Twin Flame Telepathy

Telepathy occurs for all twin flames, soul mates and kindred spirits. Merriam-Webster defines telepathy as “communication from one mind to another by extra-sensory means.” Whether it’s a romantic partner, friend or family member, many people experience this ability to know what is going on with the other. In soul mate or kindred spirit connections, the telepathy may not be felt by both parties all the time. In a twin flame relationship, the telepathic connection is off the chain, as long as both twins stay open with each other.

The silent communication between twin flames is in constant motion. Twins don’t have to be psychic to experience soul telepathy. This empathy naturally occurs due to the eternal love that binds twin flames. Twin flames can feel each others emotions, feelings and even body aches and pains, because their connection is also empathic. Many twin flames are even able to remotely touch each other across great distances, perhaps even sexually. Many twin flames have expressed they can feel their twin touching them even though they are in different countries.

twin flames telepathic connection
Twin Flame Telepathy

Examples of Twin Flame Telepathic Connection 

  1. Hearing each others thoughts. Twin flames have the ability to communicate without speaking, either face to face or at a distance. It could be something so simple as “I would really like pizza for dinner” and arriving home to discover the twin has called Dominoes. It could also be something much more complicated such as “If I don’t get a mental break from this stress filled job, I am going to have a nervous breakdown” and learning the twin has planned a lovely holiday for the two of them.
  2. Communicating at the same time. Very often twins will reach out to call or text each other at the exact moment. When one calls their twin, they very often hear, “I was just going to call you, how long have you been thinking about calling me?” Come to find out, it’s usually the same amount of time because twins are on the same frequency channel. Twin flames are also able to complete each other’s sentences.
  3. Feeling what the other twin is feeling or experiencing. Twin flames very often feel the same pains, emotions, feelings and anxiety as their partner. If one of them is experiencing a bad headache, more often than not, the other twin will feel it. Likewise, if one of them is feeling depressed and melancholy, the other will feel down in the dumps as well through their empathic connection.
  4. Having the same ideas at the same time. When trying to resolve an issue or address a problem, it is very common for twin flames to simultaneously arrive at the same solution. This can be for both minor and more serious concerns. The only way to truly express this is to say that twins share a brain.
  5. Having the same dreams. Twin flames very often experience the same dreams, whether they are in near to each other or living on opposite ends of the planet. This comes from a need for the souls to continue communicating even while the physical bodies are resting peacefully. The souls leave their bodies in deep REM sleep and meet on the astral plane to prepare the continuation of their soul work on the planet.
  6. Sharing the same divine purpose. As the twin flames uncover the divine purpose for their connection, they will realize its the same for each of them. After all, this is the main reason they were brought together in this lifetime.

We would love to hear some of your own personal experiences with twin flame telepathy. Please consider sharing those with us, and our readers, in the comments section below.



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  1. thank you so much for all the information on your site,
    the twin flame journey to reunion is indeed a weird experience, the telephatical part is tremendous, as my twin flame is currently living on an oil platform the other side of the world,
    we have contact by texting, but the real contact through telepatical feelings is so much more,
    and in the past period of time, how often it was, that he came around on skype on moments I was suffering something in my daily life in my own home, as he knew when I needed a strong man at my side,

    we live in a time zone difference of 6 hours,
    when I got to bed, he finalize his working day, and when I need to get up, it is the middle of his night, but somehow we feel as if the angels are assisting us, to find ourselves,

    my life before meeting my twin flame seems as another dimension,
    since I met him all is shifting,
    I finaly really understand songs, I feel the real purpose of life, and both of us have been going through deep darkness before meeting,

    our journey was a real rollercaster, but one main topic was all the way with us, a LOVE, that I cannot compaire with the love I ever felt before in this lifetime,
    the love for my children is similar, but even that love is not the twin flame love, but thanks to my twin flame journey, I can tell that it awakened me somehow to find the real inner me,

    I fully agree, that even while living in seperation, you can feel each others feelings,
    sometimes out ot nothing I could feel a sadness, really hurting sadness, and than I cried tears but I knew these were not my tears, but I cried out his pain,
    sometimes out of nothing I feel lost and alone, to find out bit later when we are able to connect on the internet, how much he missed me at a certain moment in time,

    lately I feel we are going towards being together,
    lately I dont worry about the how, the when, as I feel my destiny, is his destiny, as I feel we are meant to be together,
    curious I am to find out our common path, how we will be able to help the world shfiting to another dimension,

