Identifying the False Twin Flame

In searching for a twin flame some people will meet a false twin flame. A false twin flame will have similar characteristics to the true twin flame but the relationship will drain your energy. A false twin flame can enter your life the same way as a true twin, but once that connection is established, the false twin will feed on your light. These energy vampires are unable to attain the spiritual evolution required of a true twin flame partnership, so they will attach themselves to the spiritually advanced twin to bask in your glow.

Similar to a soul mate, a false twin flame is a karmic connection that allows us to work through our issues before the true twin arrives on the scene. As we have mentioned before, a soul mate relationship is where you learn the lessons, the twin flame relationship is where you apply the lessons. The same holds true for the false twin flame. It is possible in some circumstances that a soul mate and false twin could be the same thing, but for purposes of our discussion we will focus on the false twin flame.


Identify the False Twin Flame
Identify the False Twin Flame


Characteristics of a False Twin Flame Connection

      1. Intense sexual energy and chemistry. In earlier posts we mention the nature of a true twin flame relationship is spiritual rather than physical. If the sexual chemistry off the chain, ALL THE TIME, and you urge to merge with this person, ALL THE TIME, it is probably a false twin flame.
      2. You feel emotionally drained each and every time you connect, speak with or even think about a false twin flame. They feed on your energy, leaving you feel exhausted, dazed and confused.  You are the giver, they are the receiver. In a true twin flame partnership, energy is equally shared between the two of you.
      3. A false twin flame will create diversions and separate from you once they have fed. They need this separation, whether emotional or physical, to support the connection, as they can’t exist fully in the light of a true twin flame partnership. When they are hungry again, they will be back to feed some more.
      4. A false twin flame knows how to win the manipulation game. They know when to throw attention at you to reel you back in and just when you feel safe in the connection, POOF they go up in a puff of smoke. They will not follow-up on phone calls or emails, they change plans, cancel dates and perhaps disappear for a while. This will leave you feeling anxious and your anxiety once again, feeds their energy.
      5. A false twin flame will invade your dreams. These dreams will be very lucid and realistic, as if they traveled to be with you during your sleep. There will always be a message attached to a false twin flame dream. Upon awakening you try to understand the dream, which again drains your energy as you try to make sense of the dream.
      6. In a true twin flame relationship there is no need to obsess over the relationship as both twins understand the twin flame connection on some level. If you are connected to a false twin flame you will obsess about them 24/7, fantasize / day-dream about them and stalk them on social media. If you are obsessive about a twin flame partnership, it is not a true twin flame.
      7. A false twin flame will be emotionally unavailable putting up walls and blockages to their inner being because they don’t want you to see who they really are. A true twin flame partner will share absolutely everything with you.
      8. Once a false twin flame realizes they have taken all they can from you, and you have nothing left to give, they will disappear from your life and move on to their next victim.

If you recognize you might be in a false twin flame connection, we can only recommend that you assess the circumstances around you connection to this person. Remember a true twin flame will inspire you to be all that you can be, while a false twin will use that energy for themselves.

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27 thoughts on “Identifying the False Twin Flame”

  1. I think I might be a false twin flame. We seem to fit the above description. The only thing is, I do think I have more actual knowledge on the topic of spirituality because it’s something I’m interested in. Should I teach him about that stuff before I cut ties? I’d like to do so soon, because I do feel manipulative, even though it isn’t Abusive or harsh in any way.

  2. I guess what really irked me about my false twin flame is that for 10 years she never even treated me like a friend. I felt lied to, I knew that she probably didn’t love me but she told me she liked me a long, long time ago. I found out later that it’s just lip service.

    Nowadays, I feel completely numb because I used to put 110% of my personality and love into each and every person. I used to dance, I used to smile exactly like my twin flame. Today, I haven’t stepped out of my house in five years. Nothing in this reality seems legit, divine, or eternal. Hard work for other people is pointless and trying to focus on myself made me too self-centered. This false twin flame has made me question everything to the point where I know this 3D reality is a distraction or phase into the next dimension/density which I am highly grateful for.

    Since then I have turned down many relationship opportunities. I fancy sitting in a permanent zen or transcendental meditation for the rest of my life.

  3. I met a guy literally half my age and we both recognised we had a weird connection, not just physical. We understood each other or so I thought. I was more emotionally attached and he turned toxic. He ripped my heart out and stomped all over it and somehow I ended up the bad guy. He used me emotionally, finacially and physically and while I’m in a far better place than I was and have learnt a lot about myself, because of it I’m not sure I could trust my true flame if he was right in front of me. My trust in men is destroyed and I hate that.

