Synchronicity in Twin Flame Relationships

Synchronicity is a common in all twin flame relationships. By definition, a synchronicity is the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible connection. When synchronicity occurs it allows us to see a higher power is at work in our lives. A synchronicity is when God winks at us. These occurrences, while they may appear random at first, are indications we are on the right path for fulfillment of our soul blueprint. This is especially true with twin flame connections.

Synchronicity in Twin Flame Relationships

Synchronicity in Twin Flame Relationships

Here is a simple analogy. Let’s say for instance, you had been using a dating app and have spent months and months on lackluster dates with any Tom, Dick of Harry. After a while this becomes boring and monotonous. After talking with a few of your closest friends, you decide to delete it as soon as you get to work. Then you are overwhelmed with a craving for a choco-macho-mocha-latte at your favorite coffee joint. You go on to work, sipping happily away and forget to delete the app. As mid-morning rolls around you suddenly remember you were going to delete that annoying thing from your phone and enjoy your single-hood. As you are getting ready to hit delete, a message pops up from someone you have not connected with before and you are beyond intrigued. You hit it off magically and have been together since that day. The craving for that beverage caused you to pause and this allowed the connection to be made between you and this amazing person who is now part of your life.

The meeting of twin flames, which is usually a spontaneous out of the blue encounter, is the first synchronicity twin flames experience in their journey together. As we discuss in Twin Flame Signs, there is an unusual synchronicity around your initial meeting. There may have been some chaotic rescheduling of a life event, or perhaps you ended up somewhere you had no intention of going. This needed to happen however, to put on the path to encounter your twin flame. In your world, this meeting was unlikely to happen by chance had it not been for the series of events that brought you together in a meaningful way. It can be somewhat overwhelming when you sit back and consider how the Universe moved to bring you together through somewhat of a pre-ordained course of events.

Twin flames have probably experienced many synchronicities in their lives prior to meeting one another. Very often the life experiences of individual twins run in parallel, mirroring one another. As you get to know each other you will be aware of the synchronicity that has run through your lives. You may discover that you have both been in the same place at the same time, many times over, without being aware of each other’s presence. You may have visited the same book store, conferences or any other place on the planet, without knowing your twin was a few yards away. Why didn’t you meet then? The Universe controls the fated meeting of twin flames which always is determined by divine timing.  The twists and turns of your lives, and unusual course of events, is what has ultimately brought you together.

Just prior to meeting your twin flame you may begin to experience a lot of unusual coincidences, or synchronicities, in your own personal life. Things in other areas of your life will begin to just fall into place without too much effort on your part. This is how the Universe gives us the nod that we are moving in the right direction for the unfolding of our soul blueprint. You may also start seeing a lot of number combinations, specifically the twin flame number 11:11. When we see 11:11, or other number combinations, the Universe is urging us to pay attention as our lives are about to change in a meaningful way.

When we are aware enough to see them, we see our lives are filled with synchronicity. These meaningful coincidences are here to show and prove your lives are on the correct path for the evolution of your soul. Specifically relating to twin flame relationships, these synchronicities reveal you both on the twin flame journey together.


Have you experienced synchronicity with your twin flame?  We would love hearing from you in our comments section.


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