The Twin Flame Collective

There is a lot of bustle on the internet about the Twin Flame Collective.

What exactly is a collective? And how does this relate to twin flames?

Merriam-Webster defines collective as:

denoting a number of persons or things considered as one group or whole. //flock is a collective word

So we must then assume that a collective is a group. And the Twin Flame Collective must be a group of twin flames. As in, all twins collectively, lumping them all together. But should these spiritual partnerships be lumped into one group called the Twin Flame Collective?

We have to consider that all twin flames on are their own spiritual journey. Before reunion with their twin they do a lot of work on themselves for personal and spiritual growth. And they don’t do it to manifest uniting with their twin flame. They do it because they want and need these experiences in their lives, to facilitate their journey to wholeness and awareness.


Some proponents of the Twin Flame Collective tell us we all live in a 3D world, which makes sense. But many spiritual practitioners say we’re on the verge of shifting into the 4th Dimension. They say twin flames will be one of the first groups of people to awaken, hold the light and ascend. Their goal is to ultimately lead the world into a 5D reality through a long and arduous process.

Since this is such a huge mission, millions of light workers around the world will need to hold the higher frequencies across the planet. If more twins ascend to hold the higher vibration, the more the earth anchor itself into higher frequencies.

The Twin Flame Collective
The Twin Flame Collective

Many tarot readers and YouTubers provide daily or weekly briefings on the Twin Flame Collective. Thousands of twin flames, currently in separation (before meeting their twin) thrive on these channeled messages and tarot readings. So the presenter forecasts information about the energetic frequencies they can resonate with.

They reveal that they’re actually in a twin flame relationship, just in the 5th Dimension, or the spiritual world. It won’t be long until they’re together in the physical reality. And they detail where the Divine Feminine Collective and Divine Masculine Collective are in their ascension process within their respective groups.


Now the first problem we have with this is that each twin flame relationship is different. And each individual is unique within the spiritual union. Each divine masculine and divine feminine counterpart are going through their own experiences. So how can a message be delivered for the Twin Flame Collective when everyone is different?

Well, it can’t. But many folks latch onto these broadcasts because they feel powerless within themselves. They somehow believe that until they’re fully in twin flame union their lives are somehow incomplete. Remaining focused on physical union triggers fear and longing. And some, who subscribe to these messages, remain sad and frustrated.

Tarot readings and psychic readings should be done on an individual basis. They can’t be done en masse because millions of souls, within the collective, all have their own free will. Everyone needs to recognize that they’re on their own individual spiritual journey. It’s not a group effort.

Not all twin flames will come into union at the same time, regardless of what the planets are doing. Twin flame union is based on the soul contract they make with their twin flame before descending to the planet. The bottom line is we must all do our spiritual work before uniting with our twin flame. And then the ascension process can unfold.


The second issue we have with the Twin Flame Collective is that it’s exclusionary. Actually it sounds like a sorority. Aren’t all of us created as equal souls? By definition it implies only twin flames can be included.

But not everyone will meet their twin flame in this lifetime. It’s just not possible. So this collective then excludes everyone who doesn’t have a twin flame? Well perhaps not. Because we hear people who are single still identify as a twin flame even though there’s no twin flame in their life. Of course this doesn’t mean there isn’t one coming in for them later on. Or in the next lifetime.

But how can they know for sure if they’re only listening to readings and channeled messages for a collection of people?

As long as the Twin Flame collective is assisting you on your personal spiritual journey, all is well. But if you find yourselves listening to every word to try and relate how that can play into uniting with your twin, it’s time to take a break. Because, it’s keeping you stuck. You’re on your own spiritual awakening in life. It’s the reason you’re here.

Have you experienced anything with the Twin Flame Collective? Please share your experiences with us in the comments section so our readers can learn from your experience.


Originally posted on 01/26/2021 @ 9:19 pm

15 thoughts on “The Twin Flame Collective”

  1. I see some people posting messages to the “collective” and I am thinking there is no way this message fits for all twin flames!

