The Narcissist Twin Flame Myth

There’s a narcissist twin flame theory in some online forums.

But can a true twin flame be a narcissist? The short answer to that is an emphatic NO.


Someone who is a narcissist is self-centered, arrogant and self-absorbed.  A narcissist has a need for constant admiration and often go to extremes to make it happen. They have no regard for the feelings of others and lack empathy. Furthermore, they don’t care or understand how their behavior affects those around them. In the mind of a true narcissist, they’re the only one that matters. Period.

They will always ignore the needs of those around them, especially a romantic partner. If you, or anyone you know, is in a relationship with a narcissist, they expect perfection. You will have to take the blame for everything, because they’re innocent of any wrongdoing. They manipulate and control their partner in their desire to always be right. A narcissist has to be in control, all the time, of every aspect of your life as well as the relationship.

Does this sound like a twin flame? Of course not.

A true twin flame can’t be a narcissist.

The two are mutually exclusive. As we discuss in many articles on this site, a twin flame must achieve a certain level of spiritual awareness before reuniting with their twin. In order to come into spiritual union, twin flames must be spiritually awake and aware. A true twin flame doesn’t exhibit the negative behaviors of narcissism towards another soul.

The Narcissist Twin Flame Myth
The Narcissist Twin Flame Myth

A twin flame couple is comprised of the divine feminine and divine masculine archetypes. So when we use the word divine we naturally associate spiritual undertones. Could a narcissist really define themselves as divine? Will they see themselves as the other half of a divine union? Nope. A narcissist doesn’t see themselves as an equal partner. This is a main requirement for divine union.

We have to also consider twin flames mirror one another while they’re in union. This mirror serves to expose issues or behaviors each must work on to become their most authentic self.

An issue one finds annoying about the other should allow them to see this is something they need to work on within themselves. Is a narcissist really going to address their issues and shortcomings? Are they ready personal growth? Of course not. Because in their eyes they’re already perfect.


So by now you’re probably wondering why we’re discussing this. It really makes zero sense to anyone who truly understands twin flame relationships. As we mention at the beginning of this post, discovered it in an online forum.

On that platform we see people complain their twin flame is a narcissist. The object of their desire refuses to acknowledge them. They insist the person they believe to be their twin flame is the runner, while they are of course, the chaser.

But then it gets more interesting. People give advice on this forum saying most twin flame relationships are comprised of a narcissist and codependent. People with codependency issues generally have relationships that are one-sided and abusive. This is what creates the runner – chaser dynamic. We have also seen responses saying this is typical twin flame behavior and results in toxic, dysfunctional relationship dynamics. Others will respond by saying its just unrequited love or obsession.


Twin flames have a strong spiritual foundation and live from their souls. So they don’t really exhibit codependent behavior. Twin flame relationships are spiritual unions. By definition, they can’t be toxic or dysfunctional.

All this being said, there is something that we must address here. Can an evolved soul get sucked into a situation with a narcissist? Well possibly, but we identify that as a false twin flame. This is why it’s so important to be able to identify one.

There are very few true narcissists running around, although it seems to be a catch phrase lately in online communities. There is no cure for narcissism. It’s a condition that stays with someone for this lifetime. 


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  1. There is no way that a true soulmate and twin flame can be a narcissists. Perhaps the people who believe that they are in a narcissists relationship are bot with their soulmate or twin flame 🔥

    • Exactly they think they need to suffer – which we don’t understand because the Universe and God don’t want us to suffer!


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