Myth of the Twin Flame Runner

Many people believe the twin flame runner and twin flame chaser are components of every twin flame relationship. But why would twin flames run? What are they running from? And why would a twin flame chase their twin flame?

In order to fully comprehend this aspect of the twin flame relationship we must look at the nature of the twin flame connection. First, we must understand that a twin flame relationship is the highest level of spiritual connection we experience. The key word here is spiritual, and with deep karmic undertones. Twin flames have more than likely completed one or more soul mate life lessons successfully and are now ready for the ultimate spiritual twin flame reunion.

Twin Flame Runner and chaser

Myth of the Twin Flame Runner

A twin flame union, is composed of two advanced souls. These souls, through their own personal growth and experiences, are usually ready to accept their twin flame mission. The purpose of their relationship then is not Earth-centric. Yes, they can have great sex, but that is not the nature of their union. It is to help and inspire people of the planet. The completion of the twin flame purpose, is more important than the romantic relationship of the twin flames.

To have the twin flame experience your spiritual evolution should be highly evolved for the meeting to take place. If we are highly evolved, does it make sense that we would run from our soul’s purpose and the real reason we came to Earth to begin with? This is something we agreed to do before being incarnated, so it’s an agreement with our guides, our twin flame, other souls and the Divine. So to believe in a twin flame runner, we must assume that a twin flame is running from their mission and will not fulfill their soul contract. 

We don’t believe this makes sense at all. We don’t believe in the twin flame runner theory you find on other twin flame blogs. We fully believe that soul mates run from each other as they must endure obstacles and challenges that come in the form of soul mate life lessons. And even though those lessons suck, they are ultimately preparing them for the twin flame reunion. If both soul mates and twin flames run, is there ever a relationship that could work out for anyone? It seems highly unlikely.

Does the Universe want us to continually chase our tails, and our soul mate or twin flame, never achieving a sacred union? Do our guides want us to be miserable in one failed relationship after another? Again this does not make sense to us. At some point a relationship has to work out. There has to be love, happiness and stability at some point in our lives, right?

When people call for a twin flame psychic reading and say my twin flame is the runner and I am the chaser, we are being put in a very difficult position. This is just not our take on the twin flame journey. Simply put, we don’t believe twin flames run from each other, but toward each other and their twin flame mission. We are not here to change your minds, nor can you change ours. It’s not about the relationship, it’s about your mission as a couple.

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