Manifesting Your Twin Flame

There are many ‘how to guides’ on the internet for manifesting your twin flame.

Some of the ideas include journaling, meditating, envisioning and even living your life as if your twin were already with you.

While these rituals may help in some way, will they really help you manifest your twin flame reunion? Probably not.


You need to be very careful if you’re trying to manifest your twin flame with exercises and rituals. The Universe knows who our twin flame is. That same Universe will create the space to allow you to cross paths with your twin flame.

Twin flame connections are the highest form of spiritual partnership. Your twin flame reunion was orchestrated by yourself, your twin and you guides before you were born. You all have a little pow wow to decide when you’ll meet.

Then it’s all based on divine timing. You have to be at the right level of spiritual awareness for a twin flame meeting to occur. Manifesting your twin flame before you’re both ready for the reunion could possibly have negative results to the long-term viability of your relationship.

Are you desperate to meet your twin flame? If you believe you need them to complete you, manifestation rituals will not help you. As a matter of fact, you can feel even more desperate when they don’t work.

Likewise, if you believe someone is your twin flame and they’re completely oblivious to that, you may be projecting romantic fantasies on them. You can’t draw someone to you or coerce them to be your twin flame.

No amount of manifesting rituals, meditations or spell work can make that happen. The law of karma dictates it’s bad mojo to try to influence the free will of anyone, even if they’re a twin flame partner.

Manifesting Your Twin Flame
Manifesting Your Twin Flame


So what exactly can you to do enhance your twin flame meeting? First of all, you should become the best version of yourself. If there’s anything in your life that needs your attention, now is the time to work on it. And that goes for physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual issues.

Any problems from past relationships that are unresolved, it’s time to let that go. If you’re still emotionally connected to a past love, especially a soul mate, it’s time to gain closure so you can be ready.

If there are some aspects of your physical body that need to be addressed, now is the time to do it. Do you need to live a healthier lifestyle? Does your diet and exercise program need an overhaul? If so, you’re not living your best life. So get real with yourself and take control of your life.

Perhaps you’ve let your spiritual practice go for whatever reason. Did you have a positive habit of daily meditation but now only manage to do so once a week? Since twin flame partnerships are spiritual ones, it makes sense that when you’re living from spirit, you stand a greater chance of meeting your twin flame.

Have you had soul mate relationships that made you feel insecure, and now find it difficult to trust anyone? Did you stay too long in a dysfunctional soulmate relationship that lowered your self-esteem? If so, this is something you need to work on because there truly is no space for insecurities and low self-worth in twin flame relationships.

Manifesting your twin flame really begins with working on yourself. Aligning yourself with your soul purpose for is a great place to start. When you are aligned with the Universe you are living the version of your best self. This creates the space for the twin flame reunion.


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