The Power of the Twin Flame Connection

A twin flame connection is the most powerful and deeply spiritual relationship. We all have many connections in our lives, with family members, friends and work colleagues. Many of these connections are kindred spirits with who we share deep affinity and compatibility. We may also experience one, or several, soul mate relationships, within each lifetime. More often than not, these soul mate connections can be both a blessing and a curse. Soul mate connections can bring with them very difficult life lessons to encourage spiritual and personal growth, because not all soul mate relationships are meant to last. But twin flames are meant to be together.


Twin Flame Connection
Twin Flame Connection

There can be only one twin flame connection for each soul. As we have mentioned before in other posts, we do not support the theory of the twin flame runner. If we did we would be forced to say many spiritually connected relationships are doomed to fail. We maintain that in a twin flame connection, both people have worked through many relationship issues (fear, insecurity, cheating, abandonment), prior to a twin flame reunion. These experiences are often the result of having failed soul mate relationships that caused tremendous spiritual growth. In reality, the only way to deal with a failed soul mate relationship is to turn to a higher power, God, the Universe, or whatever else will get them through it.

A twin flame connection can happen in one or many life times. It depends on your pre-established soul blueprints. Only advanced souls, who are in the highest stages of development are able to descend to earth and incarnate in two bodies, sometimes at different times. Twin flames are beings of light, who will incarnate in same or different genders for each lifetime. A twin flame connection is established in the spiritual realm, before incarnating on this planet.

Both of the twins, with the help of their guides, determines when and how they will meet, although they are unaware of it until after the first meeting takes place. Through a series of unusual synchronicities, an earth-bound twin flame connection is established. The Universe, and spiritual guides, seem to have moved heaven and earth to place these two souls in the same spot at the same time so they can cross paths.


Since both souls have attained a certain level of spiritual awakening and awareness in this lifetime, twin flame relationships are seldom drama filled. In a twin flame connection there is a mutual respect and admiration for one another, not just physically, but spiritually. In this unique connection there is no place for fears and insecurities. They should not exist as both souls have had experiences to work through them before reuniting with their twin. This is necessary to support a positive twin flame relationship and fulfillment of their divine purpose. This purpose, or soul gift for the world, is the most important aspect of a twin flame connection. Not sex, not physical love, but what they are giving to the world as a result of their divine union.

A twin flame connection is a sacred, powerful union between two souls who have traveled together across many centuries. Although more twin flames are incarnating at the same time than ever before, unfortunately not everyone will meet their twin flame in this lifetime. Sometimes twin flames will separate in different life times to facilitate experiences for their twin. This is the basis of spiritual love and the basis of spiritual union.



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  1. I had a toxic soulmate connection which truly changed my life, it took me 3 years to finally start seeking change and working towards healing, but my heart closed off love. I’m healing from it, it took many dark nights of the soul and pain, but I’m holding on with the hope for something better to come. I finally closed the door on him, and decided to focus on healing myself, loving myself, and taking care of myself in ways that would make me who I truly am again, finding my true self. Through meditations and vortex success subliminals, and elke neher videos and lots of hope, I’m slowly finding my peace again. I thought he was my twin flame, because of all the misconceptions around the subject. But now it’s a relief to find that it was simply a connection meant to teach me important life lessons. I’m on my way to being whole again, but I was wondering if meeting my twin flame would open my heart safely to love again, and not be a brutal experience like my previous one ? Because you mentioned that both twin flames meet in a healed place, but don’t some twin flames meet for the sake of spiritual awakenings ? Because I met someone who could be a potential soulmate/twinflame that provoked this need to change for the better in me, and opened my heart again to love, simply by his presence, which no one ever did before him, and after that soulmate I dealt with. We separated because of work, but I don’t feel needy of him, I simply feel his presence inside my heart in a gentle way since he awakened it. Could he be a potentially strong soul connection ? A twin flame ?


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