Twin Flame Dreams ~ Meeting on the Astral Plane

Twin flame dreams can occur at any time in our lives, even though they usually don’t meet until later in life. When we dream of a twin flame early in life it reveals the potential of the divine union. This person will appear in your life at some future point. The nature of twin flame dreams are different than those of soul mates. When we dream of a soul mate our subconscious minds are processing what’s happening in a soul mate relationship. Due to the highly spiritual nature of twin flame relationships, not every one will experience twin flame dreams.


Twin flame dreams usually occur on the astral plane and will feel very real to you. When you awaken you may feel you can sense them, feel them or even smell them. You will feel you’re really in their presence. But it will be in  another place, another time and a different realty as you talk and share with each other. As your higher selves, or your souls, meet you will coordinate and plan future meetings and events in preparation for meeting on the earthly plane.  You may remember some of these dreams. But some you may not. If you remember them you’ll probably not know for certain the identity of this soul connection. They’ll more likely appear to you as a spiritual being.

Twin Flame Dreams

Twin Flame Dreams

You may have twin flame dreams before you meet your divine counterpart and have a premonition they’ll be entering your life. This type of twin flame dream can be repetitive. And you may encounter this same spiritual being again and again. You’ll feel a strong connection to their energy. And you will probably feel unconditional love toward them, even though you haven’t met in real life. In most circumstances you won’t see their physical characteristics. But you’ll experience their energy, the essence of their soul or higher self. Even though you may not be able to see their features, you’ll experience a profound sense of inner peace and joy when you’re in their presence. It will feel like coming home. Twin flame dreams will not predict the time frame they enter your life. But they do reveal you’ll experience a divine union. Meetings between twin flames only occur under the confines of divine timing


Twin flame dreams can also occur after you physically meet your twin flame. A twin flame connection is telepathic and empathic. You will each feel and experience, energetically and emotionally, what the other is going through. So in the unconscious state, you may encounter different situations your spiritual partner is currently going through. If you’re separated by distance for example, you can have twin flame dreams where you see, know and understand their daily activities. This allows you to experience the energy and presence of your twin, even though they’re far away. Many twin flames even report feeling sexual union with their twin on the astral plane.

There’s also a strong probability you can envision events that point to past or even future lives. In these situations you will see yourselves in multiple incarnations through time. You’ll see the different roles you share with each other and how they play out in each life time. We can have multiple soul mates in a lifetime, but we each only have one twin flame. Since the twin flame connection is eternal, you travel together through many times and places. When you experience past life scenarios, you’re being shown interactions to help you see what you learned and gained from each incarnation. Those life lessons you carry over into current and future lives.

Since the greatest aim of a twin flame relationship is to bring something of value to the world, your twin flame dreams may provide guidance and insight to your shared destiny. You’re very likely to have the same ideas about what your gift to the world is. And the astral visits you take with your divine partner can reveal what that might be. You both may want to serve as missionary-types in a third world country, save all the animals on the planet or co-create something that helps others in their personal growth. Your twin flame dreams will reveal impressions of your mutual destiny.


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