Signs of Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides on Twin Flame Journey

Signs of guardian angels and spirit guides are all around those who are on a twin flame journey. When you’re on a spiritual path, your guardian angels and spirit guides come along for the ride. Those on a twin flame journey often find it easier to receive messages and assistance from their guardian angels and spirit guides.


Guardian angels and spirit guides are always around us to give hope, help and inspiration when we might need it.  They try to let us know they are present and around us. It gives many people great comfort knowing they have a guardian angel or spirit guide to help guide them in their daily lives.

Guardian angels are assigned to each individual at birth and work exclusively with you. But the archangels are able to help many people at the same time. Guardian angels devote their time to helping just one person, the human they’re assigned to.

Spirit guides are also assigned to one person and can come in several forms. And the good news is we all have more than one spirit guide.

For instance many people have spirit guides in the form of spirit animals or totem animals, very often a beloved pet who has crossed the rainbow bridge. For others, loved ones or family members who’ve passed on, may choose to be one of your spirit guides. Great grandparents may serve as a spirit guide for you, whether you knew them in your lifetime or not.

Guides and angels like to make their presence known.

Not to scare us of course, but to let us know they’re there. When times are particularly rough, they often try to reach out to us to help guide and comfort us. This happens when we’re suffering from an illness or about to make a major life change,

Perhaps we are making the wrong decision and they want to warn us. Or, we may have no idea what to do and they want to offer direction. They may even want to give us a hand to get out of a dangerous situation. Always let them guide you, as they will never lead you down the wrong path.

So how can you tell if your guardian angels or spirit guides are around you?

1. Scents that appear out of nowhere.

Spirit guides, in the form of departed loved ones, can present themselves as a scent that comes out of nowhere. The smell reminds you of them. This can be their perfume or aftershave or a meal they were famous for cooking. It could be their favorite flower or even of tobacco products like cigars or cigarettes.

This alerts you to their presence and it’s a great time to connect with them. You may try talking to them, either out loud or with your thoughts. You can ask them questions or ask for help.

2. Music that holds special meaning.

Music is another way your guardian angels or spirit guides let you know they’re around you. Perhaps you hear a meaningful song playing over and over wherever you go on a particular day. This is a reminder they’re still beside you.

Signs of Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides on Twin Flame Journey
Signs of Guardian Angels

Or maybe you’ve been thinking about them, humming their favorite song in your head, and suddenly the song is playing on the radio. Maybe it’s the artist, the lyrics or name of the song that reminds you of them. Sometimes it’s a particular song whose title or lyrics holds a special message or some guidance for you. 

3. Repetition of dreams or signs.

The same signs being repeated to get your attention, and/or send you a message, are a sign your angels and spirit guides are near. This can include the same dreams over and over with same message or a warning to prevent you from danger.

For instance, you may have a recurring dream about meeting someone who in your dream makes you feel uncomfortable. And you know this person is dangerous in some way. In your waking life, you meet someone who gives you that very same feeling. So that’s your cue to get the heck out of there and to avoid that person going forward. 

4. Feeling their presence.

Sometimes it’s simply feeling their presence. You sense you’re not alone, or that you’re being watched, not in a creepy way of course.  You may even catch a quick glimpse of them out of the corner of your eye. But when you turn to look at them, they’re not there.

Many times, when you’re upset, you may experience the feeling of loving angels wrapping their arms around you to give you comfort. There are many ways your departed loved ones may try to touch you. This may be a kiss, a brush of your hair or even a pat on the back or arm. This is usually accompanied by an energetic change of the room you’re sitting in, as you feel someone reaching out to comfort you.

5. White feathers symbolize the presence of angels.

White feathers, pennies or other small trinkets are another sign. Have you ever found a penny on the ground or parking lot? It’s often a sign your angels are there for you reminding you to be grateful for your abundance.

When a feather crosses your path, especially white feathers, it’s another sign angels are around you offering protection.  Feathers are the common symbol across many cultures that symbolize our connection to the spiritual world. Hence the popular saying, when feathers appear, angels are near.

