Twin Flame Separation

Twin flame separation is a major talking point with almost every self-professed twin flame ‘expert’ today.

They discuss how this is the most difficult phase of the twin flame experience and must happen before the twin flame reunion.

They describe how one twin flame, the runner, runs from the connection. Meanwhile, the other twin flame, the chaser, attempts to make contact to encourage the twin to return.


We don’t agree with this. It implies the Universe never wants any of us to be happy in spiritual relationships. This could not be further from the truth.

On the other hand, soulmates will run from a soul mate connection. This is due to their inability to maintain the emotional and spiritual maturity for adult relationships. Actually, there are many reasons soul mates run. This creates a vortex of painful experiences for the soulmate left behind.

Twin flame relationships are deeply spiritual relationships.

Both parties are spiritually aware. They may have to endure one or more painful soul mate relationships before meeting their twin. Those spiritual unions provide valuable relationship lessons. All of this is to prepare them for uniting with their twin flame.

Twin Flame Separation
Twin Flame Separation

The Universe tests them in many ways, not just with failed romantic experiences. Twin flames possess a strong spiritual foundation and an awareness within them that we’re all spiritual beings. They recognize they’re here for a divine purpose. So there is no purpose for twin flames to separate on the earthly plane.

The twin who stays on the other side is quite content in the spirit world. They may watch over their twin from afar to make sure they complete their soul blueprint.

The one who comes comes to Earth may constantly feel something is missing from their life. If they’re evolved enough, they may acknowledge it is their missing twin. If they’re not very spiritually aware they may constantly feel a yearning for something or someone they can’t manage to find during their earthbound existence.

It may take hundreds, or thousands, of years for twin flames to incarnate together. They may have to endure many life times without their twin flame. They may spend a life time with them and then not incarnate together again for thousands of years.

We believe the time without the soul essence of the other twin, is the meaning of the twin flame separation. Once they are in the same place, at approximately the same time, their twin flame journey can begin.

Originally posted on 12/31/2018 @ 5:00 am

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  1. Totally understand where you are coming from. There seems to be a weird momentum with toxic relationships where they use the twin flame label and the connection as a way to excuse their bad relationship behaviors.


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