Twin Flame Telepathy and How to Use It

Telepathy occurs for all twin flames, soul mates and kindred spirits. Merriam-Webster defines telepathy as “communication from one mind to another by extra-sensory means.” Whether it’s a romantic partner, friend or family member, many people experience this ability to know what is going on with the other.

In soul mate or kindred spirit connections, the telepathy may not be felt by both parties all the time. In a twin flame relationship, the telepathic connection is off the chain, as long as both twins stay open with each other.


The silent communication between twin flames is in constant motion. Twins don’t have to be psychic to experience twin flame telepathy between their souls. Their empathy naturally occurs due to the eternal love that binds twin flames. Twin flames can feel each others emotions, feelings and even body aches and pains, because their connection is also empathic.

Many twin flames are even able to remotely touch each other across great distances, perhaps even sexually. Many express they can feel their twin touching them even though they are in different countries.


1. Hearing each other’s thoughts.

Twin flames have the ability to communicate without speaking, either face to face or at a distance. It could be something so simple as “I would really like pizza for dinner” and arriving home to discover their twin has called Dominoes. It could also be something much more complicated such as “If I don’t get a mental break from this stress filled job, I am going to have a nervous breakdown” and learning the twin has planned a lovely holiday for the two of them.

2. Communicating at the same time.

twin flames telepathic connection
Twin Flame Telepathy

Very often twins will reach out to call or text each other at the exact moment. When one calls their twin, they very often hear, “I was just going to call you, how long have you been thinking about calling me?” Come to find out, it’s usually the same amount of time because twins are on the same frequency channel. Twin flame telepathy also allows them to complete each other’s sentences.

3. Feeling what the other twin is feeling or experiencing.

Twin flames very often feel the same pains, emotions, feelings and anxiety as their partner. If one of them is experiencing a bad headache, more often than not, the other twin will feel it. Likewise, if one of them is feeling depressed and melancholy, the other will feel down in the dumps as well through their empathic connection.

4. Having the same ideas at the same time.

When trying to resolve an issue or address a problem, it’s very common for twin flames to simultaneously arrive at the same solution. This can be for both minor and more serious concerns. The only way to truly express this twin flame telepathy is to say they share a brain.

5. Having the same dreams.

Twin flames often experience the same dreams, whether they’re near to each other or living on opposite ends of the planet. This comes from a need for the souls to continue communicating even while the physical bodies are resting peacefully. The souls leave their bodies in deep REM sleep and meet on the astral plane to prepare the continuation of their soul work on the planet.

6. Sharing the same divine purpose.

As the twin flames uncover the divine purpose for their connection, they will realize it’s the same for each of them. After all, this is the main reason they were brought together in this lifetime.

We would love to hear some of your own personal experiences with twin flame telepathy. Please consider sharing those with us, and our readers, in the comments section below.



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  1. My twin flame is deceased and our telepathy is off the charts. About a year ago, I was taking a cat nap when my right foot contracted downward for a few moments. I got the idea to ask him a question and he made my foot contract again. Each time there was an affirmative answer, he would do this. Our telepathy has evolved to using the alphabet to spell words/sentences/paragraphs and I’ve filled nearly 6 notebooks with dialogue. I can also hear him speaking (internally), but I prefer the more tangible mode of telepathy via the foot contractions, as it just makes it feel more real to me. There is so much more to our story, but that’s the gist of our telepathy.

    • this is amazing to be able to receive telepathy from the other side thank you for sharing your story!!

  2. I met my twin flame via Twitter… He saw my smile and he had to talk with me. At first I thought he was too young for me… so I tried to talk him into dating. He’s miles away in another country, yet I’ve felt him for well over 15 years.
    Naturally, he didn’t choose to date anyone else. He brought it to my attention that we’re twin flames. I knew what this was, however, said nothing. He spirit walks to me, although I don’t think he realizes that he’s doing it. I feel his touch everyday, many times.
    We have similar backgrounds and history. We have many many things the same.
    I have always been a very spiritual person, with many gifts from the Creator. I am very blessed to say the least. I have been a spirit talker since early childhood. I have one foot in the earth realm and one foot in spirit realm.
    Asking for signs from the Creator and learning how to pray correctly may help others in a similar situation.
    We both know there is a divine reason for coming together at this point in time. This is predestined by the Creator and truly a gift, regardless of the challenges you may face.
    The bottom line is the purity and unconditional love are the key to successful unions. This is what is needed for twin flame missions.
    We are engaged to be married. We are older than most with our own past relationship dramas, that have prepared us for each other.
    We laugh all the time together and love fully.
    What a beautiful gift we were given.

