Twin Flame Signs: Are You With Your Twin Flame?

There are many twin flame signs that will help you identify if you have found your twin flame. Many people confuse a soul mate relationship with a twin flame relationship which is quite understandable considering they are similar karmic, cosmic, fated relationships. But there are some key twin flame signs that seem to be consistent.

So what are some of the twin flame signs that need to be present to identify if you have found your twin flame?

  • One of the obvious twin flame signs will be that likely you met your twin flame when you were perfectly content with your life as a single person. You were not out there trying to find someone, going out every weekend or scouring dating sites hoping you would find that ‘one’ who would make your soul quicken. Twin flame relationships are coordinated by the Universe and there is nothing you can do or need to do, to find your twin flame if you are truly destined to meet them in this life time.
  • There will be an unusual synchronicity around your first meeting and you realize, perhaps later, that there was no way that would have happened under ‘normal’ circumstance. Twin flame connections are created by powers greater than us silly humans. No amount of scheduling, rescheduling or looking at the planets for the best time to meet your twin flame will facilitate crossing paths with them. And that last statement is the major point here. Your paths will cross, and it is as simple as that. But in order to get your paths to cross, the Universe does a lot of work behind the scenes on your behalf. They may even create a bit of chaos for you to nudge you in the direction you need to go, so the initial meeting can take place, which may be frustrating as it happens. This may put you in a physical location that is not the norm for you. But for a twin flame connection to manifest in your life it is exactly where you need to be because it would be impossible to meet your twin flame if you were just plodding along your normal path. In order to facilitate a twin flame reunion or meeting, the Universe starts putting things in place decades before you cross paths.
  • Another of the twin flame signs is that when you are separated from your twin flame, you don’t obsess about them. This is actually very important twin flame sign because many people can get emotionally upset or needy if there is no communication from a romantic partner, or even a soul mate, for a time. With a twin flame connection there is a genuine sense of ‘knowing’ that this is a deep connection and that even though there could be days, weeks or even months without communication, that they will return and that destiny, fate, whatever you want to call it, are all working toward bringing the two of you together.
    Twin Flame Signs

    Twin Flame Signs

  • A twin flame relationship is a catalyst for many positive changes in your life. You may change jobs, expand your career, take better care of your body and spirit and do whatever you can to evolve to a better place. This happens even though the twin flame may not be present in your life, but rather as a result of the meeting and connecting with them on such a deep level. A twin flame will inspire you to be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be and when the twin has entered your life there is a rush to get on with all the things you have needed to change about yourself and your environment.
  • The twin flame relationship is the deepest romantic connection on the planet. You will be able to discuss many things that have happened throughout your lives, perhaps that you have never shared with anyone else. Because of the soul familiarity, there is an extreme level and comfort, openness and trust in a twin flame relationship. You will trust this person with everything in your life and you really won’t understand why, you just do. There is no judgment, not matter what is discussed, and the truest sense of unconditional love for some behavior that you might find completely unacceptable in others.
  • Twin flames are empathic with each other. They can often sense when the other is upset, depressed or under the weather but they can also sense when things are going well for their twin flame. There is a very strong possibility that you are able to communicate without speaking through telepathic communication. When you do communicate you will be able to validate with each other thoughts, experiences and feelings you had about specific situations. Even though there may be separation in the physical world, the twin flame connection is very much alive in the spiritual world.
  • It is likely that there may be an age gap between you and your twin flame, and although this is not a requirement, we have seen it happen many times. When this occurs, it is just that one of you needed to come onto the planet first to experience some personal and spiritual growth usually in the form of romantic relationships that did not work out. When you meet your twin flame one of you will be more mature than the other because you will need to hold the light energy for the twin flame energy to manifest into a relationship.
  • Just as with a soul mate relationship, there could be a sense of immediate recognition, when you meet your twin flame, although that may not be the case. For twin flames it may take a little bit longer to acknowledge and accept the connection but as they review and consider the unusual circumstances and synchronicities of their meeting it will all fall into place. Regardless of whether it happens at first meeting, with a cosmic shift in energy and focus, or days or weeks later, the deep connection will be evident to both of you.
  • Many times twin flames are in different places on the planet although you were put in the same place at the same time for the first meeting. The Universe facilitates the meeting but then it is up to each individual twin to do something with the twin flame connection after you both go back to your respective homes. The Universe allows this because the intense connection between twin flames is usually quite overwhelming for both of you. This forces you to be apart and allow the twin flame energy to settle for you both. You each have individual work to do, on yourselves and your lives, before the full twin flame energy can be together.
  • The twin flame relationship is not for your own personal gratification or enjoyment. When a twin flame enters your life you are being prepared for some major contribution that you will make to others. This is the most important of the twin flame signs. Without this being present, it is simply not a twin flame relationship. Something brought together by great effort of the Universe, is ultimately designed to bring benefit to other people in the world. Perhaps you will save the whales, eradicate world hunger, write together or create a foundation for people in need. Through your twin flame contract, you will provide a gift to the world, in some way, shape or form that contributes to the evolution of the planet.

Hopefully these twin flame signs will assist you in identifying if you are in a twin flame partnership. Not everyone will meet their twin flame in this life time. It is simply not possible. Up until very recently, twin flames were not even incarnating at the same time, but we are seeing more of that happen as we move into a place of higher consciousness. We are all at different levels of soul evolution and only those who are ready, according to the standards defined by the Universe, will meet their twin flame.


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  1. Aashuthosh Vishw
    July 31, 2015 at 9:44 am

    infinite love and gratitude

    • sandstwins
      July 31, 2015 at 5:18 pm

      blessings to you <3

  2. Trudi
    October 31, 2015 at 8:13 pm

    Thank you so much forfor this information! It explains so much. Many blessings, love & light to you!

  3. 0010
    August 23, 2016 at 10:47 pm

    Love your post!

  4. MissingMyOtherHalf
    July 27, 2017 at 9:34 pm

    Thank you. My twin and I are undergoing a very dramatic separation and it is very painful. His parents have arranged him into a marriage because they do not approve of me, particularly being older than him. This articles helps remind me of the perspective needed at this time as my ego is hurting and being a leo I get caught up in the emotions.

  5. Yuki
    October 8, 2017 at 9:08 pm

    Unfortunately I do obsess over my twin flame… I can’t help it. Mostly due to what happened between us.
    There is a lot of healing that needs to happen. A lot of this isn’t her fault, but I have developed paranoia due to her trying to help with my spiritual growth. It hurts sometimes… To think about her.

  6. Sujan
    March 9, 2018 at 12:21 am

    Oh my god pls give my twin back to me oh my god you are my love you are everything to me. Never ever mis understand me. May be my communication skill is poor. Our union will solve all the problem. Pls do the needful for our union. Sorry for th3 disappointments all these years. You don’t know I suffered a lot more than you. Fear or ego kept us away. Whatever now I am ready for the union. Oh my dear soul I can’t live without you. After my children s settlement I am totally free. And I don’t have life other than you. If you aren’t ready I am not going to be with my husband whom you think I have close relationship with. It is an illusion others are creating. Believe me. If you are not there I not sure how I am going live my life. Its impossible. Oh my god I thought you will be with me rest of life. But first time I am afraid you are not there for me. Every time my intuition says you will come back somehow. Never leave me for I don’t have life other than you. Believe me. I am not away from you in my intuition all these years. First time I got fear. Pls don’t leave me alone in this world. You are my only thing. How strong I act.,

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