  2. Thank you for sharing this perspective. This journey is do new to me; and I’m searching & researching what is happening to me. I do listen to a TY TF collective thing; and it’s uncanny how often it resonates with what’s already transpired between myself and my TF. It’s been more of a confirmation that I am not going crazy….which I’ve felt off -n-on over this past 10 months. So, in that regard, it’s been helpful to me. However, as I’ve grown spiritually, needing that sort of confirmation isnt as crucial to me anymore…but I still yet find them interesting.

  3. Totally agree, the whole “collective” thing is nonsense. Just a club for the “cool kids” and that is ego not spirituality in any sense.

  4. Thank you for debunking the BS on Youtube about Twin Flames. I was susceptible to it when this first started for me, mostly because their “readings” are free and when the separation first happened and the pain was unbearable, I would watch just for comfort and hope and to get through the night. But then when I stabilized, I realized everything you pointed out in this article, and I stopped. Best thing to do is not even think too much about the twin flame thing and move forward the best you can because what is meant for you will return in its own time.

    • We are so glad this resonates with you. It took a while to address this but we’re glad we did. It just doesn’t make sense. Every relationship is different.

  5. Well I’v tried to comment on these twin flame blog posts of yours before before but think my comments never show.
    I too take issue w the “TF community” each our lives are a unique experience slice of source consciousness on mission of Divine Design as the multitudes to carry out our parts to purify Source all existence. We are essentially and in very short to say, God becoming Paradise. And our perception of Divine Union is many or of many infinite (finite descriptor intentionally omitted) is many or of many, as time is instantaneous and all already exists for we the universe to create, open our eyes to realize our desires into consciousness. Explore what we will so to speak. Not that God is not more than the whole of us, this is Source we’re touching on now, how many of we slices of source are privileged to those memories, but we do have quite a few of our inception as the multitudes mission being set in place and prior levels of consciousness. That’s where the romance of divine energetic counterparts comes in. Upon our inception Source Divine Design gathered or dedicated as much of the masculine energy as needed (of course this includes our consciousness) for the purification process exploring first all finite values of existence the phase we are ending now having done all the damage we can do, to becoming conscious enough to execute the goal of being pilar against all corruptions protectors of all Goodness and divine lightning to divine Feminine thunder All that which remained after the three tasks set into motion (the Feminine and likely at times female incarnate) hence one being of the masculine destine to embody one gender upon encarnacion and likewise for the counterpart who both had time together in gestation prior to well what i call a great birthing and beginning of a tumultuous journey of lack, being without broader consciousness and all associated perils. This incubation period is what is debated as being very similar for a group, but not exactly so all for of us. It does not matter bc since we are all unique slices of source an initial few more of lower vibe perhaps than others born gestated rather differently in stars say as multitudes version 2.0 dedicated to journey through different parts or extensions of the Divine Design as will soon be evident through finally taking the first baby steps into our evolution from this our infancy of being, we all are of one Source collective on the same mission. There’s a lot to all of this including we being potentially Divine Sexual Beings, that too will unfold, Trying to condense this. Be patient, be aware, wield destiny, develop peer to peer apps networking ourselves into a human blockchain collectively commanding all terrestrial public concerns from the palms of our hands, all barriers, including of course the divide of self and sexes, nationalism, hierarchy of humans in centralized control, dissolve fearful obedience to being unconscious farm animals overpopulating just another planetary resource supporting global bloody conquest, aristocracy, news streams, police and taxes as we currently know them to be, mayor n council, house n senate, parliament must all be concepts of our dark infancy of existence if any are to ascend.!. toil over whether 144k pairs of TF or being a TF or not and you’ve proved your sense of want for self. We all know someone or several even specials from our inception. The thing is that we must nurture the most important relationship of all, the relationship of Source to Goodness it is what we are most active for, our purpose of we our part as multitudes on mission to accomplish Purity. Definitely no room at this point for detailing any romance mentioned, something, also someone especially for the self of the self by the Divine Source God Self. There’s a purpose for that Sentiment and Truth. There’s always a bigger picture and more to explore, well isn’t there ? . . : ))

    • hi there was a problem with our template but we have that fixed now thank you always for sharing your wisdom here with other readers of our blog!


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