  3. The first time I met my twin flame it was hypnotizing. It didn’t help that he had sexy blue eyes. He was asking me questions and and while he was talking I’m standing looking directly into his eyes, then to his mouth and back into his eyes and there was just this calming but powerful energy drawing me in and all I could think of was wow I can actually see forever through his eyes – like I was drowning in it. I could see he was also trying to process the same thing and he stopped talking and for a brief moment we just stood there in silence, just paralysed. When I go to sleep, I can feel him moving inside me when he’s not with me, sometimes I can feel his heart beat, I can hear him talking in my ear, I can feel him when he’s sad/has cried. I can feel his sexual energy when he’s not even physically with me. I truly and honestly believe we share one soul and it feels like he’s inside of me and its his soul looking out through my eyes but I have to remember this is my soul too – we have the one soul. Our telepathic connection can get really intense at times too

  4. i get like chest pains and feel like he’s sad or upset my twin…though i try to reach out and give him some support he doesn’t reply…am i pushing it?

  5. This day my battery in my remote key died and I was talking to my TF telepathically asking for help, at that exact time he was about to cross the intersection by car I was about to walk across. I get back to my car and shortly after I hear my TF ask me if everything is ok? I say no and he comes over to help me. ?

  6. Thank you. Everything you wrote really did resonate and it’s nice to know that what we’re experiencing isn’t just in my head. Update: since I wrote that message, the guy he was living with went crazy and was planning to do very nasty things to me. My twin flame left before I ever answered the abusive message I got and he and his family made it to Washington State after a couple of days (I felt car sick the whole time). Now we’re more or less working between us and his immediate family to be reunited and I don’t trust the guy in Texas anymore. This time lately has been stressful with what’s happening globally and it’s hard on everyone separated by borders and everything else. I just want to send to you love, light and healing at this time. Thank you so much.

  7. Oh gosh Carole, your story brought tears to my eyes. I agree with OP, your souls must have decided this as part of Soul Growth journey/path. Hope you soon come to make peace with this. Wishing you well.

  8. we can’t answer in detail due to confidentiality issues, but this was something your souls decided in your twin flame blueprint

  9. My twin is 14 years my senior. Though our age difference we, of course share love for things not typically shared in people with our age difference. But that is mearly the surface. We have lived in the same states at the same time period. We finish each other’s sentences more then 25 times a day, thing is that 90% of the time that sentence wasn’t verbalized but mearly one of our thoughts and one of us decides to blurt out the conclusion to their thought (even about the most random things). And then there is this one…. slightly explicit, so I i will keep it as clean as possible. On more then just a hand full of occasions my twin has been able to physically ratify me with out so much as a touch….NO PHYSICAL CONTACT. I never thought things like this were even possible. And since we have been together (7 years) my abilities have developed seemingly over night. I’ve become an emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual psychic. Not just with regard to him but those who enter our “world”. And my ability though minimal spiritually, is uncannily opposite and heightened that at times it’s to difficult to discern if the emotion was originally mine or theirs. It’s as if having him in my life, as cliche as it is….He completes me.

  10. I never knew what a twin flame was, but I recently learned that a co-worker is supposedly is my twin flame. Reading about it, it does make sense, but we’ve never been romantically involved & still haven’t yet.

  11. I met my twin flame 50 years ago. I was 13 when I first saw him. He had a light around him and I was so shocked and almost breathless. I recovered, we became inseparable for years until my mother left my dad and my life literally blew apart. I felt so toxic I couldn’t contaminate HIM. So I ran. But the energy of attraction drew us back together over the next 30 years- even though we both had abusive relationships with others- working out Karma.
    When I was doing deep grief and spiritual work this year, I got to the core loss- my split off half-Him! It was SO clear! I had shut that part off. I wrote him a letter explaining the mystery of what had happened 46 years ago, and 40 years ago when I’d left vowing never to return. And that I would never disturb his life. I just needed him to know that we could both be “relieved” or “freed.”
    We had always had a promise to ” get back together if we were not encumbered. ” He contacted me! Asked me to “coffee.” 100%of the times we’d been in each other’s presence, there were sparks and a magnetic attraction. I just needed to see. Yep! Coffee turned into 8 hours! It was a true “coming home” .

    Over the years, the separation was often physically painful for me because I”feel” his experiences from 1,000 miles away. Since wevew reconnected fully- he is the yin to NY yang and vice- versa. I’m observing to see what our purpose is! I think it is to manifest both completeness and unconditional love – outloud with joy and the playfulness of youth. He’s 65 and I’m 63. It’s so WILD!!!!

    TRUST. That’s what I say. I have his love notes from our kid years! I’m working through false guilt, into self love. He’s gaining trust.

