multiple signs at one time.


1. Letting go of what no longer speaks to your soul.

As you begin to awaken and expand your spiritual awareness, you will naturally release things in your life that no longer serve you. This can include people, place, things and behaviors.

2.  Being guided more from your spiritual path than by your ego.

You’re less interested in materialism and superficiality. You want your life to have meaning and purpose. Helping others and giving back to society are more fulfilling than owning the newest pair of shoes or latest cellphone.

When one reunites with their twin flame, they’ll experience a shift in their spiritual energies. This sudden shift can be overwhelming and disruptive to your energetic frequencies. To avoid having an energy overdrive, it’s advised that you meditate to maintain balance through this period of abrupt instability.

3. Experiencing a shift in spiritual energies and having to create a balance to avoid instability.

This shift comes into play when twin flames encounter each other for the first time. When twin flames first meet the energy between them is very intense. Unless they’re practiced in staying grounded, the energy will be overwhelming. Maintaining balance is important both for yourself and your relationship.

4. Remembering past lives and deeply connecting with those experiences.

Twin flames communicate about everything under the sun. Because they have a strong spiritual connection they may even begin discussing their past lives and who they were to each other in those lifetimes.

Aside from unexplained mood swings, remembering those past lives can also cause anxiety or panic attacks. If you’re not able to handle the abundant energy brought by the awakening, it might manifest as fear, anxiety, regret, anger, or other negative feelings and emotions.

Try to keep your thoughts and emotions in check. Understanding what happened in past incarnations between you will need to play out differently in this lifetime. You have both already played out that scenario. So if you share a lifetime where one of you abandoned the other, it won’t be the same this time around.

 5. Heightened empathy.

One of the signs of twin flame awakening is greater empathy to your twin and to others. Recognizing your spiritual connection to your twin flame opens you to receiving their emotions. This can cause mood swings that come on suddenly. One minute you’re happy as can be, then out of nowhere, you’re feeling anxious or depressed. 

It’s important to acknowledge these emotions aren’t your own, unless you suddenly learn something that sets you into an emotional tailspin. More than likely, these emotions are coming from your twin flame, and a result of something they’re experiencing.

Signs of Twin Flame Awakening
Signs of Twin Flame Awakening

Discussing these occurrences with your twin flame will allow you to both truly understand the depth of your spiritual connection to each other.

6. You are bubbling over with ambition, creativity and positive energy.

Your twin flame will awaken many things within you. This intense energy that’s now in your life will spark many things in your life.

In addition to being insanely happy, and ready to take on the world, you’ll naturally feel more creative and ambitious. It may manifest itself by creating music, art, starting a charity or volunteering. You are very excited to start something new.

 7. Your psychic gifts become more prevalent.

Many twin flames share telepathy with one another. They know things about each other without communicating. This will include precognitive dreams and your inner voice speaking louder and more frequently. 

Your psychic gifts may also expand to other people as well. The spiritual union between you and your twin flame opens the channels to the universe as you’re living from your soul. This may give you insight into the lives of others around you including friends or family. 

8. You experience the dark night of the soul. 

 A dark night of the soul is a crisis point in your life and your relationship to the universe. It can manifest as anger, hopelessness or despair. You must travel through this darkness safely back into the light. Only then can you regain oneness with the universe, or the divine. 

Many times a dark night of the soul will direct someone toward their spiritual awakening, so they shouldn’t be feared. We have also heard from folks who are recovering from a dark night just before meeting their twin flame for the first time.

9. You realize that balancing mind, body and soul is important.

Signs of twin flame awakening involve an awareness about the balance of your energy. Keeping mind, body and soul in balance is a challenging exercise. This is the time to practice inner work, both on yourself and with your twin flame.

In many ways the intense impact of your twin flame’s energy can throw you off balance. But in other ways, having your twin flame in your life can help bring these things into greater balance as your spiritual awareness expands. It’s crucial to do activities such as yoga or meditation to keep in balance. 

10. Signs, messages and synchroniticies increase.

As you awaken to your twin flame you will notice more signs and messages from the universe as well as how to apply them to your lives. Occurance of synchronicities and déjà vu moments will become more frequent as you’re awakening. 

What signs of twin flame awakening are you experiencing? Please share your thoughts and experiences in our comments section below. Thanks for reading.

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