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Soulmate and twin flame runners is the focus of our recent podcast. We have had many requests from our readers, and listeners, to bring our radio show or podcasts back, and we have listened. The name of our new show will be Soulmates Twin Flames Boot Camp. While we are open to other topics most of our broadcasts will be focused on the problems, issues and concerns concentric to soul mate and twin flame relationships. We will of course also be providing real world advice on how to deal with these issues.


Our first broadcast is focused on soul mate and twin flame runners. If you have read here for a while you already understand that we believe the twin flame runner theory to be a myth. Soulmate runners, however, seem to occur in almost every soul mate relationship.There will always be one soul mate who is spiritually stronger than the other, who has a stronger spiritual foundation and is usually more aware of the depth of the soulmate connection.


They usually have embarked on their spiritual journey earlier in their lifetimes (sometimes way earlier) than the other soulmate even begins the process. They are more open to the idea of soul mates and spiritual partnerships, and have probably put out to the universe that they are ready to meet their soulmate. It is also probable have experienced one or more soul mate connections already in this lifetime. So when a soul mate arrives, they are more willing to accept, and have a better understanding of the connection between the two and are more prone to embrace it.




The one with the stronger spiritual foundation becomes the chaser, and the other soul mate becomes the runner. They both feel the same intense emotions, experience the same connection and chemistry, and feel the recognition on a soul level. The runner feels everything the chaser feels, they are just not willing to accept it. They are scared as hell of this thing that is happening to them that they have zero control over. They are bit more “in the dark” in terms of understanding things. Their fight or flight mechanism kicks in and they choose to fly away.




The first reason soul mates run is because they fear the connection. The soul mate connection is felt instantaneously and very deeply. It is so very intense and can easily knock someone off-center because of the crazy energy exchange. This connection can make one – or both actually –  question their own sanity, especially the runner. They don’t understand logically what they are feeling emotionally or spiritually. They are uncomfortable and afraid of the connection, and want to sever it. In trying to do so, they run, and often block the  soul mate out of their life. They won’t talk to them, take their calls or texts, block them off social media, and act as if they don’t even know their soul mate exists. Very often they ghost them completely. The chaser is left feeling devastated.


This fear of the connection usually leads to outright denial by the runner that the soul mate connection exists. They refuse to believe what they feel and instead try to convince themselves, their soul mate, and everyone around them that they feel absolutely nothing for their soul mate. The relationship started out as a whirlwind, with both soul mates enjoying the connection and going with the flow. Then suddenly, out of nowhere they turn cold and distant. They drop off the face of the earth, can be cruel, and even hostile.  The runner may even run into the arms of someone else, a new lover or reunite with an ex, to prove the connection does not exist.


soulmate twinflame runners
Soul Mate and Twin Flame Runners

Another reason a soul mate can become a runner is that they are not ready for a deeply seated emotional and spiritual relationship. One, or both soul mates may not have been in a relationship before where they could really see a long-term future with that person. But now they have met a soul mate, they can see the future. One of them is thrilled with the prospect, the other is scared out of their mind. Most people want to meet “the one“, the person they are going to spend the rest of their life with, but some are really spooked when they do. Even though the other soul mate has not forced the idea of long-term, or marriage (the runner may even have been the one that brought it up in the first place) the runner feels they are heading towards a relationship they are not ready for. They feel the need to take control. Even though it can be early in the relationship, the runner feels the serious nature of the connection NOW, and it scares the hell out of them, so they run like the wind.


Often the soul mate runner does not want to be accountable and or responsible in an adult relationship with connection points on every level — spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual. For example, let’s say the soul mate runner was more the player type, either in short-term relationships, serial dating, or not committing to one person. When their soul mate comes along, they want to change their ways, but fear kicks in, they don’t feel ready to make the changes to have a healthy, stable, loving committed monogamous relationship. They will try to make their soul mate relationship as dysfunctional or superficial as their earlier relationships, which causes friction and problems. When their soul mate expects them to step up to the plate, they become a runner and go back to the lower level relationships.


If one of the soul mates has been hurt in previous relationships, they can become a runner when they meet their soul mate. They reflect on the memory of how badly they were hurt before, and come to the conclusion that their new could hurt them even worse. They know they have never felt the deep soul bond as they do with their soul mate, but instead of focusing on the love they can share together, their fear reinforces a belief their soul mate could hurt them worse than they have ever been hurt before. Instead of waiting for the shoe to drop, they sabotage the relationship themselves by getting out before that can happen. By being the one that ends the relationship they make certain they would not have to experience the emotional pain of the soul mate breaking up with them. They never have a good reason, because there isn’t one, so they make one up or use something trivial to explain why they ended the relationship and ran way.


