Types of Twin Flames

We have been seeing some articles about different types of twin flames.

How can this really be a thing? This can occur for soulmates but not really for twin flames. There are different types of soulmates, romantic, friendships and so on. But for twin flames we maintain there is only one type. When we start considering different types of twin flames, it can get very confusing and a bit out there.

We don’t understand why there’s distortion about a strong spiritual union and make it complicated and confusing. Well at least it’s confusing to us. So we decided to investigate these types of twin flames. Our hope is that in writing about them, it may clear up some confusion you may also be having.


Twin flames are two halves of the same soul who incarnate together throughout various lifetimes. They come to earth in two separate bodies, one female and one male energy. These two halves create the divine feminine and divine masculine components for the divine union.

Please also bear in mind this doesn’t imply heterosexual relationships only. Many same sex relationships are twin flames as well. They will also have the divine male and female perspectives. This is a requirement for the twin flame merging of souls.


Here is a short list of some of the different twin flame types. We don’t accept these different types of twin flame classifications, but we realize there are some people who do. We’re listing them here so you have a broader understanding if you encounter these terms. Please make your own decisions concerning how you feel about them.

Monadic Twin Flames

We read these types of twin flames are created at the same time from the same monad. A monad is a chunk of spiritual energy we can also refer to as the Cosmic Egg. This energy splits in half, but each half is an individual soul. So in this type of twin flame, there’s no sharing a soul. We believe this somewhat negates what a twin flame is, right?

They are the most rare type of twin flame and travel to different universes and dimensions. These two separate souls don’t incarnate together but spend time between lifetimes in the spiritual realm. These twins live separate, individual lives and attain spiritual mastery very early in a lifetime.

They will not meet on Earth until their final incarnation or lifetime. This is the time when they will come into twin flame reunion.

Types of Twin Flames
Types of Twin Flames

Extra-terrestrial and Star Seeds

These types of twin flames come from other galaxies. They volunteer to come to Earth to help raise the vibration of the planet. They usually travel to Earth in a group, with others from their star race or spaceship crew. Star seed and ET twin flames work undercover so no one knows their true identity.

When these types of twin flames encounter each other on Earth, they activate. They explain this activation as the moment twin flames make conscious contact in the 3D, as opposed to 5D world. Then, at the point of their merging, they’re flooded with memories of their lives together on other planets and star systems.

Split Soul Twin Flames

Split soul twin flames are where an individual soul splits in two separate halves. Now this is similar to our definition of twin flames. As we mention earlier these are the divine male and female halves who merge into the same soul.

Several people who write about these types of twin flames discuss their desperation to be together. This is due to the loneliness of incompleteness they feel when their twin is not present. Their goal, for this lifetime, is to master their emotions and maturity level. But to us, this sounds more like a soulmate connection.

These seem to be the three main types of twin flames at this present time. It’s possible though that more will be discovered or created down as we move forward in time and evolution.

However, we do feel the need to mention the only other type of twin flame we can consider is a false twin flame. A false twin flame should be avoided at all costs because they will nothing but chaos and drama into your life.

One soul, two bodies uniting in a sacred union.

We don’t understand the need to confuse the issue in regard to twin flame relationships. Some of this comes from the place of over-analyzing the twin flame concept. Some of it also originates in past life regressions of people who have been twin flames for many lifetimes.

It really doesn’t matter. A twin flame union is the union of souls who merge to fulfill their destiny with each other. They don’t really care what type they are or where they come from. For twin flames, they truly only care about the soul connection that exists between each other and their shared connection to the universe.




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  1. I too have seen these terms used on other websites. Sometimes I think people just make things up, because these make no sense and have no real purpose. Thank you for clearing it up.


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