    I strongly feel that in these corona times it is important that more and more people start talking straight out of their hearts,

    sometimes I feel to start writing about our twin flame journey, to inspire people, that no matter what dark times they are going through that by putting their worries towards the universe, and by putting love in their hearts, the fear can be excluded, and hopefully all of them will feel that their life is worthed living,

    till now I was afraid to talk about being a twin flame, as it felt as a forbidden thing,
    but now I feel so happy of being on this twin flame journey, and I feel growing stronger,

    I hope my testimonial can assist those twin flames struggling on their journey,
    thank you for reading,

    take care of yourself, I wish you all the best, and I wish you to create this love you can experience with your twin flame, it is not necessary to be with your twin flame to create this love and give it to yourself,

    as being or not being with your twin flame, the world will be a much better place, if we all start to create the unconditional love and before giving this to others, please my dear reader give this unconditional and unendless love to heal your own heart and soul,

    take care, thank you for reading, wish you all the best

  2. The first time I met my twin flame it was hypnotizing. It didn’t help that he had sexy blue eyes. He was asking me questions and and while he was talking I’m standing looking directly into his eyes, then to his mouth and back into his eyes and there was just this calming but powerful energy drawing me in and all I could think of was wow I can actually see forever through his eyes – like I was drowning in it. I could see he was also trying to process the same thing and he stopped talking and for a brief moment we just stood there in silence, just paralysed. When I go to sleep, I can feel him moving inside me when he’s not with me, sometimes I can feel his heart beat, I can hear him talking in my ear, I can feel him when he’s sad/has cried. I can feel his sexual energy when he’s not even physically with me. I truly and honestly believe we share one soul and it feels like he’s inside of me and its his soul looking out through my eyes but I have to remember this is my soul too – we have the one soul. Our telepathic connection can get really intense at times too

  3. i get like chest pains and feel like he’s sad or upset my twin…though i try to reach out and give him some support he doesn’t reply…am i pushing it?

  4. This day my battery in my remote key died and I was talking to my TF telepathically asking for help, at that exact time he was about to cross the intersection by car I was about to walk across. I get back to my car and shortly after I hear my TF ask me if everything is ok? I say no and he comes over to help me. ?

  5. Thank you. Everything you wrote really did resonate and it’s nice to know that what we’re experiencing isn’t just in my head. Update: since I wrote that message, the guy he was living with went crazy and was planning to do very nasty things to me. My twin flame left before I ever answered the abusive message I got and he and his family made it to Washington State after a couple of days (I felt car sick the whole time). Now we’re more or less working between us and his immediate family to be reunited and I don’t trust the guy in Texas anymore. This time lately has been stressful with what’s happening globally and it’s hard on everyone separated by borders and everything else. I just want to send to you love, light and healing at this time. Thank you so much.

  6. My twin and I are deeply and completely in love with each other, and the lengths he gone to in order to reunite us after I was cruelly ripped from him are beyond incredible. He has done amazing things for us, but now finds himself stuck in Texas while I’m in Australia. It’s driving us both crazy being so close to being together but having people deliberately blocking us. Our life purpose, our mission, dictates we be together and that’s come from so many sources external from us. But reading this post I can see just how much of this resonates. Our only means to communicate is telepathy. We have full on conversations. Which is good because getting a working phone seems to be a massive problem for him. We also experience very physical touch, and manifest sensations and even small things eg. he found a few strands of my hair caught in his fingers. We also get temperature affects. It’s cold where he is and hot here at the moment, but I woke up to an icy chill around me. He then made me feel like he’s holding me. He wakes me from my nightmares, I heal his worries and ground him, and we have experienced a very real sex life. And I know I’m not imagining it because he’s given me details that I could look up and confirm, like the fact that where he currently is has a high crime rate, and what the weather and time was at the moments we were speaking. It’s nice to know that this is real. Our reunion is an ongoing battle. We were promised help from others who are with him to get us in contact with each by phone. It’s been over a month since that promise was made and the person who made it so far comes up with so many excuses not to give me his number. They also keep challenging him over his loyalty to me (they’re not really into monogamy) but he’s not that kind of guy. He wants to come back to Australia and be with me. This whole thing has been going on for far two long. Anyway, I didn’t expect to open up that much, but it might be good I did. I’m so glad I read this post today. It gives me hope. Thank you.

