Differences Between Soul Mates and Twin Flames

Soul mates and twin flames have become popular terms in today’s culture. But we must recognize there’s a difference between soul mates and twin flames. There are many misunderstandings of the true nature of these relationships. And the Hollywood version of it is wrong. They are spiritual partnerships, geared toward personal and spiritual growth. But they’re not absurd ‘happily ever after’ romantic comedies that all have the same schtick and story-line.

We realize not everyone on the planet, or on the internet for that matter, will have the same theories or belief system about soul mate and twin flame relationships we do. These are what we consider the main differences between soul mates and twin flames.

1. Twin flames have gone through spiritual growth.

In twin flame relationships spiritual and personal growth has occurred as a result of being in one, or several, soul mate relationships before meeting a twin flame. This is not always the case. But twin flames need spiritual and emotional maturity to sustain the twin flame union. The biggest difference is the growth occurring in a twin flame relationship will be nurturing, supportive growth. But that of a soul mate can be difficult and at times personally traumatic. This is why we maintain twin flames meet later in life because they need these experiences first.

2. Many think they’re with their twin flame

Many people confuse a soul mate relationship for a twin flame one. But usually not the other way around. A twin flame relationship is NOT a soul mate relationship on steroids. Many soul mates run from each other during the course of the relationship. This is usually the most difficult part of the soul mate challenge. This should rarely happen between twin flames. As old souls they know they prepared for this reunion before they were born. This is why we believe the twin flame runner is a myth.

3. Twin flames come together for a higher purpose

Twin flames have a deep sense of coming together for a higher purpose. For them it’s not just having a deep connection with great sex. In a twin flame relationship, sex isn’t as important as it is to a soul mate connection. This doesn’t mean sex with a twin flame will be boring. It will be mind-blowing. But the divine purpose of the twin flame union goes beyond the physical plane. A soul mate relationship, although a spiritual partnership, has a lot more focus on the sexual component. The chemistry will be great, so enjoy yourselves! And we have to say this again. Just because you have great sexual chemistry with someone doesn’t mean they’re your soul mate.


4. Insecurities, fears and obsession

In a twin flame relationship there are no insecurities or fears. This relationship comes from a place of unconditional love, not fear. Even during times of separation there is faith in the twin flame connection. And an innate knowing that brings peace. During soul mate separation however, the soul mate who was left may feel abandoned. There’s a real fear their soul mate will never return. This fear can manifest into obsessive behaviors especially when they lack faith. It’s important to be able to address these fears and keep obsessive thoughts and behaviors in check.

Difference Between Soul Mates and Twin Flames
Difference Between Soul Mates and Twin Flames


5. Most soul mate relationships are painful

Soul mate relationships, while wonderful and deeply profound experiences, are almost never pain-free. The very nature of a soul mate relationship is personal and spiritual growth. Unfortunately most people can only learn through pain, especially emotional pain. To achieve growth you’ll probably have some difficult, and possibly traumatic, experiences with a soul mate partner. A twin flame relationship, however, is a union between old souls. They have already attained great insight and growth through relationship experiences in current as well as past life incarnations. Most twin flame relationships give positive life lesson experiences. This happens through merging of the twin flames while encountering spiritual growth through the twin flame union.

6. Separation

Almost every soul mate relationship will go through a period of separation. During this time of separation you’re being challenged to address your individual issues, whatever they may be. This must happen before the soul mate relationship has an opportunity to comeback together. Twin flames, on the other hand, usually address their own issues before meeting. And must now attain their growth through the relationship.

7. Runners

Many soul mate partners aren’t ready to embrace the intensity of the soul mate karma. So they decide to completely run away. They may have fears or insecurities that need to be addressed before they can accept the soul mate challenge. This leaves the other emotionally devastated. Many twin flames have an awareness the twin flame partnership is the spiritual union contained within their soul blueprint. And they’re usually ready to accept the twin flame destiny.

