Twin Flame Love is a Sacred Connection

Twin flame love is a sacred connection. And it’s the highest form of a spiritual relationship.

Unlike soul mate relationships, which can be platonic, twin flame love is always a romantic. When you’re in a twin flame relationship you connect on all frequencies. Twin flame love embodies a spiritual, physical, emotional and mental connection.


A couple on their twin flame journey have a strong telepathic connection. And they’re able to hear each other’s thoughts, feel their experiences and often have the same dreams.

Twin flames share a strong mental connection and usually the same philosophies about life. And they will have similar interests in mundane things as well. This includes movies, music and food preferences.

Twin flame couples have awesome communication. And they share their inspiration with each other. These discussions will ultimately lead them to their divine twin flame purpose. This is to discover the soul gift they will provide to the world through their divine union.


While awesome sex is not the foundation for a twin flame relationship, twin flame union creates the most intense physical union. Although the connection is soul-based, sex with a twin flame will be otherworldly.

Most twin flames will experience kundalini rising during their intimate encounters. Kundalini is the life force that animates all living beings. It’s the fire that rises through the seven chakras. So the kundalini will awaken through sexual union with a twin flame.

And this connects them to the divine source. Every time the souls merge, their connection to the divine deepens for each twin.

Twin Flame Love is a Sacred Connection
Twin Flame Love is a Sacred Connection


The emotional connection between twin flames will be a mature one. And there should be no insecurities, doubt or obsession. A twin flame union allows each twin to embody the vibration of unconditional love.

They learn through past relationships, which are usually failed soul mate relationships. And this is where they attain the skills necessary to maintain their divine union. The soul mate relationship is where we learn the lessons. But a twin flame union is where we apply them.

Twin flame love comes from a place of love, not fear. So eve if a twin flame couple has to separate, for whatever reason, faith in their union holds constant.¬† Twin flames nurture and support one another. And they don’t exhibit lower-based behaviors such as stalking their twin flame on social media or playing games.


A spiritual union between twin flames is the most powerful of all soul connections.

The spiritual union of divine masculine and divine feminine energies allows the twin flame reunion to occur.

When twin flames come together in physical form, their souls remember their past incarnations. They both recognize the connection. Both twins are willing to embrace everything required of them. And although they’re already spiritually advanced individuals, they are ready to expand spiritual growth. After all this is a requirement for twin flame partnerships.

And they recognize it is not about their physical selves, but for their shared higher purpose.



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