Twin Flame Healing

Twin flame healing occurs when at the point of reunion. The connection between twin flames is truly sacred and the highest form of spiritual relationship. Both twin flames are evolved souls on their own, but together is where they both reach new heights. Twin flames have learned the lessons put before them either in previous lifetimes or their current one. They have completed the soul work necessary that allows them to operate in the higher spiritual realm. Now they ready to meet their twin flame and upgrade the vibration of their energies.


The twin flame union is where the two can finally become one and merge their soul experiences. The merging process is particularly significant. It is not about them as individuals anymore. They have both already walked their own personal paths. They have accomplished what their souls set out to do and healed whatever they had to as individuals. In doing so, each twin flame may have reached a new level of awareness about themselves, and others, that aided in their healing. They are no longer broken souls that need healing. Now the time has come for these twin flames to give back.

Twin Flame Healing
Twin Flame Healing

When twin flames reunite, it sparks something deep within them. Their divine call to duty is loud and clear to both of them. Since both twin flames have gone through their own process of healing as individuals, they want to help heal on a greater scale. Twin flames do not operate from a place of ego; they know it is not about them anymore. They have been through enough life experiences and have risen above themselves as individuals. Now, they are more focused on how we are all connected. Since twin flames are so attuned to the fact that we are all a part of a bigger picture, their desire to make a difference becomes a primary focus. So now it is time to heal the world.


Again, twin flames have let go of ego, so they don’t believe they are going to be able to heal the entire world by themselves. They realize every single soul counts who is currently living on the planet. Many twin flames would like to help heal some of the world’s problems on a larger scale, but will take any small opportunity to do so that comes their way. While each twin flame was healing themselves, they gained compassion and desire to help those in a similar position. Twin flames will tend to gravitate towards causes that speak to their souls.

This healing could have occurred in any lifetime. The soul will not forget the lesson. The causes the twin flames will champion will more than likely resonate from a time when they needed healing close to this issue. Since they have benefited from the work they did to heal themselves, they want to pay that forward. There will be a passion for the work these twin flames do together. They know it is their life’s mission, and the culmination of all the work they have done in this lifetime, and every other they have experienced.

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