Twin Flame Journey Takes Two

A twin flame journey requires two people.

The very meaning of the word twin implies two people as twins come in pairs. Yet there are many people who insist they’re on a solo twin flame journey, by themselves. They don’t have a twin flame in their lives but they insist they are one.

We have a hard time understanding what this means exactly. How can you say you’re in a relationship with someone if you’re single? Isn’t that like saying I am going to work but I don’t have a job? Or I am planning my wedding but I don’t have a groom. Is it just wishful thinking? Perhaps.


This is actually a complicated question so we have to look at the definition of this spiritual partnership. Many people believe twins share a soul, or that the soul splits in half for each individual. But as we explain in other articles, everyone’s soul is already whole. How can we run around with only half a soul? It doesn’t make sense especially if you say you’re on this spiritual journey but have no partner.

We would like to say everyone has a twin flame but not all will meet them in this lifetime. But in reality we don’t know if everyone does have one. Having the spiritual awareness to maintain and sustain this spiritual partnership is something that requires spiritual awakening. And while advance souls do exist on the planet, they’re really few and far between. So we have to understand these soul connections are rare.

There’s not really a handbook or guidebook to provide concrete answers and there’s a lot of different opinions. So let’s just leave that question to be answered by the Universe or powers greater than ourselves.


When someone says they’re on a solo twin flame journey it could mean they’re preparing to meet their divine counterpart. But why would you be get ready for something that may or may not happen? We understand it’s always better to be prepared for anything but will someone be emotionally devastated if it never happens?

Twin Flame Journey Takes Two
Twin Flame Journey Takes Two

Instead of focusing on a twin flame journey, wouldn’t it be better to focus on themselves instead? As we discuss in other posts the best way to meet your divine masculine or divine feminine is to turn your attention to yourself. This is the inward part of the soul’s path and a requirement for twin flame union. Divine union is the destination of the relationship, which of course implies more than one person.

We must also remember that engaging in any rituals or other mumbo jumbo to draw a twin flame into someone’s life will not work. There is no special meditations nor manifesting exercises to make this happen. These spiritual partnerships show up when the time is right, not on anyone’s desired timeline. Only the universe makes that choice.

We do know the twin flame collective websites and videos discuss that someone can be on an individual twin flame journey. So perhaps to be part of this collective, there are those who will claim to be on their journey, although alone.


The journey begins when the two souls encounter each other and recognize the divine spark within. Someone on a solo twin flame journey will say it starts before meeting. But again this doesn’t make sense to us. We believe someone’s personal journey can ultimately lead them to their twin flame journey if it’s their destiny for this lifetime.

As the couple move forward with their lives together, in union, their individual paths may become more singular. They may each take small diversions, or detours, from their joint path, but will always converge back together.


What are your thoughts on this solo journey to spiritual partnerships? We would love to hear from you in our comments section.






7 thoughts on “Twin Flame Journey Takes Two”

  1. In my situation we know OF each other but haven’t physically met. I came across our connection in 2019. We are both creative artists. He is an actor and I am an author. He’s my muse and a mentor inspiring my books I published. His agency team and a mutual friend confirmed he’s aware of me and loves my work. We have a Spiritual connection between telepathy, astral travel, projection etc. We dream walk as well. I am already married 23 yrs now to my husband a soulmate. My tf though he has a long term girlfriend said in an interview back in 2006/2007 that due to earlier in life with an ex he doesn’t believe in getting married. His choice. Point is we are still connected but yet not physically together. Will we meet one day and possibly work together? I don’t know. This connection is real though. I feel his energy all the time. I had my kudalani awakening with him in 2019 when he astral protected and remote viewed in my house. I do not drink or use any drugs and was aware and saw him. We locked eyes and I could see his soul. You do not have to be in a romantic or physical relationship with your twin flame, but I agree you at least must be aware of each other and crossed paths. He’s 53 and I am 45 now. I respect his private life and whom he is with. I focus on my books and my family too and when I see him in the astral realm we work together.

  2. Hi,

    I think anyone who believes that they are a twin flame journey solo, is more than far fetched. As the name implies twin, that is a twin means two. I am a mother of twins.


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