Only 144,000 Twin Flames?

We are hearing there are only 144,000 twin flames. So of all the people alive on planet Earth today, only 144,000 can be twin flames?

This translates to 72,000 twin flames in union.

This makes absolutely zero sense to us. What about twin flames who are already in spirit form on the other side? Consider some of the famous twin flame couples, such as June Carter and Johnny Cash. When they’re no longer living, does it mean a different twin flame couple takes their place? And if so, who is responsible for the list? Who decides who’s next?

Saying there can only be 72,000 twin flame couples at any given time makes it sound like a revolving door. So other twin flames have to wait in a queue before they can achieve twin flame status? We don’t think so.

Where do these numbers come from?

Only 144,000 Twin Flames?
Only 144,000 Twin Flames?

Well we did a little research to find out. But before we get into that, we must mention we’re only presenting this from a research perspective. It doesn’t mean we follow these theories. Most of our findings are allegory or myth, and don’t relate to twin flames anyway. We also don’t want to offend anyone’s spiritual beliefs by what we present here.

What is a myth? The Oxford dictionary defines a myth as: a traditional story, especially one concerning the early history of a people or explaining some natural or social phenomenon, and typically involving supernatural beings or events. Therefore, it’s not to be taken literally.


The New Testament, specifically the book of Revelation, mentions the 144,000. This refers to 144,000 heterosexual, Jewish men, who are virgins. They will preach the Gospel during the tribulation period. This is the 7-year period just before the second coming of the Christ.

And I heard the number of them which were sealed: and there were sealed an hundred and forty and four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel. ~Revelation 7:4

There are 12 tribes of Israel. So each tribe is represented by 12,000 men. If we’re doing our math correctly, that equals 144,000. Their mission is to live during the last age of the church and share the experiences of the early apostles. It’s impossible to determine which humans will be included in this special group.

It is important to note the number 12,000 and 144,000 are symbolic numbers representing all of God’s people. We should also mention these numbers are not to be taken literally.


In Plato’s Symposium, humans originally had four arms, four legs and two faces. They were androgynous, having both male and female sex. Allegedly, or according to popular culture, there were 72,000 of these mythical creatures who became the first humans.

Only 144,000 Twin Flames?
Zeus Separating Humans

They were very powerful, so Zeus wanted to get rid of them. They were also a great energy source for the gods, so they gods really needed keep them around. So instead, Zeus split them in half, into two separate parts. This created 144,000 slaves who continued to give tremendous energy to the pantheon.

Well of course they were miserable being separated from their other half. So they began trying to kill themselves through starvation.

[Each] one longed for its other half, and so they would throw their arms about each other, weaving themselves together, wanting to grow together. ~Plato

Apollo, god of healing and light, took pity on them. So he repaired their bodies by sewing their separation wounds. He left only the navel to remind them of their original form. This is how humans went from double-faced creatures with eight limbs, to one with two arms, two legs and one face. Sadly, they still longed for the other half of their soul. This is where soulmates and twin flames originated.


Jehovah’s Witnesses believe in a heavenly hope and and an earthly hope. They maintain only 144,000 people go to heaven. This number comes from the early Christians and members are anointed. They believe God selects these 144,000 from the days of the early church through to today. That’s over 2,000 years, so the odds are not very high.

Only those with heavenly hope, will reign with Christ in heaven. This of course being the 144,000 hopeful ones. Everyone else will live forever in an earthly paradise, or earthly hope.


So exactly how does all of this relate to twin flames? Well we aren’t exactly sure where it originates. But it does seem somewhere along the way, someone took this number to associate with divine unions. So in other words, someone decided it’s a good idea. Did they twist Greek myths and the Bible to fit into their own theories? Perhaps.

Our biggest question here is, who makes this stuff up??

We did find a lot of this nonsense in the Twin Flame Collective videos on YouTube. These videos discuss how these twin flames are among the chosen. These 144,000 twin flame lightworkers, are here to assist the world’s spiritual evolution. Apparently this is the only way for humanity to survive this shift in consciousness. This is the divine mission of these super elite twin flames.

This is ridiculous. As we mention numerous times, this is very selective and exclusionary.

Twin flames is not a club or secret society!

The lives of all living beings on this planet has meaning and purpose! No one’s soul purpose is more or less valuable than anyone else’s. Period.

Whether there are 144,000 or 15 billion, everyone receives their spiritual partner when their soul is ready for the twin flame reunion


What are your thoughts on this? We would love to hear your feedback in our comments section.


7 thoughts on “Only 144,000 Twin Flames?”

  1. Personally have found the symbolic and cumulative numerical significance of the lotus petals within the seven chakra system. They add up to 144 and then multiply by the 1000 petal lotus of the Crown and you achieve 144,000.
    We all carry the blueprint of the divine angelic human within our DNA within each and every cell and we all have the ability to activate through inner works and realisation of our individual divine purpose.

  2. Plato’s Symposium never mentioned 72000 original humans. It is a complete fabrication spread online by all those idiots who are too busy spreading lies in order to actually read Plato’s Symposium.

    • this is why we say ‘ALLEGEDLY’. We are not agreeing with this concept, we are saying why it’s not possible. Maybe you misunderstood the article?

  3. Umm consider not getting too frothy over this.
    let’s say there’s truth in everything, meaning there’s some reason for its existence albeit often misconstrued.
    I believe there could be finite numbers to a variety of our production types according to our part in divine mission.
    not meaning any part in mission is more or less important because of lets say a low volume production of souls assigned or the intended chronological order of mission segments.
    the number also may very well equate to more than one production volume. 144000 resonates w being a number of early production souls and if so applicable to twins, there would be 288000 ppl of that series. and if at any point must all be on the planet at once, that number wouldn’t b impossible to achieve and would likely be now when we could really use all we hopefully should have learned and most solidly healed of the me state, twins having had it a bit harder than most in experiencing the epitome of attachment and then separation intending to learn that part of evolution solidly; the ordering of the sense of self and perils of me state perspectives, drives, desires n temptations, realities of oneness and separation that we are really one Source energetic on divine evolution, on intentional mission to experience this to help order and establish the truth of Being more solidly manifested into existence. finally resolving the karma of consciousness whilst Intentionally Becoming Goodness.
    Goodness: both most useful and fair
    what is fair relative to if not for the multitudes
    surely it has a Source energetic significance
    nice that you are calling this out but let’s not be so concerned w hyperbole that we become distracted from doing the best at mission. 
    our current reality is that moreover we are farm animals reluctantly enduring centralized control, overpopulated thrice geosustainability, fearfully obedient to a bloody cloth of a herd, just another planetary resource supporting nationalism, selfish global conquest and our myriad of divides and limitations we created from being overwhelmed by a narrow bandwidth consciousness, perspective of self, we chose to b in blind denial of being subject to. Above all we are here to evolve into Goodness and that would mean to b Free and in collective command. in the transparency of collective command, organically Goodness reigning thee only dynasty Forevermore.Yes we intend to manifest as a multitudinous Free willed autonomy in order to achieve utmost validation in the establishment of Goodness by using said free will and autonomy to surrender it to coming Home executing only Goodness, remembering our full spectrum ,broad bandwidth of consciousness. First and foremost we must relate to the Truth of Being.becoming relationship ready is a byproduct of Becoming Goodness. turning our priority from evolving, into a quest for a partner is very mongrel me state indeed. 

  4. I agree with your article. It makes no sense to have a specific amount and keeping track of how many twin flames their are. And you are right, this is not an exclusive club! We all have free will and the opportunity to grow and evolve. It would not be fair if only some were given exclusive rights to be twin flames.


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