Twin Flames and Destiny ~ How Fate Affects Divine Union

Destiny creates all meetings between twin flames during each life time. Twin flame connections, as well as soul mates, have a fated quality about them.

Destiny allows the two of you to meet, by placing you both in the same place at the same time.

But it’s up to each couple to do something with each soul connection. Destiny creates the space to bring you together. But divine intervention can only do so much.


When it’s time for twin flames to reunite, the Universe will move people, events and situations to facilitate a meeting. Once the connection is established, the Universe will get out of the way for a while as the twin flame relationship unfolds. Due to the nature of twin flame connections, relationships will take a while to unfold. Many twin flames are in different parts of the world from each other. So a sequence of events must happen to bring them to the same location.

Twin Flames and Destiny
Twin Flames and Destiny

Destiny as it relates to twin flames, really implies the unfolding destiny. And this is usually a combined destiny between the twin flames.

Twin flames have a higher calling to fulfill as a by-product of their divine union.

The Universe will often nudge twin flames in the direction of that destiny through a series of signs and synchronicity.

The destiny between twin flames is something they agree to before being born.

As we discuss in a previous post Twin Flame Signs, the pinnacle of the twin flame connection is to bring something of value to the world.

This is the real destiny between twin flames. And while the Universe may not push the twin flames into a relationship, they will certainly urge the gift the twin flame connection provides.


Many operate with a misconception that twin flames are fated and destined to be together. They believe the Universe will do all within their power to make it so.

But to consider twin flames reuniting on the earth to serve a purpose and to fulfill that purpose, each of the twins must be spiritually advanced to embrace the challenge.

And there is the catch-22. The Universe expects spiritually advanced souls to work through their own issues and create their destiny.

Each of the twins are responsible for their own spiritual growth. And each must be ready, willing and able to embrace the divine twin flame union. And this may not always be the case as personalities and ego can get in the way.

If one of the twins is resisting the twin flame connection, the Universe might step in to get them moving toward their twin flame potential.

The Universe can create a series of issues and events that can be professionally or personally challenging. Hopefully the resisting twin will wake up and see the need to embrace the twin flame connection to achieve their personal and combined destiny. Love is not enough to keep your twin flame relationship alive. Each of the twins must work on the relationship.

The bottom line is destiny will support twin flames. But each soul is spiritually responsible for moving it into a twin flame relationship. Even though the Universe will provide assistance to help fulfill the twin flame potential, it’s ultimately up to each of them to do the work to achieve twin flame union.




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26 thoughts on “Twin Flames and Destiny ~ How Fate Affects Divine Union”

  1. I hope I meet my twin flame in this lifetime, but I am ok if I don’t. I will leave it up to the universe.

  2. So this means it can be platonic right? It doesn’t have to be a romantic union of one is already in a marriage.

    • almost all twin flame unions are romantic BUT the primary focus of their relationship is not their romantic relationship but delivering something of value to the world

  3. I had no idea what all this was until recently. It sounded like a blast and before I knew it, the world as I knew it was pulled out from under me. I did this several months ago and I thought I was going mad. I actually went into therapy as a result because my anxiety went haywire.
    A few weeks ago, it started happening again. I have learned that I am an empath (I had no idea there was such a thing but I am it’s poster child). That blast from the past sounded out and I heard him call and felt every wave of emotion under the sun. It has been almost 20 years since I felt this from this specific person and there’s this sense that he is so very close.

    Is it possible that we are waking up at the same time?


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