If it’s Not a Twin Flame or Soul Mate Connection, What is it?

If it’s not a twin flame or soulmate connection, then what exactly is this connection you have with another person?

Not every connection is for the right reasons or created by the universe. Sometimes these connections are coming from the wrong place.

They may feel just as intense, but these relationships are often different from a soulmate or twin flame relationship. These relationships can never work out. The reason for this is because these people are attracted to one another’s wounds. Not physical wounds obviously. But wounds within their soul that have never healed properly.


These are false soulmates and false twin flames. They are extremely dysfunctional relationships. They’re also very demoralizing because they don’t operate on a spiritual level.

Many times these relationships contain emotional, physical, mental, and/or verbal abuse. In many cases, one person is really just using and abusing the other.

The victim of this abuse believes they’re in love with their abuser and have a spiritual connection to them. They make excuses for them and won’t leave the relationship.

The perpetrator has no real love for their victim. They’re just getting off on treating someone like crap and getting away with it. The victim usually confuses this type of treatment for love.

Can you really love someone who treats you that horribly? No, you can’t. You may think you can. But this more about your lack of self-love than anything else.

If it's Not a Twin Flame or Soulmate Connection
If it’s Not a Twin Flame or Soulmate Connection


For whatever reason, there’s something inside of you, relating to your past (or past lives) that creates attraction to the wrong kind of people. You may be trying to fix past relationships that didn’t work out. Then again perhaps you’re trying to get love from someone who refuses to give it. Just like you tried in the past with someone else.

They could be past romantic partners, friends or family members. Soulmates do have a tendency to tolerate bad behaviors, but it’s for the wrong reasons.

When there is love and a real connection, through their individual growth they can create a healthy, loving relationship. When wounds have not healed properly, they can cause a person to seek out people who will add more soul wounds. This does not heal them.

Just like predators in the jungle instinctively seek out their prey and find the weakest of the herd, human predators do the same thing. They know exactly the type of person who will put up with their abusive behavior. And they are very good at finding them.

Victims often tend to find themselves in the same abusive, unhealthy, dysfunctional relationship over and over again. Now of course some abuse victims don’t feel a real connection to their abuser, and we aren’t referring to them.

We are talking about people who believe they have a real spiritual soulmate or twin flame connection to someone who is toxic to them. No one should suffer through abuse of any kind, and should do whatever they can to cut these relationships off immediately. By taking the time they need to heal they can get into a better relationship in the future.

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