  12. I want to learn more about telepathy and how I can communicate with my twin despite the fact that we are not in a relationship right now. Any advice? Thanks xx

  13. I have met my twin flame and I recognize what you describe and how you describe it, even though détails don’t matter. It’s true, it’s real, it really is all that. It’s not about us, it’s about the universe. It’s the cosmic love you just plugged in to. You can count on it 100%. Run with it! And spread that love everywhere!

  14. I feel the same things. A strong burning in my heart, like deep in my soul. I saw him face to face and I think I heard him without speaking words. I still can’t tell if it was my voice or his in my head but when we locked eyes everything around me went blurry I still can not explain it but I felt like I blacked out for a few seconds. It was the most intensive experience I have ever felt yet.

  15. It’s terrifying in the beginning…. And we have the same dream of flipping images, constant…Can anyone tell me why I’ve been experiencing AWEFUL head aches since we re-met, and the closer we get (if possible… Already very close),…The more intense these head aches become…Help??…Glad to know others are out there, THANK YOU for the informative explanation!

  16. Thanks for this for a long time i thought i was losing my mind lol cause i could feel everything he feels and he has always seemed to know when i wasnt ok and would appear i didnt realize it was a twin flame lol didn’t even know abt them till a few weeks ago but know i feel him awake or asleep its like a hug or a caress

  17. I hear his thoughts all the time and sometimes I see what he sees. Once I woke up and in my mind, I heard “i need coffee”. Well, I don’t drink coffee and never have and didn’t. He drinks lots of coffee. Another time I saw the inside of a blue tent. I was at home sitting on my porch. He was camping that weekend. I know when he’s having trouble and what he’s doing and who he’s with. It feels so weird. We barely know each other and are in other relationships right now. I feel the intensity of our connection and know it is difficult for both of us to feel the intensity of the magnetism. We met at work and my first thought when we were introduced was, you seem so familiar to me. Do I know you from somewhere? I didn’t say the words out loud, but I could see he was thinking the same thing. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are twin flames. I don’t know if he knows it yet.

  18. Last night me and my twin flame woke up three times at the same time last night. Sometimes we pick up each others emotions and thoughts too. Not sure if this is telepathy, but both of us dreamt of each other few days ago only it wasn’t the same dream.

  19. I have met my twin flame! So exciting we were raised 2 a block apart. Our mothers were best friends as kids and we hung out as kids, but we were both so shy. We haven’t talked in about 20 years.. I am an energy worker he came for an appointment the moment I put my hands on his feet.. I swear the ground shook! I looked up at him as he was looking at me. Our eyes saying SO much.. we eventually started playing with this idea.. and 100% sure he is my twin flame. He believes us to get married and so fourth, but I feel I have another soulmate in which I marry.. I have tried to tell my twin this, but I’m also not sure because my soulmate I marry I haven’t met yet. I’m so scared to loose my twin though.. I don’t want to hurt him ever! Any suggestions in how to go about this.. honesty?… I don’t know.. my twin now is married in an Awful relationship.. with two kids. But as he met me he is now leaving her and planning on being with me forever… how to go about this? Because you said you don’t believe in runners and chasers, but that’s what it feels like ? My connection and love for him is Soo deep.. nothing I’ve ever felt before. Any advice will help! Thank you all! I’m so happy for all you who have found yours! ????

  20. I know my twin flame. For 2 years till now I have dreams about him, his situations, pain, happiness, sadness, plans everything.. And after few days it happens in real life too. If he losing weight due to stress/sick, I lost it too.. If he’s gaining weight, me also gaining weight. What I wanna ask is..does he also get the same experiences like me? Does he know appearance in dreams or real life even if he doesn’t know me before? And when can we meet n unite?

  21. When I met my twin, he stood out in a crowed restaurant and everyone else was blurry. I felt compelled to walk by him even though I was on a date. When we caught eye contact the first time, I heard “hey it’s you. good to see you again”. We had a casual fling on and off but I never mentioned the weird occurances around our meeting. He told me, years later he heard,”hi I’ve missed you.” We still feel each other’s feelings and hear each other’s thoughts over several states and sometimes over years of not talking.

  22. I met my twinflame through my x partner that sounds crazy. As we started seeing eachother things started happening to us we then awakened since then I seem to have a stronger physic abilities I sences things and get images in my head something coming or thats its happening now I was the runner but I accepted what I am

  23. I met my Twin by dreaming about him first. Once we made a connection I could see and feel things he was doing. He was over 600 miles away and I knew if he was with his then girlfriend or at Walmart shopping as he read my messages. It was insane! I have since severed the connection, because it was causing me too much pain…


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