The Mirror of Twin Flame Relationships

Twin flames will mirror each other in many aspects of their lives. It’s not just the mirroring of behaviors, likes, dislikes and life experiences, but of their true spiritual essence. The mirror reflects both the inner and outer selves in the divine twin flame union.


When you first encounter your twin flame you’ll become aware of the amazing similarities in your lives. These similarities will have occurred during the same time period if you’re close in age. They could also happen around the same age if there are significant differences in your ages. You could be from completely different countries, speak different languages or practice different religions. Yet the mirroring with your twin flame is a constant presence.

When gazing into the twin flame mirror you discover the twists and turns of your life experiences. This is what brings you together into twin flame union. You’ll discover the mirror of your lives has been in place since you were born. Actually it was in place before you both incarnated. These events, although meaningless at the time, are the fulfillment of your twin flame blueprint, or contract.

Everything you both do, in your lives, will drive you to your twin flame destiny. At first these occurrences appear to be coincidences. But at some point you will both acknowledge it’s synchronicity manifesting in your twin flame connection. A synchronicity is a little ‘wink’ from the Universe, allowing you to see you’re on the right path. They serve as a checkpoint between twin flames and Universe to confirm the souls are inline with their twin flame blueprint.

You may also discover there were many times you were in the same place at the same time. Perhaps you were watching a movie in the same movie theater, perusing books in a book store or having dinner at a favorite restaurant. Some twin flames unknowingly cross paths with each other hundreds, or even thousands, of times. Yet they’re still unaware of each other’s existence.

Synchronicity put you both there at the same time, but your paths diverged, because it wasn’t the right time to meet. Although your paths are individual to each of you, at some point the Universe decides it’s time for your paths to converge. This creates the fated meeting between your individual souls, the divine and your twin flame blueprint.

The Mirror of Twin Flame Relationships
The Mirror of Twin Flame Relationships

We are the mirror as well as the face in it. ~Rumi


The synchronicity provides evidence to confirm twin flames are on the same journey toward their twin flame purpose. The mirror strengthens their divine union and also serves as a catalyst to help them live more authentic lives. When you’re truly able to look at your reflection, through the eyes of your twin flame, you gain a greater understanding of yourself and your soul’s journey.

You’re able to see any aspects of your personality or behaviors that need work. The feeling of safety and unconditional love makes each twin flame feel comfortable in looking into the mirror, but also looking deeper into themselves. Looking into the abyss of your own psyche can be uncomfortable. The twin flame mirror makes you feel supported and loved.

Twin flames are most highly evolved spiritual partnerships on the planet. Even twin flames aren’t perfect, because they’re still in human form. In partnership they may expose an unattractive aspect of themselves. The twin flame mirror will allow both twins to experience personal growth from addressing negative behaviors.

What one sees in the other, they also see in themselves. Behaviors one twin may find really annoying about the other, indicates something they must address themselves. The mirror helps you each grow individually, as well as together, as you work through the issues to become your authentic selves.


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  1. How to make sense of a situation when you feel this Twin Flame pull very strongly towards a person who is married to someone else in this lifetime? What is the Universe trying to do by bringing you together then? The synchronicity of events in our lives is amazing alongwith instant strong attraction from the first day we met…dont understand,,,

  2. Twin flame is an Aquarius and she probably the last Aquarian i want to know. At first i thought shes really concerned about me because she wants to know everything about me . And she keeps herself in the dark.


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