Where is My Twin Flame?

Many people call to ask if we know where their twin flame is. We understand this usually does not mean the location of the their twin, although some people have asked us that, believe it or not. Some have also asked us for the name of their twin flame.  Generally they want to know when the unending search for their twin flame will result in the divine union and the perfect relationship. This is NOT how it works folks.

First and foremost we are unable to tell you when, where or how you will meet your twin flame. We don’t know who your twin flame is. We don’t know their name or physical description. We don’t know how the two of you will cross paths or where that will happen. These are questions that only your souls and your guides can answer.

We must also understand that not everyone can meet their twin in this lifetime. This should not be perceived as punishment from God, the angels or the Universe. It simply means that your soul is not advanced enough yet to achieve the divine reunion. We don’t intend this to sound harsh, but the simple fact you might be searching for them should be evidence that you are not ready for a twin flame relationship. More than likely you will not find them on “www.whereismytwinflame.com”.

Where is My Twin Flame?

Where is My Twin Flame?

Instead of focusing on where your twin flame is, perhaps it would be better to shift your focus on yourself. Becoming the best version of yourself and being open to spiritual and personal growth are conditions required to be in place for your twin to manifest in your life. Twin flame relationships are the highest of spiritual partnerships. If you have gone through a lot of personal and spiritual growth you are well on the path to meeting your twin flame.

If you have not evolved spiritually in this lifetime, and only desiring to connect with your twin to fix something missing within yourself, we can pretty much guarantee you won’t meet them. Both of you, when you unite, should be whole and living life from an authentic space. You may meet some soul mates, who you may misidentify as a twin flame, but that is ok because soul mates bring with them many lessons to enhance spiritual growth.

You can try asking the Universe, God or your angels or guides where your twin is, but they probably won’t answer you either. They are the ones who decide when twin flames reunite on Earth. We don’t know exactly what it is they are looking for before allowing twins to come together but both of you made a contract with each other before being born. That contract details when, where and how you will meet and the divine purpose of your twin flame relationship. 

Your twin flame will not complete you, so stop searching for them. As a matter of fact, you must really complete yourself before they can even cross paths with you. Focus on yourself, on who you are, on who you want to become and leave the rest up to the Universe.



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