Where is My Twin Flame?

“Where is my twin flame?” is a question many call us about.

We understand this usually doesn’t mean the location of the their twin. Some people will ask us that, believe it or not.

Others also ask us for the name of their twin.

In reality, they want to know when the unending search for their twin flame will result in the divine union and perfect relationship.

This is NOT how it works folks.


First and foremost we’re not able to tell you when, where or how you will meet your twin flame. There’s no way we can know who your twin flame is on the planet. We don’t know their name or physical description.

We don’t know how you’ll cross paths or where that will happen. These are questions that only your souls and your guides can answer. This is defined in the soul agreement between you and your twin. So only your souls, your guides and the universe have these answers.

We must also understand that not everyone will meet their twin in this lifetime. This shouldn’t be perceived as punishment from God, your guides or the universe. It simply means that your soul hasn’t reached awareness yet to achieve the divine reunion.

It’s not our intent to sound harsh, but the simple fact you’re searching for them should be evidence that you’re not quite ready for this spiritual union. Also you probably won’t find them on “www.whereismytwinflame.com”.


Instead of focusing on where your twin might be, it’s better to shift your focus to yourself. Becoming the best version of yourself, and being open to spiritual and personal growth, are conditions required for them to manifest in your life. Twin flame relationships are the highest of spiritual partnerships. So when you achieve personal and spiritual growth you’re well on your way to the divine union.

If you haven’t evolved spiritually in this lifetime, and only desire to connect with your twin to fix something missing within yourself, we can pretty much guarantee you won’t meet them. Both of you, when you unite, should be whole and living life from an authentic space.

Where is My Twin Flame?
Where is My Twin Flame?

You may meet some soul mates, who you may misidentify as a twin flame. This is ok because soulmates bring with them many lessons to enhance spiritual growth. You will need this growth to prepare for the ultimate sacred union with your twin.

You can try asking the Universe or your angels or guides where your twin is. They may not be able to answer you either. Nor will meditations or other methods to manifest your spiritual counterpart.

The Universe decides when twin flames reunite on Earth. We don’t know exactly what the powers that be are looking for before allowing twins to come together. Both of you made a contract with each other before being born. That contract details when, where and how you will meet and the divine purpose of your twin flame relationship.

Your twin flame will not complete you, so stop searching for them. As a matter of fact, you must really complete yourself before they can even cross paths with you. Focus on yourself, on who you are, on who you want to become and leave the rest up to the Universe.



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4 thoughts on “Where is My Twin Flame?”

  1. Hi,
    I think I met a near twin or karmic connection a few years ago. He was not my usual ‘type’ in terms of physique, and what I felt was not physical attraction, but an overwhelming sense of familiarity, as if we already knew each other and an introduction was not necessary. I was in a new relationship when we met, (in a professional context) and thought the powerful nature of the connection meant that we were destined to work together towards a some sort of shared mission, and I was excited at the prospect. As he was my senior, I didn’t mention any of this and decided to play it cool and let things take their natural course. I also discovered he was an atheist and a materialist, so in all probability mentioning spiritual connections would make him think I was a certified nutcase and scare hime away. I am highly sensitive and empathic and had experienced powerful connections with individuals in the past who have denied all knowledge of such a thing, so I was aware his experience could be very different and held my cards close to my chest. He paid me special attention, I guess because he saw my professional potential, but there was also a tenderness there which was unusual given our short acquaintance. He never flirted or tried it on with me. Then we started working one on one and I realised I had fallen in love with him. Just the short time of our meetings, time stood still. I could feel him at a distance, everything else in my life felt superficial and fake and I underwent huge emotional upheaval. It was if eternity had suddenly confronted me and thrown the doors wide open. In his presence I was hugely nervous as I felt stripped bare. I confronted him in a message about my feelings, as it had become unbearable playing at indifference. He responded that he saw me as a friend and was in a relationship. For the sake of our professional relationship, which I saw as valuable in itself, I told him of course that was fine and apologised for being so dramatic. I figured if I was mistaken and my feelings one sided, I would learn my lesson and the feelings would go away. But they didn’t. I had powerful visions (probably from our shared past together ) and synchronicities, could feel his love for me (possibly the residue of past lives together) despite whatever he said about the present. Eventually, to protect my heart, I terminated our professional relationship. In this life, I’ve never loved so deeply. A lady prophesied over me that the intended person for me would have the qualities I was drawn to, but would also have the strength to equal mine. Since then however, I have been subject to a lot of intimidation and spiritual attack, in the face of which I have denied my gifts, been bound by fear and moved backwards rather than forwards with regards to spiritual growth, healing my childhood trauma and living my true purpose on Earth. I doubt I will meet a twin now or even a partner at all as my heart is so shut off and fearful, I would settle just to feel love at all, for any living being. I have experienced the perils of being too open hearted and spiritually sensitive. I long now to be at peace, know my purpose, to give and receive love.

    • He wasnt your twin flame …believe me..

      Anything you feel you will die without..is not your twin flame…

      Forget him…


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