Since soul mates are mirrors for one another, when a soul mate runs, they are not really running from their soul mate, they are really running from themselves. The reflection they see of themselves through the eyes of their soul mate reveals what they must work on to grow and to be whole. Rather than going through the transformation to a better human being a romantic partner they submit to fear instead, resist the change and take off. They refuse to learn the lessons they need to learn, and instead avoid all the work because they find it easier and more comfortable to stay as they are. They choose the path of least resistance. They become runners because they are not yet ready to face some cold hard truths about themselves.


soulmate twinflame runners
Soul Mate and Twin Flame Runners

Some soul mates resort to running because they are afraid of intimacy. They may have had long-term serious relationships before, but never experienced true intimacy, especially at the soul level. They are afraid of someone knowing them, we mean REALLY KNOWING THEM, because they are afraid to show their vulnerabilities and no longer hide anything from their partner. They like keeping parts of themselves hidden, and they are uncomfortable allowing someone to see all sides of them. Instead of being content in the knowledge that there is someone who knows them just as well, if not better than they know themselves, they get really uncomfortable. They don’t like that they can’t play any bullshit games and won’t get away with them even if they try. Instead, they become runners and often run straight to more “safe” – mundane relationships without the intense chemistry and connection where they are in complete control.


A soul mate runner can even react to pain from past lives and incarnations with their soul mate that were not resolved or ended badly. For instance, if you both lived in the early 1400’s as a couple. The male was a soldier required to fight for his kingdom or country and goes off to war. He never returns and is never heard from again. The female waiting at home has to presume he is either dead or taken prisoner. The thing is she will never know since they did not have Facebook back then and she could feel abandoned. This could essentially create abandonment issues in the present life when these two souls incarnate again as soul mates, because it was not resolved in a past life. To avoid the abandonment issue again, the soul mate who was abandoned in the past life could have insecurity issues and may sabotage the relationship because of fear of abandonment and become the soul mate runner.


When a soul mate feels they are losing control they often become runners. At first it may have felt great to let go of all control and become consumed by the soul mate connection and relationship. They may have enjoyed the romantic euphoria and the high coming from intense sexual and romantic chemistry, but then suddenly they snap. They say to themselves that what they are feeling must not be real, and dislike the lack of control where before they gave into it. In an effort to regain control, they become runners and usually end the relationship. This gives them a false sense of control. They may come back into their soul mates life only to leave again. it is entirely up to them when they return and leave, because they want complete control over that too.


So what should you do when you are in a soul mate relationship where you are the chaser and your soul mate is a runner? The first thing you have to do is stop chasing them. It only creates more dysfunction between you and only makes them run faster and further. You may think you can show your soul mate runner how much you love them or believe you could talk to them to help them understand your connection. This never works, they don’t want to hear it, and they are unwilling or unable to accept the love you have to offer. Instead, you are inviting them to treat you horribly, and a runner almost always will when chased. They may say or do horrible things, or treat you like you are crazy or that you don’t even exist. They will try to convince YOU that they never cared about you, don’t love you, and that you are not connected and that it is all in your head.


It is not your job to convince your soul mate to stop running away from you, your connection and your relationship. Seeing them get into other relationships, avoid you, act as if you meant nothing to them, or that they are doing fine without you, is also hard to watch. You hate letting them make mistakes and want to help them accept and understand your soul mate relationship, but you can’t. You have to let them go, and instead work on yourself. Understand that what they do is out of your control. Only what you do is under your control. Focus on yourself for the time being. It is the only way to use your time apart wisely. You make yourself weak when you chase a runner, and you need all the strength you can muster to deal with your soul mate when and if they return.



So now let’s talk a little bit about twin flame runners and chasers. There is not much to say concerning twin flame runners. The twin flame relationship is the highest spiritual connection you can have to another person. To be on the twin flame journey your spiritual evolution has to be highly evolved for the meeting to take place. You must be ready willing and able to accept your twin flame mission or purpose which is to bring something of value to others on this planet.


Before you can meet a twin flame, it makes sense that your soul has had to go through many life lessons and personal growth experiences only soul mate relationships can bring. We believe soul mate relationships are where you learn the lessons and the twin flame relationship are where you apply the lessons. When clients call and say my twin flame is the runner and I am the chaser we are being put in a difficult position because we don’t believe twin flames run. We are not here to change your minds, nor can you change ours, so if you believe twin flames run and have drama, please call someone who shares your belief because that is not our take on the twin flame journey or experience. It’s not about the relationship, it’s about your mission as a couple. So we ask that people read OUR articles before calling us about what another psychic said or wrote because more than likely, we will not agree.


This is truly how we see the nature of twin flame relationships. Since twins are more spiritually advanced they will be aware of their twin flame purpose and ready to take that on as part of their soul blueprint. The soul mate runner and chaser dance seem to be present in many soul mate relationships.


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