  4. I am absolutely speechless and so shocked right now, ur article about the false twin characteristic is totally true, not a single mistake, I was with one for 3 years, all he did was drain all round, financially, emotionality and spiritually,…but I thank God that I am finally set free, my true twin showed up seven months ago, and we are like angels on earth! Been with my true twin has made me to understand that my false twin was actually preparing me to meet my true twin! Am so blessed right now cos we are wedded! Its total bliss! Thanks

    • This really makes me smile. I am just blocking the false flame. Absolute nightmare! This guy was such a heartless person. I cannot believe he strung me along for so long, he’s a total narcissist. Made me feel like I lost my mind. I’m thankful for seeing the light and closing that door for good.

  5. I was completely blindsided by one of these vamps. Said one thing that I believed and hung onto. I knew better but they never confirmed until recently. Used taken from manipulated. Will his flame do this to him now? I invested so much into this evil vampire

  6. Wow!! All this time I felt such a past life connection to someone and I’m realizing he was the false flame too! He was never there for me. It felt so unhealthy. He meant well but he will never change. Did you have telepathy and all that with the false one? He was just like me and would literally finish my sentances. I felt he felt awful for how he acted. But Man, I’m realizing this was just a lesson of what love isn’t. Love is peaceful and joyful. I think the real twin stays and stays forever. I don’t think they even run. What a mess. This year and a half of my life was hell. After dating a narcissist I ran into this man I always felt was the one, but I’m realizing he was just someone I shared many lives with of him leaving me behind and not loving me. I always felt he loved me but he never wants to change. He never will. He was a karmic soulmate for sure. I have a feeling the true twin flame is peaceful and happy and easy. So happy to put this awful false flame experience behind me.

    • It’s like a slow agonizing death when it’s truly over with the false one. Only to be left shattered hoping and waiting for the real twin flame to arrive.

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  8. This is so on point! I wish i had read this before getting involved with a false twin. I suppose, though, it was all part of my journey. More heartbreak than I could speak of. I’ve found my true twin flame though and this love is worth it all. Every single bit of it.

  9. I think after I had a connection that was false/karmic the energy sucking is something that is brought up within yourself to deal with/heal. All emotional baggage is brought up to heal before the true twin comes along.
    The false twin is not a bad person. They are just as lost as you are but the true twin is more wiser on what to do in the circumstances. I believe we chose to do it this way before coming here.
    It is best to hold no resentment towards the karmic attachment, be appreciative for all they have done for you because being in the dark or hell some like to call it. Makes you see the light within yourself.
    You have a whole new understanding of life and even though you let go in layers. You are always for ever tthanful for your new life.
    As for attracting twin flame. Do you, love you, love your life. Fill your own cup, self loving actions. And as you love you and do you. You will attract the same.
    Study the law of attraction, learn meditation to clear your field. And try and stay out of your head.
    They say it takes years but it doesnt have to take years. You have a choice. You either make yourself happy or wallow.

  10. I definitely need guidance on a previous relationship. I’m worried that I may of been the false twin flame and feel horrible having treated him this way. Should I apologize? Should we try to clear the air? Or would contact just make things worse. My energy is being drained just thinking about it.

      • I had a false flame relationship. Man it was hard and draining. I know who my twin soul is but he ran. I don’t obsess but do think of him and feel him think of me. I’m working on bettering myself and my life. and he is working on himself too. He has a lot if fear around love since he was hurt pretty bad in his previous marriage. I’ve known him since I was 13 and him 15. We met up again about three years ago and after talking online for several weeks we went on a date. It was so comfortable and relaxing but had a very intense energy to it. Like we couldn’t wait to be together. We talked the next couple days and then nothing… Not a word. I was hurt and confused. Then I hear from him two years later which was a couple months ago. He said something to me that made me happy and sad. After a short conversation he walked away again. All I can do is send him good loving energy and keep working on myself and hope he comes back one day. We also had past lives together. What I have in me, he needs and he has what I need. On one hand we mirror each other and on the other we are opposite.

  11. I had dreamed (physical appearance, his infos and future incidences). He came in my life. I found he is 2 hrs older than me. Now in dream he had left me when he became disturbed about his past relationship. In dream I was happy and unquestioned. I n real life he physically ran away from me saying ‘I want to run’ when we were walking together. I thought he is my real twin so I pushed his limits and he shouted out that he wants to be truly committed to his previous partner. He is incarnated in my city, lives 2.3 km away. I’m left in doubt that who he is? Will you please answer me, help me I’m disturbed a lot. Living the dream in reality, his actual running in street and feeling his energy is disturbing me a lot.

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  13. How can I find my twin flame. The real twin flame. All what I’m reading is true. I have dream of the fake twin flame for 2 years now. So when will the real twin flame show up.


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