Divine Purpose of Twin Flame Relationships

All twin flame relationships come with a divine purpose. It’s not really about the romantic relationship at all. This does not imply there is no romance because twin flame relationships are never platonic. A twin flame partnership, if you’re lucky enough to have one, will be the most fulfilling relationship of your life. But it’s not about long walks on the beach, staring into each other’s eyes for hours on end, or great sex.  The real reason twin flames reunite is for the divine purpose of bringing their soul gift to the world.

Why do twin flames have a divine purpose?

If you have been reading our posts for a while you will remember that twin flames are spiritually advanced souls. Unlike many soul mates, who have a different purpose,  most twin flames have achieved their individual spiritual awakenings.  They have experienced multiple incarnations on their journey to their soul’s perfection. In the current life time they have probably had one, or several, soul mate relationships. These relationships were their training camp to gain understanding the inner workings of spiritual partnerships. The twins have also grown, both personally and spiritually, as a result of life lessons learned in those relationships. Their joint divine purpose is their gift back to the Universe.

Divine Purpose of Twin Flame Relationships
Divine Purpose of Twin Flame Relationships

Before descending to the planet, twin flames defined their divine purpose with each other and the Universe. It is their destiny to fulfill this purpose and becomes part of the their twin flame blueprint. When twin flames first meet they may be aware of their shared divine purpose. They may both have a desire to save the wolves or rid the ocean of its plastic jungle. On the other hand, some twin flame couples find their purpose together. Perhaps the are both writers whose writing will inspire the masses through books, poetry or songs. Maybe they are both artists and their combined artistic talents will be used to create works of art. They may  donate sales proceeds to ‘insert charity of their choice’. Whatever their soul gift may be, it will support humanity and ascenion in a positive way.

What does the twin flame divine purpose look like?

The twin flame relationship of June Carter and Johnny Cash provides a good example of a shared divine purpose. Johnny and June shared a wonderful romantic story. They also maintained a strong working relationship. After their marriage they recorded and performed together for the rest of their lives. When they performed together, the provided inspiration for millions. The songs that came after their twin flame reunion are the best songs produced by the couple, winning several Grammy awards. The Cashes also devoted their time and money to children in need. They were avid supporter of SOS Children’s Villages. June and Johnny financed a Children’s Village house in Jamaica. They also donated royalties from some of their songs to the network.

But I thought twin flames had the best romantic relationships on the planet!

Twin flames will have the most awesome romantic relationships that make their friends jealous. This love connection is actually the bait the Universe uses to get the two of you to come together into a divine union. The twin flame connection is the most powerful spiritual connection we can experience. Twins share a telepathic and empathic connection to each other. This silent communication is in constant motion. It heightens the romantic aspects of their relationship as they are able to inuit each others needs and desires. A twin flame mirrors experiences back to their twin, sharing their experiences. These characteristics provide the strong spiritual foundation on which the twin flame relationship is built.

Sex with your twin flame will be out of this world. It will be the best sex of your life. But if you think someone is your twin flame only because sex blows the top of your head off, they are probably not a twin flame. A true twin flame connection has to meet specific criteria, and the most important is the divine purpose as a result of their spiritual union.





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