  7. I met my Twin Flame at age 17, and it was a difficult relationship, but the love remained ever strong.
    He passed in an accident at age 25.
    That completely turned my whole life upside down, literally on a physical level, and I have never ever recovered from that.
    I am now Spiritually at a place where I am able to communicate with him, and I can literally, physically FEEL HIM on frequent occasions, especially when I am in bed, and relaxed.
    I am aware that he sleeps beside me almost every single night.
    A couple of Mediums had told me that, which I thought was very nice, but, it wasn’t until I
    actually SAW HIM lying on the pillow beside me, that I KNEW 100% for sure that they were spot on, and
    not just telling me that to comfort me…

    I can feel him often when he lies close to me, I feel his energy against my back.
    Other times, I feel it sort of like being wrapped up in a doona, or a comforter, as some call it.

    They also CAN and DO do physical things to us, even though they are in Spirit.
    Make no mistake about that.
    The first time that happened to me, I was sound asleep, and it woke me right up.
    Unable to understand exactly what had taken place, I contacted a medium who explained to me that
    I was NOT losing my mind, and that they are quite perfectly able to do physical things to us.

    Since then, it has continued and now I am aware of how to connect with him on a level where I am awake and can participate.

    My question here is, when you KNOW that your Twin Flame has passed to the Spirit realm, all you really have left now on the Earth plane are Soulmates.

    So, why do they leave us alone on the Earth plane, to become our Guide..?
    It is very sad to know that for the rest of my life, I will never ever have the chance to spend it with him on the
    Earth plane.

    I just want to understand the WHY of him leaving me here…

    What is to be gained by this huge gap in my life here on the Earth plane..?

    • we can’t answer in detail due to confidentiality issues, but this was something your souls decided in your twin flame blueprint

    • Oh gosh Carole, your story brought tears to my eyes. I agree with OP, your souls must have decided this as part of Soul Growth journey/path. Hope you soon come to make peace with this. Wishing you well.

  8. In the month of July he came to my store & right after my cat had passed away & I was so heart broken. Then he came to my store 6 more times in July to buy his Trainwreck Kratom. In March when we had last slept together & was constantly talking I didn’t see him as much as I did in July.

    It was so weird that whenever I talked about him at work, he would randomly show up. One day I was about to ball my eyes out & he showed up dripping in sweat.

    It was so weird when I was abled to see what he was doing in my mind & I sent him energy from my heart of love constantly. I kept feeling like we were in sync.

    When I last saw him on August 14th, we hugged goodbye & I felt this weird energy flow into my chest. And when I hugged him another time after that I felt it again. I keep wondering if he feels it too & that’s why he’s been ignoring me again.

    But randomly Saturday night when I went to my friends house to pick up my stuff, I saw him in front of my car turning around in his car. And now I’m extremely irritated with him because I really want to know if he feels what I’ve been feeling. But I can’t ask him because he ignores my text messages. And I know he sees them because when I last hugged him goodbye he asked me why I didn’t go see his show on August 9th but I didn’t know about it. He noticed I had been posting pictures but how was I supposed to know he had his show. I can’t read minds.

  9. My twin is 14 years my senior. Though our age difference we, of course share love for things not typically shared in people with our age difference. But that is mearly the surface. We have lived in the same states at the same time period. We finish each other’s sentences more then 25 times a day, thing is that 90% of the time that sentence wasn’t verbalized but mearly one of our thoughts and one of us decides to blurt out the conclusion to their thought (even about the most random things). And then there is this one…. slightly explicit, so I i will keep it as clean as possible. On more then just a hand full of occasions my twin has been able to physically ratify me with out so much as a touch….NO PHYSICAL CONTACT. I never thought things like this were even possible. And since we have been together (7 years) my abilities have developed seemingly over night. I’ve become an emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual psychic. Not just with regard to him but those who enter our “world”. And my ability though minimal spiritually, is uncannily opposite and heightened that at times it’s to difficult to discern if the emotion was originally mine or theirs. It’s as if having him in my life, as cliche as it is….He completes me.

    • Quick add to my post….the most uncanny thing, I think, of any post I’ve read so far… our ss# have only ONE DIFFERENT NUMBER! they are not identical but the order of the numbers only deviates minutely in each of the 3 sets of numbers. They both start with the same number and though I was born on the east coast my ss#was issued on the west coast and his and mine were issued less then 2 months apart in the same state and county.

