Twin Flames Are Meant to Be Together

Twin flames are meant to be together in spiritual partnership. And here we mean meant to be together in the 3D physical world. In order for relationships, even twin flame ones, to exist in the real world they must come together in the physical one. In other words, they can’t just exist strictly in the 5D, or Fifth Dimension, spiritual realm. There are some misconceptions many twin flame relationships can only exist in the spiritual world. And that they can’t come together during their current earthly incarnations. If this is true there can’t be a true twin flame reunion in this life time. But only later ones. Because if that is really the case, wouldn’t you have both just stayed in the 5D world? Yes. So for the purpose of this post, twin flames are meant to be together in the physical world to have a one-on-one relationship.


Twin flames come together for the most incredible spiritual relationship. You agree to the twin flame reunion while in the spiritual world before coming down to Earth. There you make agreements with your twin and both of your guides. This twin flame blueprint covers how and when you’ll meet. But it also contains details of your divine purpose or mission. This mission is of utmost importance to your relationship as well as others on the planet. This is the real reason for you both coming to Earth at the same time. To deliver to the 3D world something of value to aid in the ascension of other souls on the planet. So in reality, your twin flame relationship is meant to be because your divine purpose is. They go hand in hand. One can’t exist without the other.

Twin Flames Are Meant to Be Together

Twin Flames Are Meant to Be Together


We get asked all the time if soulmates are meant to be. Unfortunately the answer to that is no, they’re not. Soulmates are meant to meet. But after the meeting, the Universe steps out of the way to allow them to work through their issues. Divine intervention will only do so much for soulmate couples. Each soulmate must be willing to look at the darkest parts of themselves and their personalties. This shadow side reveals itself usually within the first 3-4 months of a soulmate relationship. This is where both must be willing to work through fears, insecurities and other obstacles standing in their way of spiritual harmony. If they can do that, the relationships will last. But most soulmate couples, well at least one of the soulmates, don’t have the spiritual fortitude to face their shadow head on. And unfortunately many soulmate relationships fall apart.


Before reuniting with your twin flame you will both have gone through personal and spiritual growth. This is to prepare both of you for the relationship. Perhaps you both experience difficult soulmate relationships. This is the spiritual training you need to push you both to be the best versions of yourselves. The Universe uses them to guide you to an individual spiritual awakening and awareness. You probably have both gone through some of the trials and tribulations of chaotic soulmate relationships. Healing from the drama and trauma of those dysfunctional relationships prepares you for your twin flame journey. As you heal you realize you don’t need anyone in your life. This is where you find joy, balance and peace. And this is where you learn to live your life authentically. So here we see that even failed soulmate relationships are meant to be as they prepare you for your twin flame connection.

We don’t subscribe to the misconception twin flames go through difficult periods of separation. Although this does happen in almost all soulmate relationships. Both twins are ready to embrace their connection and merge with their twin. And they have each done the spiritual and personal work to make that so. A twin flame doesn’t need someone to complete them. They’re whole and complete themselves. So when someone reaches this place in their journey through life, the Universe queues the meeting of souls. And the twin flame reunion occurs. You have both done the work. And you’re ready for your souls to merge in twin flame union. Your twin flame journey is your reward.


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