Stalking Your Twin Flame is not Wise

Have you been stalking your twin flame? Are you stalking your twin flame on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media accounts? Do you do drive-bys to check and see if your twin flame is where they said they would be? Are you constantly trying to find out what your twin flame is doing, who they are with, and how they are?


This is not the behavior of twin flames. Twin flames are too evolved to engage in this type of behavior. They’re aware their relationship has a much higher purpose, and stalking is not part of it.

Twin flames should not be insecure or distrustful of one another. So in reality stalking your twin flame should never cross your mind. Even if you meet your twin flame while they were in another relationship, you wouldn’t need to keep stalking them. You would know, that when the time is right, you both will be ready to pursue your twin flame journey together.

stalking your twin flame
Stalking Your Twin Flame is not Wise

There are some folks in soulmate relationships who stalk their soulmate, either online or in person. Many people think the labels of twin flames and soul mates are interchangeable But they are not.


Although very similar, they are very different and the similarities can lead to confusion. One is not better or worse than the other. To even think of such a thing is coming from a place of ego and ego has no place in either relationship. Let go of labels and deal with the reality of your situation instead. It doesn’t really matter if you’re soulmates or twin flames. What matters most is the spiritual connection.

Stalking, in and of itself comes from a place of insecurity or distrust, which are characteristic twin flames should not possess as they’re spiritually evolved. Soulmates, on the other can, can be full of insecurity and distrust. It’s a common issue among soulmates, but not twin flames.

The insecurity or distrust is a problem for soulmates to solve, which is why it’s present in their relationship. Can it be resolved? Of course it can. But it will take some time and some hard work on both parties.


It need not be further exacerbated by stalking and other such behaviors. It needs to be dealt with head on, not behind the scenes. So stop checking their social media accounts. And stop checking their friend’s and family’s social media accounts. There shouldn’t be any need to check their phone, email or anything else. Don’t ask everyone you can think of for information about them. Stop spending your time driving around looking for where they might be. And don’t try to create accidental meetings or spy on them.

Take a good look at why you’re choosing this kind of behavior. Is it solving the problem in any way? Or is it creating more problems? Does it make you feel less insecure or more insecure? Are you still as distrustful as ever? Stalking and spying won’t help you feel better, it just makes you feel worse about yourself and the relationship. So why do it?

Wouldn’t it be better to look at where this distrust and suspicion is really coming from? Have you brought it to the relationship from your past or are they causing it? Once you know where it is coming from, you can rationally and productively begin to deal with it. Only then can you put a stop to it and begin to build trust and a solid foundation. If you don’t, stalking could definitely become a big part of your life. Who wants that? No one.

Originally posted on 09/15/2017 @ 12:37 am

9 thoughts on “Stalking Your Twin Flame is not Wise”

  1. My tf ran a month ago, and I WANTED to do all of those things, but I’ve done almost none of them. I texted twice, and that’s it. I miss him so much, but I can’t force him.

    • You’re correct! You can’t force him, its something that he needs to sort out on his own!

  2. I know when you’re in separation from your twin flame, a true twin flame, you do all kind of things you act like a 16-year-old in heat . I’m sorry there’s all kind of things you do ,higher self more evolved my happy white ass ,we all are learning when you first find out you have a twin flame and you’re the chaser ,and that runner runs like hell ,and you can’t make them understand because you damn sure try , I know you do everything to make them wake up ,because you can’t stop yourself ,you can’t make them understand ,what’s going on you chase ,you stalk you send text messages ,you go by their house ,you do all of that shit. I’m sorry that’s part of the journey, an learning not to do all that, learning the harder you chase the more you stalk them the further they run, learning to wait for God the divine ,the universe to bring them to your is part of the process , heal and to let go of your egos, but to stalk yes both stalk. I know you text him and you chase him an they block an run . That’s why it’s part of the journey because you have to heal an learn an they do to. Inknowvif you’re going through their garbage, there is something wrong with that ,if you’re sitting outside their front door, there’s something wrong with that ,but to check on them to make sure they’re OK , just see their silhouette to know they’re still alive ,even though you may feel them telepathically ,you stalk them . I know you’re trying to make them wake up you’re trying to influence them but it doesn’t work and you have to learn that it’s part of the process, that’s part of the journey ,while you’re learning. I know a lot of twin flames stalked at one time or another. It may not admit it but you did it. That’s a process of learning. . I believe that’s where you finally say I’m not doing this any more and you surrender and you let it take its course ,but till then you stalk them. That’s part of it you learn not to do it you learn from it ,but you stalk them

  3. If you read the article you would understand that you are not twinflames, but soulmates. You would be less hung up on labels (as twinflames would’nt be) and neither of you would be behaving this way.


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