6. Seeing orbs means your guardian angels are around you.

Seeing orbs means your guides and angels are present. Orbs are spheres of light that are either white or different colors. Angels and spirit guides don’t exist in human form as they are energy of pure light and love. They use light to travel within the earthly dimension since the energy of the planet is so heavy and dense compared to the spirit realm.

So they often use orbs to facilitate their movement here on Earth. The circular shape of orbs represent eternity, wholeness and unity.

Signs of Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides on Twin Flame Journey
Signs of Guardian Angels

7. Tinkling of bells or chimes. 

Hearing the tinkling of bells or chimes can indicate angels and spirit guides are around you. It’s said that in the spiritual realm, bells are the voice of the universe.

Hearing bells sound out of nowhere is a definite spiritual sign your angels are communicating with you and trying to get your attention.Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings” is a line from the Christmas movie It’s a Wonderful Life. The sound of bells or chimes tinkling or ringing is a way that angels can communicate with us.

8. Signs that only you, personally, will understand.

Angels and guides communicate with us through telepathic messages, thoughts and speaking directly to our intuition. For example, perhaps you’re driving home from a long day at work and you have a sudden craving for your favorite candy. But you can only buy this candy at a store in an out of the way place.

This is a different route home, one you normally wouldn’t take, because you usually travel the freeways to get home quicker. So you just figure you’ll take the scenic route and pick up some of your candies. After your purchase, you get back in the car to continue your journey, and hear on the radio there was a massive pile up on the freeway you normally take to get home. Did your diversion prevent you from being late or did it prevent you from being in a horrible accident?

9. Flickering or flashing lights.

Electricity is a type of energy. Since spiritual beings embody powerful energy they can impact the electricity around you. Those from the spirit realm, since they are pure light energy, have the ability to manipulate electricity to communicate with you or alert you of some danger.

Once they tap into the electricity of your home, they can increase or decrease the lighting or make them flicker or flash. This can take several different forms such as a lamp or television set flickering or an appliance suddenly acting strangely. When you see a light flickering you may think the bulb needs to be changed or there’s an electrical problem. But very often it’s a guardian angel or spirit guide trying to get your attention.

10. Feeling tingling sensations, chills or warmth.

As we mentioned, angels and spirit guides have a high vibration. When they’re around us we may experience tingling sensations on our skin. So when our lower vibration collides with theirs, it increases our own energetic field, creating tingling sensations.

Sometimes you may experience goosebumps and the raising of hair on your arms. But these spiritual beings can also create heat as they descend to the physical realm because they must shift their own energetic signature. So you may actually feel like the heat is turned on in your home or feel like you have a slight fever.

Signs of Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides on Twin Flame Journey
Signs of Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides

11. Butterflies

Angels and spirit guides, more specifically in the form of departed loved ones, use butterflies to remind us they’re there to provide spiritual guidance. Butterflies represent transformation and change as caterpillars all go through transformation to become a butterfly.

They are a symbol of hope and spiritual renewal. There is a saying Butterflies are the heaven-sent kisses of an angel‘. When you see a butterfly, especially one that lands on you, it could signify your angels and guides telling you that positive changes are coming into your life. It can also be a message that your departed loved ones are happy and safe in the spiritual realm but still around you in the physical world.

12. Numbers – angels often communicate through numbers. 

Angel numbers are usually a sequence of 3 or 4 repeating numbers, like 222 or 555. You can literally see these numbers anywhere.

For example you may wake up every day without an alarm at exactly 5:55 AM or you may see these numbers anywhere and everywhere. You can see them on license plates, billboards, the grocery store, a sales receipt or on your phone.

Repeatedly seeing 555 is a message from your angels that change will be happening in your life and that now is the time to remain hopeful and positive as these changes manifest. But you may also see numbers that relate to important dates in your life. For example when you see a number sequence of a departed loved one’s birthday, it can indicate they are around you to provide love and support.     

These are just some of the ways our guardian angels and spirit guides let us know they’re present in our lives. Have you experienced either these or other signs from your angels and guides? Please leave a comment in our comment section to share your experiences with others.



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