Past Lives, Past Loves and Twin Flames

All twin flames share past lives with each other.

When you first meet your twin flame, you experience the feeling you already know them.

But how can that be if it’s your first meeting?┬áIt’s because you were together in previous incarnations, in some other time and place.

Before we can contemplate past lives, we must first consider reincarnation.


Most eastern religions support the concept of past lives and reincarnation. So if we recognize our twin flame upon first meeting, it’s a clue we travel together across time and space.

Reincarnation is simply the rebirth of a soul in different bodies in different lifetimes. Our purpose for being on the planet is for the perfection of our souls. So it makes sense, to achieve that, we have to visit Earth many times.

Best-selling author and psychiatrist Brian Weiss, is the leading authority on past-life regression therapy. According to Weiss, love at first sight is a clear indication of being together in past lives. He says we come in time and again with the same souls to heal current relationships.

Maybe love at first sight isn’t what we think it is. Maybe it’s recognizing a soul we loved in a past life and falling in love with them again. ~Kamand Kojouri


Soulmates also reincarnate to spend time with each other across multiple lifetimes. When it comes to soulmates though, they may have different relationships with a soulmate. Not all soulmates reincarnate as lovers or romantic partners.

Soulmates can share past lives as family members, work colleagues, friends or other acquaintances. They will come into each lifetime in the physical form that provides them the greatest opportunities for spiritual and personal growth.

So while soulmate past lives may not always be romantic, twin flames will reincarnate as romantic partners. We say this because twin flames aren’t platonic relationships. As we mention in other articles, the nature of a twin flame union is not solely romantic in nature.

Although the couple will share wonderful physical intimacy, the true nature of their union is spiritual. Through their union they will provide a soul gift to the world.

Past Lives, Past Loves and Twin Flames
Past Lives, Past Loves and Twin Flames


Most twin flames don’t spend every lifetime together. At times, one of them remains on the other side, in the spiritual realm. They do this to provide guidance and support to the twin living on Earth. In other instances they’re both on the planet at the same time but unable to cross paths.

Only in the past thirty years or so has it become easy to communicate with people in different countries. So a hundred years ago, if both twins were on Earth at the same time, but in different countries or regions, chances are they didn’t meet. So we’re seeing now, through the advances in technology, more twin flames coming into union.


As twin flames come into union and spend time together, some are able to remember their previous incarnations. They can do this through their dreams, spiritual practice and meditations. Perhaps both twins are naturally drawn to a specific time in history. Maybe they share a common love of a particular country or culture.

If this is the case with you and your twin flame, chances are you lived during that time. For instance, let’s say you’re both drawn to a specific castle in England. So you plan a vacation and visit there together. As you walk through the narrow passageways, something stirs deep within your memories. You both feel you have been there before. It feels familiar, it feels like home.

This can be a key to remembering your past lives together. You may recognize the layout of the rooms or the smell of the earth and stone. At that moment everything converges into your memories. You know you have been there, but you can’t remember when.


Your twin flame blueprint will contain all points of intersection you share with your twin. Each and every time you came together will be detailed in this soul contract. It contains the details of who you were to one another and why you came together.

If it’s not your last lifetime together, because you each are not ready to ascend, it also provides insight into your future lives and how your meeting will come about. Past lives and future lives, the sacred journey between twin flames is eternal.

Do you have recollection of previous lifetimes with your twin flame? If so, the readers of our blog will enjoy reading your experiences. Please share in the comments section.




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