8. Acknowledging the connection

Most twin flames seem to recognize the divine union and are ready to honor that union. In a soul mate relationship, only one may actually believe in the soul mate connection. But the other refuses to acknowledge it and run for the hills. At this point you must consider if they truly are a soul mate or if you are projecting or romantic fantasies onto them. This is when you have to admit they are a false soulmate.

9. Destiny

Once the twin flame union is in play, it’s almost impossible to end it or break it. You’ve been brought together by divine purpose and divine plan. You have done a lot of work, throughout your lifetimes, to support your twin flame destiny. A soul mate relationship, can be broken for many reasons. Many soul mate relationships are not intended to last a lifetime. We attract soul mate partners at the point in our lives where we require a specific lesson. Once that lesson is achieved, there’s no guarantee the soul mate will remain in our lives.

10. Divine Purpose

The true purpose of twin flame relationship is provide a gift of value to the world. Whatever that gift may be, is for the twin flames to create and deliver for the benefit of others who are living on the planet. The purpose of a soul mate relationship is to provide personal growth and life lessons for the individual soul mates.

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  1. I am in a odd situation at the moment. A guy i am dating i believe is my twinflame as even though we haven’t met but we feel drawn to each other and we seem to know what the other person is feeling. The other day he got injured and i didn’t find out about it till several hours later, i was getting really jumpy and antsy when it happened like i knew something was wrong. Can anybody help me figure this out please?

    • I recently felt a deep soul connection to someone. I always knew there was an interesting energy I was feeling from her, but when we made real eye contact for the first time, it was like she looked right into my soul. We’re not together, but live near each other. There are times I swear I’m feeling her sadness. It’s a sadness that just comes over me and brings me to tears, and usually in situations where I shouldn’t be feeling any of that. At one point I would have to escape to the nearest private room, and usually look in a mirror asking myself if I’m going crazy. Then I can almost pinpoint the moment she drifts off to sleep at night because the sadness and tears suddenly stop. Imagine running water, and someone suddenly turns it off. That’s how it feels and how quickly it stops. Usually around 9:45 – 10:15 PM, so I’m positive that’s when she drifts off to sleep. Anyway, yeah, I believe you can feel each others emotions.

  2. I feel I’m in a curious situation. My husband I believe is my soulmate. He and I argue and have so many obstacles but we stick together to work through them. He has always said to me that we’re together to help each other learn and grow. But I believe his best friend is my twin soul. His best friend and I are literally the same person. Often times even my husband and his best friends girlfriend say “maybe you two should have gotten married” because everything we think say and do is the same. We’re so incredibly compatible. I love my husband, my soulmate, because he pushes me to work through earthly and spiritual growth, but I have a different love for his best friend. Like a sibling type love. It’s different than the love for my husband. His girlfriend says all the time “he loves you so much and cares about what happens to you and what goes on in your life”. Is it possible that this is the dynamic in in? Should I say anything to either of them? I feel like it would be extremely difficult to explain the difference between soulmate and twin soul to them. I love them both. But I love them differently. I would never leave my husband but I don’t want to lose any part of either relationship. Peculiar situation.

  3. I’m very curious as to whether or not my best friend, not lover, could be my twin flame. We’ve known each other for years and have a very deep connection. We’ve never gone longer than a few hours without checking in on each other and when we aren’t together we miss each other very much, but it is not in a fearful/needy way. There is nothing tumultuous about our relationship. We’ve actually found it very odd we are constantly together and have never had a fight, he literally feels like an extension of myself and he’s commented that he senses that as well. We are both the same kind of writers and we collaborate very well… Even though we met working in a call center. Over the duration we worked together we were always randomly assigned to sit next to each other, not an easy task with 600 other employees getting shuffled around. I found out we lived 3 houses down from each other when we were younger but we had no idea. We always call or text each other at the exact same moment. We finish each other’s thoughts constantly. The other interesting thing is his middle name and his brothers first name make up my fathers name. And, I wrote a character with his initials and features years before we met.

  4. This is truly inspiring and I must say I am completely blown away. I never knew what it was with relationships and I always felt something was missing in my life. Thank you so much for sharing this information.


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