Twin Flame Energy

Twin flame energy is a very powerful energy.

In order for twin flames to reunite, they must individually work on their own spiritual growth prior to meeting. This is a requirement to build the strong foundation for a twin flame relationship to manifest.

Twin flame energy vibrates at a high frequency. In order to attain that elevation both twins have experienced situations that spurred that growth. They will need this to maintain and sustain the twin flame energy requirement for their union and to fulfill their twin flame purpose.


As we discuss in other articles, there’s an immediate recognition when one encounters their twin flame. Almost instantly, the reunion creates a divine spark, so you can see this is not a mundane connection. Neither have been out searching for their twin flame, but leave it up to divine timing.

Actually twin flames connect when they’re not looking for a partner at all. They are happily focusing their energy on living their best, most authentic, life. Meeting their twin flame comes out of nowhere, but they’re immediately enveloped in a twin flame connection.

There’s a sense of knowing this person. You recognize them, at the soul level, but often can’t put your finger on it. There is a cosmic, fated quality to the meeting and an innate knowing this is someone of significance in your life. As you communicate, you realize your lives have somewhat mirrored each others. These twin flame signs give your further confirmation you have finally met your twin flame.


Twin flame energy will feel like every cell in your body is pulsating on a super charged level. You will feel unconditional love for your twin flame, unlike anything experienced before. Your chakras, all seven of them, will naturally align with those of your twin.

An empathic connection will allow you to feel and experience much of what your twin flame is going through. You will be aware of their emotions, feelings and even illnesses, even when you are not together. At first this can be overwhelming as you may not know if this is your situation or theirs. As you become more accustomed to the twin flame energetic connection, however, you will be grateful for this special gift.

Twin Flame Energy
Twin Flame Energy

Twin flames also share a telepathic connection, which allows you to communicate without speaking. You will hear each other’s thoughts. You’ll often say things at the same time, as you share similar ideas and thought processes.

Twin flames generally have the same ideas or solutions to problems that arise. At times you will be able to read each other minds. This should not take the place of real communication but will make your conversations so much more interesting. As twin flames continue in their earthly union, they will be able to sense where there twin flame is (location) and feel them approaching even in a large crowd.


Twin flames can conscientiously share their connection with each other. Their chakras align and pulsate at the same frequency. If one of you is going through something lowering your energy, such as an illness or loss of a loved one, your twin can assist you. Twin flame energy is easily transferred back and forth between one another at times of crisis.

To make this happen, get into a quiet space and take a few deep breaths. Focus your attention on the place where your twin is suffering and hold your hands out to them in a gentle gesture. Allow the love you feel for your twin flame in your heart to radiate down your arms to your hands to project onto them. Since they are open to your twin flame energy, they will easily receive it. This can be done in person or long distance. Allowing the loving energy to flow from your heart chakra through your hands to your twin can be a very uplifting exercise for both of you.

Twin flame energy is very powerful when divine feminine and divine masculine energies come together to form a sacred connection. For those you who are in twin flame relationships, use this energy wisely. It’s a gift from the Universe.



Originally posted on 05/06/2020 @ 8:44 pm

7 thoughts on “Twin Flame Energy”

  1. Sounds more like soulmates than twin flames in that above comment. A twin flame would not get sucked into a Narcissistic relationship and stay, would they?

  2. My twin and I met In a random questionair. We instantly started carrying on a conversation. We both kept having de ja vu. But when we got to the guestions and answers party it was terrifying. Our son’s, the same age, names are Gavin Sebastian and Sebastian Gavin. We have the same scars on our thighs (both 11 inches long) we drove the same car, we are both writers, researchers, our kids were the same ages, 10, 15, and 21. We were prison guards in 2006-2010. Then went into home decor/improvement in 2020. Those are just some of the things. We were together for 1 year. It was amazing. We did the same routines during the day as the other. Even watching the same things on tv while it kids got ready for school. We were separated, however, because of his Narcissistic ex wife. She made it lives hell. I had to go thru being with a real Narcissist to understand why he kept going back. For a year we didn’t see each other but often wrote each other on or near the same days. Finally, he called and we were together again. No matter what happened in my life I just wanted him. I told anyone that would listen that we were going to be together someday. When the narcissistic abuser was hitting me I would lay in bed and cry for him a twin flame. Anytime anything great happened in my life I wanted him, anytime anything terrible happen I wanted him. My wanted him.
    I explained trauma bonding and he realized that’s what he had been in for the last 15 years. And I were going to move together and start her own business. I left the man I was with I packed all my things and I went to a friend’s house to wait for him to come pick me up. We were finally going to be together. Except, He never came.
    His mother called me the next morning and told me he had gone back to his ex. My heart is broken and I will love him for the rest of my life because I’m only feel complete when I’m with him but I’m not going to allow him to break my heart anymore. We’ll be together in the next life.
    Good bye , my Flame. I’ll always love you.


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