Twin Flame Relationship Problems

Many clients contact us because of their twin flame relationship problems. As soon as the words “I am having problems with my twin flame” come out of their mouth, we know that we are going to have some explaining to do. On all of our soul mate and twin flame sites,  we hold true to our belief that twin flames do not have huge relationship problems. We do not believe twin flame relationships suffer from the same lesson learning issues that soul mate relationships do. Just because soul mates and twin flames sound like the same thing to many people, it does not mean they are one in the same.

Twin Flame Relationship Problems

Twin Flame Relationship Problems

If you believe that soul mates and twin flames suffer from similar relationship problems then this article, and all our sites, are not for you. We believe there are two different names for two completely different types of relationships. This is why, when clients contact us about their twin flame relationship problems we inquire as to whether or not they actually read our articles before contacting us for a reading.

Twin flame relationship problems are virtually non-existent because you learn the lessons in soul mate relationships and apply them in twin flame ones. Why would there be a twin flame runner? What purpose would that serve? There is none. Growth? Twin flames don’t require any to have a harmonious relationship. Lessons to be learned? They already learned theirs in this life, or a past one, with one or several soul mate relationships. Denial of the twin flame connection? Why on earth would they deny the connection they feel to another soul when they are so aware of their own?

Relationship problems like these, and runners, are common relationship problems for soul mates, not twin flames. Because of the lessons soul mates must learn, friction and problems are what bring them to the surface to be dealt with. Why on earth would twin flames need these types of relationship problems? They wouldn’t. Let’s put it this way, there are couples who have a connection that do not have drama such as runners, cheating, on/off relationships or commitment issues. There are other couples who have connections that do. They are dramatically different, so why would a person think they are the same thing? They sure don’t sound the same.

This is why there are two different names for two different spiritually, deeply connected relationships. The connection is very similar between both types of relationships, but the reaction to that connection is very different. Think of it like high school freshman and high school graduates. The high school freshman scenario are soul mates. They go through the process of learning, and when they pass all their tests they are then ready to graduate. They are no longer high school students, they are high school graduates, and are now twin flames. As a high school graduate there is no need to repeat the lessons they already learned.

They earned their degree, no need to go back to school and do it all over again. So the “student”, depending on their soul experience, may be at the freshman level or the graduate level. That determines what kind of soul relationship would come into their lives at that point. Someone at a twin flame level would not encounter, or be connected to, someone at a soul mate level and vice versa. One is not better than the other, they are just at different stages of growth. So this is why twin flame relationship problems are not really an issue, nor are they painful lessons the couple must go through. They passed those tests already, and there is no reason for them to go back to school.

  4 comments for “Twin Flame Relationship Problems

  1. Brandy
    November 3, 2019 at 1:38 pm

    I have been through several relationships and as I age I have been able to identify them and also finally disconnect from them in a healthy way as these relationships were with people who were bad for me and although I realized they were bad I still was pestered by these men until I got back with the guy I dated in highschool. I feel like he is a soulmate and I really feel like he is the last soulmate that I will encounter. I feel like he is a part of my life as a completed chapter. I feel like the connection we have has the potential to grow into something unique and beautiful but it requires him having the ability to grow and mature with time. If he and I don’t stay together our entire lives I know that I will always love him. If we part ways with each other it won’t be because of lack of love. That has always been there but it will be for some other reason.

    • Twin Flame Connection
      December 3, 2019 at 1:40 am

      this is wonderful story, thank you for sharing

  2. Paula
    December 26, 2017 at 2:48 pm

    Before yesterday (12/22/17), I had never heard the term “twin flame.” After reading several of your articles I believe my late husband and I were, in fact twin flames. We fulfilled almost every item listed about recognizing a twin flame. However, we did have to deal with some issues, as most couples do. We grew very close and could, and frequently did, respond to each other without knowing what the other was thinking. Without knowing about being twin flames, we dedicated ourselves to each other for eternity.

  3. Charlie
    August 4, 2017 at 4:45 am

    I cannot ever understand why she felt the same things I did, then denied it. we lived in a perfect Harmony for a little while then she let herself be convinced by her conscience it was all the same as everyone else. my heart still ling’s for her, and daily I love her, and miss her. Courtney Shae Cornish I live in a world that is so cold without you, I either have to let you go, or you need to come home.

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