Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in Twin Flame Relationships

Divine feminine and divine masculine energies are present in all twin flame relationships.

When these archetypes come together in a romantic relationship, we call it the Divine Union, or Sacred Union.

As twins merge together, they awaken to the divinity within themselves and each other.

Twin flame relationships can be heterosexual, homosexual or transgender. But the balance of divine feminine and divine masculine give the relationship a strong foundation. The two different energies, male and female, bring different characteristics to the Divine Union.


Some of the attributes of the divine feminine are intuition, nurturing, loving and supporting their divine counterpart. We associate the divine feminine with the Goddess energy. She is the spark of life from which everything grows.

The divine feminine is gentle, patient, kind, and gives encouragement to those around her.  She longs to unite with the divine masculine, but she doesn’t need him. She is perfectly whole within herself.


The characteristics of the divine masculine are logic, rationality and discipline. In the workplace he will be confident but not arrogant. He will also be assertive but not domineering.

The divine masculine is dependable, trustworthy and slow to anger. He is capable of taking care of himself, but he desires the Divine Union to compliment his life, not complete it.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in Twin Flame Relationships
Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in Twin Flame Relationships


We live in a dualistic universe. There cannot be light without dark or good without evil. There’s no happy without sad or yin without yang. It makes sense then that a feminine and masculine counterpart must be present in all twin flame relationships.

Let’s consider for a moment the twin flame number 11:11. This corresponds to two individual twins merging to create the Divine Union. Both are whole and both are complete individuals. The 11s also represent balance of both male and female energies, or yin-yang.

For a twin flame relationship to truly flourish, both twins should be able to balance the masculine and feminine energies within themselves. This can be quite challenging. They may attain greater control over this after connecting with their twin flame, especially since twin flames mirror one another.

When these energies are in sync on the inner plains of each twin, the Divine Union can manifest on the outer plains with greater stability and success. There is only one individual on this entire planet with whom you can create this alchemy.

You only have one twin flame.


Keep coming back as we will expand on the concepts of Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine and the Divine Union in the near future.


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