Twin Flame Alchemy and Alchemical Marriage

Before we talk about twin flame alchemy let’s get a better understanding of alchemy.

Alchemy is an ancient practice, using occult and magical knowledge, to turn lead into gold. But the practice of alchemy goes much deeper than making bars of gold.

It’s also the process of spiritual transformation.

The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances. If there is any reaction, both are transformed. ~Carl Jung

Alchemists believe base metals are spiritually immature. But gold, on the other hand, is not. Their goal is to refine immature metals such as lead or copper through spiritual perfection. So gold is the outcome of their transformation.


Before twin flames reunite for a physical relationship both go through their own spiritual transformation. Ideally they work through their individual issues so they both have the emotional and spiritual maturity to sustain and maintain their twin flame union.

They overcome challenges, sometimes through soulmate relationships, to prepare themselves for the divine union with their twin flame. Most of the time they’re unaware they’re preparing themselves for this union. Their own spiritual transformation process is important to them as an individual.

Attaining spiritual awareness and awakening are important to them as individual souls living on the planet. Through their own spiritual transformation and self discovery they become spiritually mature.

Without spiritual maturity a twin flame relationship won’t survive.

Individuals who are spiritually mature have no interest in materialism. Their greater interests lie in understanding the Universe, why they’re here and their life’s purpose. As they travel their spiritual path they’re able to see what things in their lives no longer serve them. And, in doing so, they address what could be holding them back from their greatest potential.

Twin Flame Alchemy
Twin Flame Alchemy

They release old behavior patterns keeping them stuck. It’s now about their personal journey, the journey into themselves. Very often they’re able to release negative karma as well as address any karmic issues they have with others. In other words, they get rid of karmic debris. As they find their truth, they’re able to find peace. And this allows them to become their authentic selves.


Twin flame alchemy begins when twin flames meet for the first time. This is the point of the twin flame reunion. Both of these souls have done a lot of inner work on themselves before coming into union. But now the final transformation can begin.

We can also call this transmutation, which is the action of changing into another form. In twin flame relationships each serves as a mirror to the other. They’re also represented by the numbers 11:11. So in other words, you and your twin flame are one. But you’re also individuals as well as each other.

Many times twin flames take on characteristics of their twin. They are you, and you are them. You are opposites but also the same. And you can communicate without speaking as you know each other’s thoughts and feelings.

As the twin flame journey continues, and twin flame healing occurs, greater spiritual transformation takes place for the couple. They have already come through the process on personal and spiritual transformation. So now they can grow spiritually together. As they merge together, they awaken to the divinity within themselves and each other.

This serves to solidify their relationship. The twin flame union can also be called the Alchemical Marriage. At this point the divine masculine and divine feminine energies combine into one. It’s a union of duality and the most spiritual relationship anyone can experience. Being committed on a soul level, we love unconditionally and we love forever.



Originally posted on 10/15/2020 @ 12:20 am

9 thoughts on “Twin Flame Alchemy and Alchemical Marriage”

    • there is not a requirement to marry a twin flame at all but you can still be together Also its very common for twin flames to have big age differences.
      we are not talking about real marriage here but the blending of the souls that makes the alchemy

    • It’s been two almost two years since you posted this but I feel compelled to reply. By the very nature of you asking if the age difference makes a difference, also asking if you need to marry? What kind of marriage are you talking about here the illusionary “legal” marriage on paper & in a wedding chapel? Lol. Cause by the laws of the universe you already are married to each other with every part of who you are. And this type of “soul” marriage doesn’t ever include divorce! Haha 😉. So You’re either being deceived in you’re mental state by dark energies out there trying to trick you to make you doubt the power of who you are, or you’re connection isn’t among the realm of twinflames, unfortunately. It’s so sad how there is really so much misinformation out there & people believing to be one with someone when they don’t have that type of connection. I hope this time in 2022 finds you well! Take care 🌅


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