Twin Flame Empathy – How it Helps Twin Flame Relationships

Twin flame empathy happens in all twin flame relationships.

In many respects, twin flame empathy creates a deeper level of understanding, compassion and support. And for the most part, twin flame couples are very comfortable with this special gift from the Universe. It helps them better negotiate any complexities that can come with their twin flame union.


Soulmates share empathic connections as well as telepathic connections in their relationships. But this can be challenging for many soulmates.

Twin flames are spiritually and emotionally mature. So they won’t suffer the wild roller coaster ride of emotions that soulmates experience.

Soulmate relationships come with insanely intense emotional levels. And for many in a soulmate union, they can be overwhelming. It’s hard enough to handle their own emotions, much less the emotions of their soulmate.

So what exactly is twin flame empathy?

When you’re an empathic person you have a sensitivity towards others feelings and experiences. This provides a deeper understanding of what your partner is experiencing in their daily lives.

Twin flame empathy will allow you to feel what your spiritual partner feels. You will experience the emotions of your twin flame without trying. And they won’t need to be in the same room, home or city.

You will experience for yourself, your twin flame’s emotions, thoughts and feelings, And they come at you out of nowhere, no matter how far apart you may be. These feelings come at you and hit you like a freight train.

Because they’re not your feelings, it’s possible to think you’re having emotional issues, or mood swings yourself. Once you understand these feelings belong to your twin flame, they’re easier to manage.

Twin Flame Empathy
Twin Flame Empathy

There are three types of empathy shared between twin flames who are in reunion. Twin flames will share compassionate, somatic and spiritual empathy with one another.


Compassionate empathy is when you feel someone’s pain and then take action to help. This will allow twin flames to put themselves in their partner’s place. You will literally feel your twin flame’s emotions as if they’re your own.

You will also feel your own personal distress in reaction to theirs. So it becomes a shared emotional experience. But it also permits them to see things more clearly from your perspective.

So for example, let’s say your twin is upset because they didn’t get a job they really want. You can imagine what it feels like for them in that moment. However, it’s easier for you to see the bigger picture.

Of course you will feel their disappointment. But you can reinforce their job history and encourage them that a new job is just around the corner.  Compassionate empathy allows you to provide greater understanding to support your twin flame.


Somatic empathy, is to feel in your body what what your twin flame is feeling on a physical level. Identical twins sometimes report they know when the other has been hurt. This is an example of somatic empathy.

There are also many twin flames who share somatic empathy. They can literally feel the same physical pain as their twin. For example, let’s say your twin flame is out of town for business reasons. And one morning you wake up with a raging headache on the left side of your head. This is not a common experience for you, so it seems very unusual.

When you talk to your partner later that day, you learn the painting hanging above their hotel bed fell on them the night before. And they also have a raging headache. With somatic empathy you feel and experience the aches, pains and physical traumas of your twin flame.


Spiritual empathy allows twin flames to relate with their experiences of life at a level of mindful and conscious awareness. As we mention in previous articles, twin flames are spiritually advanced souls. Before meeting they work on their individual spiritual awareness. So it makes sense they would continue their spiritual growth in twin flame union.

Many twin flames meditate and do yoga together. And many report the kundalini rising during sexual intimacy. They will have shared spiritual experiences as they raise their consciousness together. Twin flames also report having the same dreams as their partner.

Twin flame empathy gives the couple a deeper understanding of one another. It allows them to provide better support when needed. Learning how to work with your empathic connection can help enrich your spiritual relationship so long as you learn how to use this tool properly.

Originally posted on 09/28/2022 @ 2:00 pm

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