When Will I Meet My Twin Flame?

Many people want to know when they will meet their twin flame. Unfortunately, we are unable to give a timing based on linear time, because there is no linear timing in the spiritual realm. The real answer is, when your soul is ready for this divine encounter. And that is decided by the Universe using what we refer to Divine Timing. While we realize this may not be exactly what you’re looking for, there are several reason why the it’s done this way.

As we have discussed, a twin flame meeting is pre-destined by the Universe. It will happen through a fated meeting, a crossing of paths, and when you are not looking for it. Actually, if you are searching for your twin, you will not find them. Spending a lot of time worrying and wondering when your twin flame may enter your life is not a great use of your energy. All it will do is keep you stuck in the cycle of longing and wanting this energy to connect with you. This does not allow you to vibrate at your highest frequency which is required for your twin flame reunion. A twin flame does not complete you, they compliment you.

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When Will I Meet My Twin Flame?

Someone who is truly ready to meet their twin flame is an evolved soul who would not allow themselves to stay stuck in a negative cycle. They are someone who has done a lot of spiritual work on themselves, healing and nurturing their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. This is best achieved through meditation, self-reflection and self-evaluation to discover your life’s purpose. This is the time to focus on yourself to become the best and highest version of yourself possible.

The true twin flame destiny is not for a highly emotional, over the top romantic relationship. The purpose of the twin flame connection is to bring your combined soul gift to the world. The two of you are being brought together, by the powers of the Divine, so that your joint mission can be manifested on the earthly plane for the evolution of the planet. So, when both you and your twin flame have identified your life purposes, the Universe will use create your meeting through divine intervention.

Many people ask us if they can manifest their twin flame through meditation or other spiritual exercises. Not really. You can, however, meditate for yourself, to be shown what the soul blueprint for your life is. Your soul blueprint is tied to the soul blueprint of your twin flame. Figuring out why you are on the planet for this lifetime, will bring you a step closer to meeting your twin flame. During these meditations, you may have glimpses of your twin flame, perhaps physically or energetically, as well as what your combined life mission may be.

When twin flames meet it usually catches them off guard because they are not out there looking for someone. They are happy and content with their lives and focused on what they need to do to fulfill their destiny. If you want to meet your twin flame, focus on yourself and your own personal and spiritual growth.

Not all of us will meet a twin flame in this lifetime, although more twin flames are uniting now than ever before. If you and your twin flame are destined to meet it will happen according to the divine plan with a gentle nudge from the Universe when it’s time to begin your twin flame journey and purpose together.

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