Twin Flame Reunion

There are many articles on the internet about the twin flame reunion.

Most of them discuss the mystical forces bringing two souls together only to be ripped apart again, causing the twin flame separation.

They also go on to discuss the twin flame runner and twin flame chaser myths almost every twin flame connection must endure before their final twin flame reunion.

We don’t see the twin flame reunion in the same way!


Before we can discuss the twin flame reunion, we must consider the twin flame separation. Do all twin flames separate? We don’t think so.

We do believe in soul mate separation and soul mate runners, because there is a lot of drama in soul mate relationships. There are many differences between soul mate and twin flame relationships.

In almost every soul mate relationship there is a runner and a chaser. If this theory holds true to twin flame relationship as well, when will the Universe allow couples to be together without all the new age mumbo jumbo?  This is where our twin flame theories differ from the majority.

The real twin flame separation occurs when twin flames leave the safety and sanctuary of heaven and incarnate on Earth. Usually twin flames don’t incarnate at the same time. This is why significant age differences are common in twin flame relationships.

Many times twin flames experience one, or several, soul mate relationships before meeting. These difficult karmic relationships often provide the foundation required for the personal and spiritual growth necessary to prepare someone for their twin flame.

The soul mate relationship is where the lessons are learned; the twin flame relationship is where they’re applied. This is also the reason we believe most twin flames (not all but most) meet later in life. This separation phase is intended to provide spiritual and personal growth, self-confidence and wholeness.

Twin Flame Reunion
Twin Flame Reunion


In order for twin flame relationships to work, both twins must be individually whole and spiritually strong. A twin flame will not complete you. You are complete as you are. Once you really grasp this concept you will be closer to meeting your twin.

The intent of a twin flame is to complement your life, not complete it. Your twin flame agreement, or blueprint, defines the time of separation between you and your twin flame before being born. Only your guides, or the powers that be, know how long this separation will be.

When a twin flame is waiting to meet their twin, they’re not really waiting. They’re busy living their best life and embarking on their own spiritual quest. They are not fretting away wondering when their twin will arrive on the scene, where they meet or how they will meet.

Instead they surrender to the Universe, knowing destiny will play out the way it must to bring them together. And when destiny strikes, it’s a truly magical experience.

You won’t encounter your twin flame until it’s the right time.

The meeting of twin flames on the earthly plane is the true twin flame reunion.

Lifetime after lifetime, you have endured years, decades, of separation from your twin through most of your life on Earth. Everything you’ve been through, every experience, every heartache and heartbreak, has been to bring you to this moment.

When twin flames meet for the first time, and truly encounter each other’s presence, heaven and earth meet. This is the definition of the twin flame reunion.

You’re together before being born, and after living for years without them, you’re brought together again. You are reunited in spiritual union to complete your destiny and fulfill your twin flame purpose. It’s all part of some grander plan that we often can’t see until we experience the twin flame reunion.



Originally posted on 11/24/2018 @ 4:17 am

26 thoughts on “Twin Flame Reunion”

  1. The twin flame label has been taken over by too many people in toxic relationships as a means to explain away their inability to leave those toxic relationships (and put up with bad behavior.) Thank you for your website, I love that it shows what I, and many others, believe to be true.

  2. This was interesting, it really shed some light on my own twin flame experience. For me this has stretched across many lifetimes too. I took some comfort in your understanding of whether or not twin flames are ever separate. Made sense to me.

  3. I couldn’t agree with you more. I had a false twin flame before meeting my true twin. We are now in Union and working on our Divine Mission and Purpose. We never went through a runner – chaser dynamic. But we both experienced that with our false twins.

  4. Is it possible to meet your twin flame and find that one or both parties are not equipped to handle the intensity of the relationship, and you part ways. I very strongly feel the connection still and am sure he does too. would we ever come together again or is this a never again scenario? Ended, but far from over?

    • we find that soulmates are not equipped to handle the intensity of these types of relationships. Twin flames who are more spiritually evolved and united only for a divine purpose are usually able to manage the connection and actually welcome it as part of their spiritual journey


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