  10. I never knew what a twin flame was, but I recently learned that a co-worker is supposedly is my twin flame. Reading about it, it does make sense, but we’ve never been romantically involved & still haven’t yet.

  11. I met my twin flame 50 years ago. I was 13 when I first saw him. He had a light around him and I was so shocked and almost breathless. I recovered, we became inseparable for years until my mother left my dad and my life literally blew apart. I felt so toxic I couldn’t contaminate HIM. So I ran. But the energy of attraction drew us back together over the next 30 years- even though we both had abusive relationships with others- working out Karma.
    When I was doing deep grief and spiritual work this year, I got to the core loss- my split off half-Him! It was SO clear! I had shut that part off. I wrote him a letter explaining the mystery of what had happened 46 years ago, and 40 years ago when I’d left vowing never to return. And that I would never disturb his life. I just needed him to know that we could both be “relieved” or “freed.”
    We had always had a promise to ” get back together if we were not encumbered. ” He contacted me! Asked me to “coffee.” 100%of the times we’d been in each other’s presence, there were sparks and a magnetic attraction. I just needed to see. Yep! Coffee turned into 8 hours! It was a true “coming home” .

    Over the years, the separation was often physically painful for me because I”feel” his experiences from 1,000 miles away. Since wevew reconnected fully- he is the yin to NY yang and vice- versa. I’m observing to see what our purpose is! I think it is to manifest both completeness and unconditional love – outloud with joy and the playfulness of youth. He’s 65 and I’m 63. It’s so WILD!!!!

    TRUST. That’s what I say. I have his love notes from our kid years! I’m working through false guilt, into self love. He’s gaining trust.

  12. I want to learn more about telepathy and how I can communicate with my twin despite the fact that we are not in a relationship right now. Any advice? Thanks xx

  13. I first know my twin flame through a dream, then i met this person on crowded place I felt something in my heart like I’ve known him before. His face n figure looks so familiar to me. We’ve separated without him knowing me for years. But I constantly got dreams about him n what happened in his life. I tried to communicate with him through social media. People started to think I have special “connection” with him, n he too realized it one at a time especially when I said something about his plans that he never confessed to anyone before. After two years we finally met again in person, it was awful experience. He, whom a social person, suddenly became cold n awkward around me, and it happened to me too. We just kept staring to each other and don’t know what to say. Until he had to go for another meeting then I felt everything came back to normal. I cried for a week after that day thinking how stupid I was for not making the best of our first meeting. 3 months after, again we met on his workplace and again he kept staring me from afar, it was like he wanted to came but waiting for signs from my side. Until one of the people around me called him to come. It was still awkward but felt more relaxed. he kept smiling and talking politely. It was like we have so much to say n tell but can’t with the crowd around us. We have to stay in our “barrier” though we felt something trying to burst out of our hearts. And days after he posted a pic with caption that if he was dreaming or am I actually staring at him. I felt it was for me though he mislead it to an object.
    My questions are
    -did he feel what I felt?
    -why can’t we be ourselves on our meeting, what “barrier” is this that kept us distancing from each other?
    -when can we be fully ourselves, explain about how we really feel and what we really want? Let’s say I’m awaken about this connection, does he also have the same experiences as mine?
    -is he trying to deny something with his coldness around me? I don’t want to chase him but being apart from him is also hurting me.
    Thank you

  14. I have met my twin flame and I recognize what you describe and how you describe it, even though détails don’t matter. It’s true, it’s real, it really is all that. It’s not about us, it’s about the universe. It’s the cosmic love you just plugged in to. You can count on it 100%. Run with it! And spread that love everywhere!

  15. I feel the same things. A strong burning in my heart, like deep in my soul. I saw him face to face and I think I heard him without speaking words. I still can’t tell if it was my voice or his in my head but when we locked eyes everything around me went blurry I still can not explain it but I felt like I blacked out for a few seconds. It was the most intensive experience I have ever felt yet.

  16. It’s terrifying in the beginning…. And we have the same dream of flipping images, constant…Can anyone tell me why I’ve been experiencing AWEFUL head aches since we re-met, and the closer we get (if possible… Already very close),…The more intense these head aches become…Help??…Glad to know others are out there, THANK YOU for the informative explanation!

