Tarot Cards for Twin Flame Union and Twin Flame Reunion

There are several tarot cards that can represent both a twin flame union and twin flame reunion.

These tarot cards will generally appear in a tarot reading when asking about a twin flame or twin flame relationship in your life.

Many tarot readers use the Two of Cups or The Lovers tarot cards to identify a romantic or soulmate relationship. Both of these cards show two people coming together to commit to one another and move forward into a long-term relationship. But when it comes to twin flames there are better tarot cards to represent a twin flame destiny.


In mundane, or regular, tarot readings the Two of Wands tells us to have a plan in place before moving taking any action. It’s about goals and fulfillment of those goals. And the Two of Wands reveals our long term aspirations are within reach with proper planning. It tells us to make the decision to step out of our comfort zone and explore new worlds and possibilities.

The minor arcana have four suits; cups, wands, swords and pentacles. Pentacles represent earth, swords represent air, cups represent water and wands represent fire. So when we consider the Two of Wands we see two pillars of fire. The element of fire represents our intuition, passions, creativity, and motivations. Our inner light, or fire, connects us to the Divine, our souls and our spiritual partner. In most tarot decks the Two of Wands is depicted as two pillars of burning light.

Tarot Cards for Twin Flame Union and Twin Flame Reunion
Tarot Cards for Twin Flames

So we can see how using the Two of Wands to represent a twin flame union makes sense. But we must also consider the other tarot cards around the Two of Wands in the layout. Is the Two of Cups present? What about The Lovers? Having several indicators of spiritual union in a tarot reading provides more validation of a twin flame union. But what about the Six of Cups?


Twin flames are old souls and share many past lives with each other. They reincarnate over multiple lifetimes to fulfill their twin flame blueprint or twin flame contract. When we look at the Six of Cups tarot card we usually see two children. And one is presenting flowers to the other. The young children represent happy childhood memories and remind us to be free and innocent again. It’s time to reconnect more with your authentic self and your intuition.

But the Six of Cups also represents something returning from the past. And not just our childhoods, but our past lives. So the Six of Cups can represent a spiritual connection from a past life emerging in the current one. And we can use this tarot card to indicate the divine twin flame reunion. Someone from our past is coming back around, not only from this lifetime, but from previous incarnations. So if this card is also present with the Two of Wands, The Lovers or the Two of Cups we have a stronger indication a twin flame reunion is happening.


When we think of the Temperance tarot card we usually think of patience, balance and moderation. It tells us to remain calm when things are going insane around us. But Temperance also signifies alchemy. The angel on this card pours water between two cups which depicts blending of two substances. This blending creates something far more valuable. And that’s the combination of the essence of two souls.

As we mention in our article Twin Flame Alchemy, before twin flames reunite for a physical relationship both go through their own spiritual transformation. But as they come into union the final stage of their transformation can begin. They overcome so much before they reunite with their twin flame and now they experience the fullness of their spiritual partnership.

The Temperance tarot card is also about our connection to the Universe and our destiny. Behind the angel there is a path that leads to the mountains. This path reflects our life’s journey. There is a golden crown above the mountain. This all symbolizes the path to the Divine as well as to the divine union. When we’re on this path with our twin flame we will find a deeper meaning in life and fulfill our twin flame purpose.

As you can see there are many cards that can indicate a twin flame relationship. But we never recommend trying to read the cards for yourself. If you’re emotionally connected to a specific outcome of a tarot reading you may not get accurate results. Sarah Adelle and Sophia Elise are twin flame psychics and tarot readers with over 60-years combined experience. If you need insight or guidance into a specific twin flame, or soulmate, relationship issue, they’ll be able to see you to the light.

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