Can Twin Flames Be Platonic Relationships?

Can twin flames could be platonic friendships? After giving this some thought, we have to say no.


Now we all understand soulmates aren’t always romantic relationships. Many people have platonic relationships with soulmates who are in their lives. We can have soulmate relationships with friends and family members. We find soulmates in our work colleagues and even our medical teams. In many circumstances people share soulmate connections with their pets.

There are many differences in soulmate and twin flame relationships. But many folks think they’re the same thing. To realize the true nature of the twin flame connection, we must understand it’s the most sacred of all spiritual relationships.

Can Twin Flames Be Platonic Relationships?
Can Twin Flames Be Platonic Relationships?

Before twin flames reunite, in the blessed twin flame reunion, they will usually experience at least one romantic soulmate relationship. These soulmate relationships bring with them many difficult life lessons and experiences. They’re designed to encourage both personal and spiritual growth. This growth, not matter how painful, has to occur to prepare them to reunite with their twin flame.


To fully understand this, we must look at the differences in the past lives of both soulmate and twin flame relationships. Twin flames have romantic relationships in all of their shared past lives. It’s during these lifetimes they work out many of the issues and challenges defined¬†in their twin flame blueprint, or contract.

As they work through these obstacles, each success brings them closer to their twin flame reunion.There is a greater purpose to twin flame relationships. But the actual merging of the two souls can only occur in through sexual experiences.

Many twin flame couples will experience kundalini rising for the first time during sexual union. This encourages their spiritual awakening, allowing them to transform their spiritual levels in tandem.

Soulmates also reincarnate with each other across many lifetimes. Soulmates can represent different types of relationships in these incarnations. For instance, in one lifetime, your relationship may be as brother and sister. In another lifetime you could be father and daughter or mother and son. Other times you may incarnate as close friends. It all depends on the experiences and lessons your need to work on.

In many situations we see a soulmate couple living today who may have experienced all of these relationship types with each other. So while they’re romantic soulmates in the current incarnation, their relationships in past lives could have been quite different. Perhaps so many romantic soulmate relationships are difficult¬†because of the diverse relationships experienced in past lives playing out in current time.

To further understand the differences between kindred spirits, soul mates, twin souls and twin flames, please see our article: Twin Souls, Twin Flames, Soul Mates and Kindred Spirits.



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