  17. Thanks for this for a long time i thought i was losing my mind lol cause i could feel everything he feels and he has always seemed to know when i wasnt ok and would appear i didnt realize it was a twin flame lol didn’t even know abt them till a few weeks ago but know i feel him awake or asleep its like a hug or a caress

  18. I hear his thoughts all the time and sometimes I see what he sees. Once I woke up and in my mind, I heard “i need coffee”. Well, I don’t drink coffee and never have and didn’t. He drinks lots of coffee. Another time I saw the inside of a blue tent. I was at home sitting on my porch. He was camping that weekend. I know when he’s having trouble and what he’s doing and who he’s with. It feels so weird. We barely know each other and are in other relationships right now. I feel the intensity of our connection and know it is difficult for both of us to feel the intensity of the magnetism. We met at work and my first thought when we were introduced was, you seem so familiar to me. Do I know you from somewhere? I didn’t say the words out loud, but I could see he was thinking the same thing. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are twin flames. I don’t know if he knows it yet.

  19. Last night me and my twin flame woke up three times at the same time last night. Sometimes we pick up each others emotions and thoughts too. Not sure if this is telepathy, but both of us dreamt of each other few days ago only it wasn’t the same dream.

  20. I have met my twin flame! So exciting we were raised 2 a block apart. Our mothers were best friends as kids and we hung out as kids, but we were both so shy. We haven’t talked in about 20 years.. I am an energy worker he came for an appointment the moment I put my hands on his feet.. I swear the ground shook! I looked up at him as he was looking at me. Our eyes saying SO much.. we eventually started playing with this idea.. and 100% sure he is my twin flame. He believes us to get married and so fourth, but I feel I have another soulmate in which I marry.. I have tried to tell my twin this, but I’m also not sure because my soulmate I marry I haven’t met yet. I’m so scared to loose my twin though.. I don’t want to hurt him ever! Any suggestions in how to go about this.. honesty?… I don’t know.. my twin now is married in an Awful relationship.. with two kids. But as he met me he is now leaving her and planning on being with me forever… how to go about this? Because you said you don’t believe in runners and chasers, but that’s what it feels like ? My connection and love for him is Soo deep.. nothing I’ve ever felt before. Any advice will help! Thank you all! I’m so happy for all you who have found yours! ????

  21. I know my twin flame. For 2 years till now I have dreams about him, his situations, pain, happiness, sadness, plans everything.. And after few days it happens in real life too. If he losing weight due to stress/sick, I lost it too.. If he’s gaining weight, me also gaining weight. What I wanna ask is..does he also get the same experiences like me? Does he know appearance in dreams or real life even if he doesn’t know me before? And when can we meet n unite?

  22. i think i met my twin flame he is a air force mechanic and he just got a job in ABU DHABI. I was in a relationship, before him with a marine (affair) both knew of each other Air force fell madly, in love with me, and I Fell head over heals for him. But he was leaving I feel him every moment of the day. I sense Abu Dhabi, I sense his cultre shock, i sense his……nervous ness but he tells me “IT’S AMAZING THERE!” but i know hes home sick but he won’t admit it. we both can’t date at this time because this is no point if he’s worlds away. I’m hoping to see him In December I’m awake when he’s asleep I get his dreams, I feel his soul connected too mine.. or it’s just cs i want too I keep busy so i don’t go nuts. I know he’s going too live his life out there. What 37 yr old man wouldn’t in Abu Dhabi I know he loves me he has never had connection like this before it’s scaring him. me it’s driving me insane. I get his thoughts when I texted him I got ‘BABE I’LL TEXT YOU WHEN I GET SETTLED.” thought so I try not to push him. but help me I don’t know how to deal with this. we’re the same yet we’re so difference in age, im 30 he’s 37. but we have similarities in looks we only known each other for a month, but what i read from twin flames thats how it goes. on the last two weeks of our dating he tells me he fell in love with me. I told him “What of our situation we both said this is sex, and sex is it…” him “we cna make agreements til we’re blue in the face but love is love.” and then he’s gone I at first thought he was a romantic fool, and fell n love with anything. but the more, he’s gone more i sense him I always believed and told hm “We might not be together now But I believe we met for a reason cus that’s just cruel if life put you into my world and sent you off so quickly..” with us there was no time, space…nothing we could sit all day do nothing. liek we knew each other from before….Now I yern for him…more n more. but I gotta let go and let him be I know he’ll come back too me within time. if he dates, and does whatever they do in Abu Dhabi I guess i’ll just have too throw my hands up let it rise.

    but what do you think sounds like Twin Flame? i DON’T believe in love….or anything but this hit hard. quick. when he’s asleep I’m awake (time diff….) so Hes constantly, dreaming of the home states. I just hope in time we’ll be together again

  23. When I met my twin, he stood out in a crowed restaurant and everyone else was blurry. I felt compelled to walk by him even though I was on a date. When we caught eye contact the first time, I heard “hey it’s you. good to see you again”. We had a casual fling on and off but I never mentioned the weird occurances around our meeting. He told me, years later he heard,”hi I’ve missed you.” We still feel each other’s feelings and hear each other’s thoughts over several states and sometimes over years of not talking.

