Empathic Connections in Twin Flame Relationships

Empathic connections in twin flame relationships can be difficult to deal with, even for spiritually advanced twin flames.

When you experience empathic connections, emotions can really get the better of you.

Many people contact us who are unaware of what empathic twin flame connections are and how to handle them. Both twin flames and soul mates can have empathic connections with each other during their relationships.

They feel empathy with each other.


According to Webster, “empathy is the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to and experiencing the feelings, thoughts and experiences of another. These can occur in the past or present, without having the feelings, thoughts or experiences communicated in an explicit manner.”

For instance, have you ever been in a positive mood, having a great day and out of nowhere want to cry for no reason? Does sadness, frustration or anger come out of nowhere and take over your emotions?

Well in soul mate or twin flame relationships, that’s what happens when you have an empathic connection with one another.

You pick up on each others emotions, thoughts and feelings. But you don’t have to be in the same room, city, state or country with one another. These feelings come at you like a huge wave that overpowers any other emotions you may be feeling at the time.

Many people really believe they’re losing their grip on their own emotions and sanity when this happens. People who pride themselves as having strong characters who can keep it together, find themselves falling apart because of these empathic connections.

Empathic Connections in Twin Flame Relationships
Empathic Connections in Twin Flame Relationships


So how can you tell when it’s happening to you and how do you handle it when it does?

First and foremost, when feelings like this come at you and want to take over, you need to immediately address them in the right way.

Start by asking yourself if you should honestly be feeling like this at this time. If the answer is no, then acknowledge it’s not yours. It’s your twin flame’s feelings. Don’t over analyze it, just know that is what they’re feeling at that moment. Don’t let those feelings envelope you. And don’t add to them by finding your own reasons for feeling that way.

That’s the wrong move. Instead, take the message for what it is. If you’re wondering how they have been feeling or doing, now you know. Don’t react to it if there is current drama going between you. Stay still until the two of you are in a better place to discuss it.

This connection isn’t mean to drive you crazy, it is there to help you.

The best relationships are those that have empathy and compassion with one another. Knowing how your twin flame is feeling is something you can utilize to better understand and support them. It can be a helpful tool in creating a deeper understanding in your relationship.

On the other hand soul mates, because of their drama, will have a harder time dealing with their empathic connections than twin flames do. They must work harder to be able to deal with the onslaught of emotions hitting them through their empathy channel.

Empathic connections between twin flames is another validation that you both truly connect on a spiritual level. So know that you’re not crazy, this is really happening, and use that connection to promote growth in your relationship.

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