Valentine’s Day is Just Another Day For Twin Flames

Valentine’s Day is just another day for twin flames.

But this doesn’t mean twin flames don’t celebrate or appreciate Valentine’s Day. Twin flames may very well do what other couples do on Valentine’s Day, like go out do dinner or exchange gifts. Twin flames, however, acknowledge their love for one another every day of the year.


Twin flames are always conscious of how happy they are in their relationship. They constantly express their gratitude and love for one another. They are, for the most part, kind, courteous and generous towards one another.

There is no competition within a twin flame relationship. There is no fight for control and power, as twin flames leave their egos at the door. Twin flames are not at war over egotistical issues nor are they insecure. And they don’t wonder what each other is thinking or feeling, because they just know. Twin flames are very different from soul mate relationships because both twins are more spiritually evolved and have let go of all that.

For twin flames, every day is Valentine’s Day because they easily and continually express themselves in loving ways. Even if they’re minor everyday ways, twin flames are always conscious and appreciative of their connection.

Unlike soul mates, they cherish their divine union and never disrespect it. They know how special they are and feel freedom in expressing that to one another. They find joy in putting each other, and even strangers, before themselves. Twin flames are not selfish, but selfless.

Valentine's Day is Just Another Day For Twin Flames
Valentine’s Day is Just Another Day For Twin Flames


If you have the good fortune to be blessed with the rare gift of finding your twin flame, every day is special. Twin flames don’t need a specific holiday to make one another a priority.

They always hold one another in high regard and never take their connection for granted. Unlike Hollywood movies, twin flames don’t act out, and there is little to no melodrama. They don’t run from their connection, because there is no need to.

Twin flames don’t have to sort things out first or get their head together. They don’t deny their feelings for their twin to themselves or anyone else. They don’t freak out over every minute apart, because of their spiritual maturity and awareness.

Twins in spiritual union don’t succumb to lesser vibrations and behave in ways that are beneath them. They honor their love and the gift that love has brought to their lives.

They want to give back to the community and the world, and as a team, they can take on any cause together. It’s not just about them or their relationship. They know they’re a part of the bigger picture.

Twin flames, although they may celebrate Valentine’s Day, are much more conscious of the important role their relationship plays in their lives. They don’t take their relationship for granted and never wait to say the things they want to say or do the things they want to do for their twin. It would be wonderful if more relationships were twin flame relationships, because not only would more people be in healthy, happy relationships, the world would be a much better place.


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