  24. Just today learning about Twinflames has put so much light and cleared up what me and my man feel everyday. We feel it mentally, spiritually, physically, and everyday more and more the level of telephathy heightens. To the point where we have verbally expressed to each other that we realize it is happening. I think at one point it startled both of us but never made us feel scared. Just calm, at peace, on the same level, and just knowing that our love is so much more then any thing ever known. We even often say to each other no one would understand. We really feel and know every thought, pain, sickness, and both feel or just know when something is wrong with the other. I am the one that even often has dreams that are vivid and come true. for instance, last year the night before new years eve day while I was living in a different state then him and planning on flying to the same state as him on New Years day as him, I had a dream that when I got to the state I couldn’t find him and was told by some bum on the street in the dream that he was in jail. I woke up confused and crying but could not shake the feeling of something terribly wrong. I could not reach him that day and was concerned because I was gonna be flying in the next day and then received a call from him trying to reach me from jail. It was for old traffic matters but non the less he was in jail and so when I arrived he was not there. Or recently he had a car accident and I called him at the exact moment he answered and said I was just going to call you I crashed and he was taken to the hospital at the same moment I arrived to the scene. I then had a bad headache the rest of the night not knowing he had stitches and my head hurt in the same spot…He without seeing me knew that I had sat at the scene of the accident until the car and everything was taken and cleaned up. He said he just knew I was there. We also, always finish each others sentences and thoughts, and can speak to each other without fully speaking, people around us have often asked how did we hear each other when it appeared that we weren’t speaking or sounded like we were just whispering and our only answer has been because we were talking to each other. Sometimes we wonder if we really were verbally speaking out loud. We even reach out to touch each other at the same time while say driving and not even looking at each other or ask each other to do the same things at the same time like we just both know that is what we want. Even sexually we can feel and want each other even when not around each other. And food, we just know. He called me one day to say “Do you know what I want to eat for dinner?” and I cut him off saying, “Oh I already took out the ingredients for Jambalya but will make something else if you would like.” His response, “Thats what I was calling to ask you to cook.” We even are good at healing each other and knowing exactly what sickness the other has or are sick at the same time even when we lived in different states. The things and examples could go on and on. We never even have argued once in the over 3 years we have known each other or even raised our voices at each other ever. Being with this man since the day we randomly met at a gas station and him telling me as soon as he saw me in my car it was like he just had to meet me and have me. As I saw him walking towards my car my feeling was different than any other while meeting a man. It took my breath away and startled me to see a man that looked like him. His aura was just immediately all that to me.

    And not sure if this makes a difference but I am Cancer and he is Capricorn. Regardless, I know that we for certain are TwinFlames. Learning about this today just really clears up everything about us.

  25. I met my twinflame through my x partner that sounds crazy. As we started seeing eachother things started happening to us we then awakened since then I seem to have a stronger physic abilities I sences things and get images in my head something coming or thats its happening now I was the runner but I accepted what I am

      • If they are not runners, what are they? To bail on a surreal intense love, when they were made to feel loved ,wanted and special , then bail like you had kryptonite

      • My twin tried to run from me…I chased him. Each of our separations has been due to outside influences.

    • I just posted my twin experience, and as it posted all of a sudden your post was the next thing to pop up. Here’s the thing your post was made on Nov 16th, my twins bday is Nov. 17th. Also I met my twin through my now ex husband, and I too have found myself with highly evolved abilities when I had nothing more then “gut” feelings from time to time before him. Synronicity at it’s finest. Thank you fire sharing your experience it’s helped me realize I’m not the only one and no, I’m not going crazy.

  26. I met my Twin by dreaming about him first. Once we made a connection I could see and feel things he was doing. He was over 600 miles away and I knew if he was with his then girlfriend or at Walmart shopping as he read my messages. It was insane! I have since severed the connection, because it was causing me too much pain…


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