5D and Twin Flames – Connecting in the 5th Dimension

Many people believe twin flames connect in the 5D realm, or 5th dimension. And they discuss it extensively in Twin Flame Collective broadcasts. This usually precludes any connection in the 3D world, especially when they are currently not in a twin flame union. Some assume all non-physical merging occurs in 5D and that this is how their souls interact. We don’t want to step on anyone’s toes, in terms of their beliefs. So will briefly explain our interpretation of 5th dimension connections with twin flames.

5D and Twin Flames - Connecting in the 5th Dimension
5D and Twin Flames – Connecting in the 5th Dimension

Difference Between 3D and 5D

The third dimension, is the physical world we live in. This is where we define who we are, what we do for a living, our relationships and possessions. It is where we are born into physical bodies, and where we die. It is the place of drama and illusion. Physical union between two souls happens in the third dimension. The divine feminine and divine masculine unite here, often in sexual union. That union permits twin flames to merge and have a glimpse of the 5D connection. Many couples keep their relationships in this 3D space. They are limited by their physical bodies and have not worked on individual spiritual growth. We tend to see this a lot more in soul mate relationships. This is usually not the experience of twin flame couples who have invested in their spiritual expansion.

The fifth dimension is where our consciousness resides. This can also be called our light body, astral body or higher self. The fifth dimension is often described as the spirit world, where souls communicate with each other. There are 9 dimensions to the astral plane and the 5th is where we are reunited with spirit. Twin flames share a telepathic connection and will often merge with each other here. Many twins have also reported sharing dreams, or meeting on the astral plane at night to experience each other in spirit form. The fifth dimension is a place of peace, love and joy. Jealousy, fear and anger do not exists here. Since many people are now in process of spiritual ascension, more folks then ever before are able to access the 5D world.

How Communicating in the 5th Dimension Affects Twin Flames

Trying to communicate with your twin flame in 5D will not speed up the twin flame reunion process. Trying to coerce, or manipulate, a twin flame comes from a place of ego. In true 5D world, ego does not exist. Ego comes from a place of fear and fear can’t exist in the fifth dimension. We should remember we all have free will, and twin flame union is still a free will choice. We have heard from people trying to draw their twin flame, or who believe is their twin flame, to them. More than likely, this will not work. Twin flames reunite under the Universe’s rule of divine timing, which you and your twin have predetermined with your guides. Trying to bring your twin flame to you through 5D communication might leave you frustrated and confused.

One of the signs of a twin flame relationship is that both twins have individually worked on their spiritual ascension. Their spiritual journey has now transformed into a twin flame journey. This allows them to access the higher dimensions. Connecting in the 5D world happens very easily once a twin flame relationship has been established. When twins are separated due to work or family issues they can still merge with each other. Many twins have reported knowing when their twin flame is ill or when they have an adverse experience. Twin flames are also to empathically feel joy and harmony when their twin does.

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