Twin Flame Communication – Communicating with Your Twin

Twin flame communication occurs on several levels. Due to the deep spiritual bond between twin flames their communication is in constant motion. Even when not in physically in each other’s presence, the energy still flows between them.

Twin flames communicate not only in the physical world. They talk in the spiritual realms as well. This can occur through telepathy, empathy or even shared dreams.


Twin flames support each other in their daily lives. This can be anything from giving support to one another when one as one of them deals with difficult issues in their life. Perhaps one of the twins needs feedback or advice on whether they should take a different career path. So the other twin steps up to the plate to help guide their spiritual partner. They will even discuss their life lessons and spiritual paths as individuals and as a couple.

For the most part twin flame communication is drama free and without toxicity. Yet miscommunication can happen in all relationships, even twin flame partnerships. Twin flames have a deep understanding of their spiritual partners, so they’re able to put aside misunderstandings. They’re able to quickly reach a consensus if they have major disagreements or falling outs.

Through their union they’re able to truly understand each other, even when things are perhaps taken out of context. In other words, they resolve their issues. Because they’re so in sync through the twin flame mirror, they know how to communicate with their spiritual counterpart. It’s like talking to themselves in a way, because they are their twin and vice versa.

Twin Flame Communication - Communicating with Your Twin
Twin Flame Communication


All twin flames experience a spiritual awakening. Therefore a twin flame union will have a strong spiritual component as well. So while they’re communicating in the 3D world, the physical dimension, there’s also communication occurring in the spiritual realm. And although they’re in twin flame union, they will still communicate in the 5D realm.

Due to their connection twin flames share a strong telepathy. This allows them to pick up, or intuit, messages from their twin. They may have the same thoughts at the same time and complete each other’s sentences. During time apart they’re able to send each other messages of love. This can be done through both the subconscious and conscious mind.

Twin flames also communicate through the empathy they share with each other. They’re able to feel and experience what the other is going through. One may hurt an ankle playing softball and the other twin can feel it, even it they’re unaware their partner is hurt. Likewise they’re able to feel each other’s sadness, peace, spiritual awareness and joy.


Twin flame communication also occurs while in the dream state. During dreams our subconscious, or higher self, is in the driver’s seat. At times the astral bodies of twin flames will leave their physical bodies to¬† travel to the astral plane. Here they will have deeply spiritual conversations and experiences with their twin.

This can be due to different issues in their lives, like being separated by distance or to discover their divine purpose. Although these dreams usually occur in divine union, they can also occur prior to twin flames meeting. Twin flames are old souls and many report vivid dreams of traveling to both past and future lives shared with their spiritual partner. Others may experience different dimensions and worlds while dreaming together.

How do you communicate with your twin flame?



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