Saturn Return and Twin Flames

A saturn return will affect all of us several times in our lives.

Most people will experience a Saturn return twice in their lifetimes. The first is around age 29 and the second around age 58. If you’re lucky to live long enough, there’s a third one around age 84.

Saturn is the Lord of Karma and very restrictive. He is known as the great taskmaster. That’s because Saturn teaches discipline, responsibility and life lessons. But he also helps us grow and evolve into the people we are destined to be. He is the great cosmic teacher who is calling upon us to become our most authentic selves. This requires hard work and determination.


The first Saturn return is a major turning point in our lives. It provides a tremendous opportunity for personal and spiritual growth.

Have you noticed the difference between people in their late 20s to those in their early 30s? Those over 30-years old have come through the fires of their Saturn return and grown and evolved from it. They are more mature and serious. And they’re generally more focused on their goals and aspirations.

It takes Saturn approximately 28 to 29 years to orbit around the sun as he travels through all 12 zodiac signs. A Saturn return occurs when the planet goes back to the place it was on the day we’re born. So obviously this happens around our 28th to 29th birthdays. It’s not exact for everyone though as it’s based on the placements of other planets in our birth chart.


Saturn transits can be very heavy and oppressive and can cause us to retreat away from the world for a bit. It’s a time of reflection to look at our lives, see where we are and where we want to be.

Many people think about changing careers around this time, perhaps to something very different than their current job. Some may even decide to move across the country, or to a different country, to begin a new chapter in their lives. Some are driven to do both.

If you’re having a lot of relationship drama and trauma, this is a time relationships may come to an end. And while that may sound ominous or unsettling, it actually makes sense. The person you are before hitting that Saturn return will be a different person on the other side of it. So that relationship may no longer be fulfilling.

Other folks may get engaged or meet a long-term romantic partner during this time. We have known people who battled major health concerns during their Saturn returns. Others have given up addictive behaviors and become serious about their lives and long-term goals. And still others have lost someone very precious to them who transitioned to the Spiritual realm.

Saturn Return and Twin Flames
Saturn Return and Twin Flames

The bottom line is, it will be something that encourages you to change. And with Saturn at the helm, you’re unable to resist that change. So either you’ll willingly change what needs to change, or the Lord of Karma will drag you kicking and screaming all the way through it.


We have seen many soulmate couples separate and go their separate ways when one of them has this transit. But we also see just as many soulmate couples work through the planet’s restrictions and structure to create a stronger, healthier relationship.

If you’ve been reading here for a while, you may remember we believe most twin flames meet later in life. Of course this isn’t a tried and true test of all twin flame couples. Yet we maintain in order to have the emotional and spiritual maturity to sustain and maintain a twin flame union, each twin will be spiritually aware. This implies they’ve already gone through periods of personal and spiritual growth.

And what will help each of them attain that growth? Navigating through their Saturn return.

It’s also quite possible for twin flames to meet while one of them is experiencing this transit. And although one is still in the grasp of the taskmaster, the twin flame reunion just very well may be the blessing awarded by Saturn for their hard work.

Perhaps both twins are single during their respective Saturn returns. Both need to work on themselves, address their fears, limitations and negative behavior patterns. This is to clear the way so they’re truly ready when their spiritual counterpart appears on the scene.

Many people fear their first Saturn return. But it shouldn’t be feared, it should embraced. The great taskmaster causes us to become responsible, to grow, change and mature. He makes us more disciplined and focus on our goals. He encourages us to embrace our hopes and dreams, and turn them into reality. And these may be the very things you must do in your life to find your twin flame.

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