Myth of the Twin Flame Chaser

The twin flame chaser is a myth many people subscribe to. They believe a twin flame chaser chases after the twin flame runner to bring the relationship together. If twin flames are constantly running  and chasing, at what point can a spiritually connected relationship flourish? Does the Universe really want us to chase after the one destined to be our spiritual life partner, or twin flame?


Soulmates run. Soulmates chase. We have discussed this in numerous articles on our sister sites as well as our podcast. Soulmates run for a variety of reasons. Most of the time one of the soulmates are not spiritually strong enough to maintain the energy required of a soulmate relationship. So they run. The chaser soulmate has issues that need to be worked through, such a insecurity or abandonment issues. So they chase the soulmate, of to the point of the relationships demise. A soulmate chaser can not stand still because they have a deep rooted fear of losing their soulmate. Soulmate chasers will create scenarios to initiate contact. They will create scenarios to be in the same town/country if their soulmate is long distance. Soulmate chasers will pursue their soulmate to the ends of the earth in order to feel stable in the relationship. Often times, even that is not enough because they have not addressed their insecurities.


So what about a twin flame chaser? If you have been reading our posts for a while you already know we don’t support the twin flame runner and twin flame chaser theories. We can all agree a twin flame connection is the deepest spiritual connection to another human. The foundation of a twin flame union is a sacred, divine love. Both twin flames are spiritually aware and spiritually advanced. Their spiritual growth occurred either through a series of failed soulmate relationships or through their own personal journey on their sacred path to enlightenment.

Myth of the Twin Flame Chaser
Myth of the Twin Flame Chaser

The main objective of a twin flame relationship is their mutual contribution to the planet. Having great sex and super hot romance is not the main goal of a twin flame union. So if the basis for your relationship is super great sex, your are probably not twin flames, but soulmates. Many twins become aware of their divine purpose before meeting their twin. Others become aware of it while on their twin flame journey. Regardless of how they know or when they know, the completion of their divine purpose is the foundation for their relationship.

So here we have two evolved, spiritually advanced beings, who are aware of their mutual divine purpose, and one is going to chase the other. Does this really make sense? If someone has gone through personal and spiritual evolution to become their most authentic, divine version of themselves, do they really need to chase after their twin flame? As mentioned, chasing comes from insecurity. A twin flame chaser would feel or experience their twin flame detaching from them. Would that be enough to transform them into a twin flame chaser? It should not. The telepathy between twin flames allow them to be at peace knowing there is a reason for this momentary detachment.


Many soulmates do not come with the spiritual maturity of twin flames. Some soulmates are not spiritually advanced, nor have they gone through a lot of personal growth. This is what the soulmate relationships are for. However, they can certainly attain spiritual advancement by doing their own inner work.  If you feel the urge to become a twin flame chaser, its possible that you are in a soulmate relationship. Running and chasing are fear-based actions that resonate with the lower chakras. Some of you may have experienced this when connected to a false twin flame.

True twins are connected via the crown chakra, located on the top of your head. When twin flames are connected this way there is no fear. They will not experience a desire to chase their twin because they have an innate knowing their twin will not run from them. Even during periods of long separation or inability to communicate, a true twin will not chase the other. A twin flame should not feel insecure and need daily check-ins. A twin would not stalk or spy on their twin online or otherwise. Twin flames stand firm in the knowledge, maturity and stability that their connection is secure.

Most soulmates are earthbound relationships with a spiritual connection.  Twin flame connections occur in the upper chakras as they are spiritual relationships having earthly experiences.

3 thoughts on “Myth of the Twin Flame Chaser”

  1. From someone who’s absolutely not a romantic , most online posts on Twin Flames turn me off and I stopped reading any, very glad to have found this one. It confirms what I’ve always known deep in my heart to be true, that real Twin Flames do not chase and run from each other.
    It’s not about their feelings or emotions, they’ve come to earth to complete a mission to which they both signed up to do together during this lifetime.
    And In most cases, this is usually their final earth life together before they jump off the reincarnation wheel, and they both intuitively know it, so there’s no time to waste. They both know it’s now or never. They are usually both highly evolved souls.


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