Twin Flame Support

Twin flame support is a huge part of a twin flame relationship.

When twin flames meet, they have already traveled far along their spiritual path. They continue to take the time necessary to evolve and grow. And now, through their twin flame reunion, they can take it to the next level.

Both twin flames will empower themselves as individuals. This allows them to come together and forge a new path as a couple. They support each other to take on new tasks, new causes and/or new passions that speak to their souls.

They have a mission to complete, and that divine mission is to serve the planet to give back for the wonderful relationship given to them. Together, with the support and strength they get from each other, they can do so on a much large scale. The universe will help clear the way for them to accomplish what they set out to do.

When you’re on the right path, the universe makes things easier for you. But when you’re not, they make it harder, to bring you back into spiritual awareness.


Twin Flame Support
Twin Flame Support

Sometimes twin flames are very similar in personalities and strengths. This is actually one of the signs of being with your twin flame. A couple like this supports one another by a constant dynamic energy exchange. This, in turn, allows their individual energy to vibrate at higher levels.

They are in tandem with one another. And they agree on ideas, a plan of action and execution. As a partnership in service, they have very few disagreements because they are so in sync.

They make a great team and are a team that gets things done.There is no competition, no power struggle. When one may get down or frustrated, the other supports them by boosting them back up. And vice versa. They are each other’s cheerleader because they never lose sight of giving back. They stay centered by keeping one another in check. This is the true beauty of twin flame support in this spiritual union.


Other twin flames can be opposite in personality and strength, but they compliment each other. Each twin supports the other by having a strength the other lacks. While one may be good at planning, the other is better at execution. They each assume their roles easily and take their responsibilities seriously.

Whatever they choose to do to give back, they will do it like a well-oiled machine. They know themselves. And they know and understand each other. Whatever tasks need to be done they divide easily, without any sort of conflict or ego. They support one another by appreciating the value each of them contribute. And they know they could not do it without their other half.

Twin flames support each other in their daily lives as well.

While they enjoy working together they also have the security to allow their twin to have their own space, or their own projects, without them. They truly believe in their union, and are there to offer whatever level of support their partner needs. It could be a pep talk, or helping their twin accomplish something that could benefit from their expertise.

Twin flame relationships are all about the bigger picture and contributing to it. As a team they can accomplish pretty much anything they set their minds to.

Originally posted on 07/13/2020 @ 1:28 am

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  1. I couldn’t help but lurk around your website quite a few times. I started to hate the name “Twin Flames” because of the toxicity of the spiritual community. I’m in one of these connections – It is highly led by spirit. I was told upon meeting this person I had to get prepared to marry him, and this year I was told – it is happening. Also, we did not have a runner/chaser phase. I just knew deep inside that he knows and I knew and that when the time was right we’d be together. I also knew there were things in my life i had to sort out before i was with this person in a long term context, so just started to clear old baggage and personal life issues upon meeting him. The spiritual community that condones toxic relationships and naming people twin flames is the real problem. There are people stuck in wishful thinking and thousands of Twin flame psychics who do not have awareness. Literally no running, no chasing. I love the information you’ve put up. I truly thankyou.

    • THank you so much for visiting our website and we are so glad the articles here resonate with you. Sadly some psychics perpetuate people’s desire for someone who is mistreating them, ghosting them, etc., by saying this is how twin flames behave. But since twin flames are spiritually evolved that doesn’t make sense. Blessings of love and light.

  2. Hello, I think I found my TF. We have a telepathic love. But now no one communicates. And, the intensity of love is two strong. I don’t understand anything. Pls help me what to do? It’s really overwhelming.

    • THere is nothing you truly can do but surrender to the connection and allow the Universe to work the miracle to bring the communication back.

  3. I am in a Twin connection. We have been friends to about 18months and when we are together very close. I think I am going through a dark night of the soul process. I am constantly crying, I do pick up from him as he had a breakdown at the beginning of this year and I don’t know if it’s me or him. I’ve had it confirmed at least 10 times were twins. There is a large age difference which he doesn’t seem to bother about. He has a great fear of a relationship due to his ex who brought him to the brink. He started the chasing then pulled back every time we got close. He is now the runner. I have always kept in touch but have decided to pull back. How long does the crying go on for? One minute I’m fine the next I’m nearly hysterical with heart pain.. I just don’t know what to do. I have been told by a well known medium that the blockage will be removed but he still has to heal properly from what has happened to him.

  4. I am new to the Twin Flame concept. I feel I may of found my TF or Soulmate-the only issue is he is younger than me. If TF separate at the beginning of their creation and are two halves of the same soul…how can there be an age difference? Should they not be created and separated at the exact same time? You probably get this question a lot!? I hope I am explaining myself properly! Is it common for the male TF or soulmate to be younger than the lady and is meeting late in life rare? Thanks for all your help and blessings!


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