Twin Flame Telepathic Dreams

Telepathic dreams are a very common characteristic of twin flame relationships. Most twin flames share telepathic dreams after they’re in union.

But they can happen before the twin flame reunion in the 3D world. Many twin flames experience telepathic dreams before crossing paths with their twin.


As we mention in a previous article, many people dream of their twin flame before meeting them. These dreams may be simple or fairly complex. In the simpler version, people may sense a presence of an important person coming into their life. And it comes with a knowing that they will unite with them at a later time. These dreams may only happen once, but for some they reoccur until the twin flame reunion.

In more complex dreams, a twin may experience telepathic communication before meeting their soul partner. Although this may sound crazy, it actually makes a lot of sense. Because you’ve been together for many lifetimes you’re already aware of each other’s soul imprint. And you share the experiences and memories of countless lifetimes together.

Twin Flame Telepathic Dreams
Twin Flame Telepathic Dreams


There’s always a reason telepathic dreams happen for twin flames. Actually everything that happens between twin flames occurs with a divine purpose in mind. For these deep spiritual unions not much is left to chance. It’s all laid out in your twin flame blueprint.

Twin flames deliver messages to one another during telepathic dreams. And while it may to fun to consider they’re about romantic escapades, it goes much deeper than that. Now we’re not saying twin flames can’t have romance and great sexual intimacy, because they certainly do. It’s just that most twin flame telepathic dreams come with greater depth and meaning to their union.

The astral plane exists beyond our physical reality.

It’s the place of dreams and spirits, where we can communicate with other souls. Twin flames meet on the astral plane at night. Of course they don’t physically leave their beds to meet in person. Rather it’s a meeting of their astral bodies, or their souls.

Perhaps there’s a need for their souls to connect prior to meeting on the earthly plane. During this meeting they could plant the seed for the divine purpose of their relationship. So when the time comes for them to reunite they both share the same goals and ideas for their soul gift to the world.

Their astral meeting could also prepare them for their initial meeting. Although this is outlined in the twin flame blueprint, it’s possible they want to send a friendly reminder. So this is more like: Yes, I will be there, at that time, at that place, see you there and don’t be late. Now they may not consciously remember the specific details of these astral meetings in their physical realities, but their souls know. And that’s the most important part.


All twin flames experience telepathy with their partner. So it makes sense they communicate in their dreams. This usually happens when they’re apart, in separate cities, for whatever reason. This allows them to communicate and commune with each other. And it allows them to feel, know, understand and experience the same things as their spiritual partner.

It’s also a checkpoint to let each other know they really are doing ok, although in different places. Talking and texting allows them to communicate what’s happening in their daily lives. But telepathic dreaming allows them to connect at the soul level, which is the origination point for all twin flame couples.

Many couples in twin flame union will share the same dreams. So if you’re dreaming of your twin, and communicating with them, chances are they are as well. It’s how the spiritual energy flows between the two of you. You send out to your twin, they receive it, and zoom it back to you. You may not always remember these dreams in the real world. But sometimes you will and so will your twin. And when you share your dreams with each other you may see you had the same dream.

Do you have telepathic dreams with your twin flame? What did you experience? Our readers would love to read about real life occurrences if you can share in our comments section.


Originally posted on 05/17/2021 @ 12:45 pm

13 thoughts on “Twin Flame Telepathic Dreams”

  1. Many times i have these vivid dreams about someone I loved some years ago. We had a very strong connection, magical one, but couldn’t be together. During these dreams I understand that I’m dreaming and everything feels very real. He also understands that he is dreaming and we both acknowledge that we meet in the dream. I am a bit sceptical person, but this always feel so real, even the touches and hugs and everything around feels super real. Does it mean that other person is having the same dreams too?

  2. My sleep has been disrupted since encountering my TF 3m ago. We are at different locations. I fall asleep into a very deep sleep without dreams. I awaken feeling like I have slept thru the night but only an hour has gone by. This re occurs thru the night with awake ing evert 1-2 hours. Has anyone experienced this? Could it be timed with astral travel?

    • Yes this could be related to being on the astral which will feel likeyou are there for a long time.

  3. I had a couple repetitive dreams about this man, it was the same setting and we’d be walking on opposite sides of the street and the man felt familiar but never had a face or distinct features. His face was blurred but I could see skin/hair color. I had these dreams while I was in a relationship with someone else. Suddenly, I do something I’ve been too afraid of doing before and my friend and I went to another city to meet up with people she knew but I didn’t know. I felt his calming aura, it attracted me instantly. Even before we met my friend kept saying he reminded her of myself. Also, he was interested in my friend because he had met her before me. After we met, we clicked. Had inside jokes, was always on the phone and I began to have dreams but now the blurred faces in my dreams before became clear. It matched his face, but this was after we broke up after being together for a few months. We ended up reconnecting again, it was very hard to stay away from one another…and then I had a dream we were being tested and there was a clock. We failed our test, and we ended up separating once again.

    • Many times these soul connections come together and apart as your guides and angels are urging you on to spiritual growth…

  4. I’ve been with this man for 10 yrs thinking he was my twin flame. I’ve been praying to meet my twin flame or a sign this man was it. Anyway I recently meet another man and anyway, just today I explained that I had a dream about him a few weeks ago. Today he said, he had almost the exact same dream. We laughed it off as a joke. Then I read this article. What does that mean?


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